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9 Herbal Reasons to Love Cloud N9ne Syrup
Reasons people love CBD syrup
9 Herbal Reasons to Love Cloud N9ne Syrup
February , 2018

By Nahtaly Vargas

If you’re a fan of adding flavored syrup to your everyday drinks, then you already know that Cloud N9ne Syrup is right up your alley. But we’re sure you have wondered, what exactly makes our syrups so perfect for attaining that daytime or late-night super chill factor? Our two proprietary ingredients are partly responsible. Hemp cannabidiol, or CBD, is proven to help the body stay balanced and melatonin is a popular, safe and natural choice of sleep aid that also has immune-boosting properties. Not everyone knows that there’s a deeper meaning to the name “Cloud N9ne” - not only do our fans claim it makes them feel like they’re on the clouds, but in addition to pure hemp extract and melatonin, there are also n9ne key herb extracts contained within our syrups, all traditionally held to have medicinal properties and promote feelings of relaxation and peace.
  1. Melissa Officinalis - Promotes feelings of calmness without sacrificing mental clarity; can help relieve anxiety and stress. For ladies, it’s reported to help with PMS, too!
  2. Nepeta Cataria - Has mood elevation and pain-relieving benefits for humans as well.
  3. Piper Methysticum - This root extract has traditionally been used for relaxation and spiritual ceremonies in the Pacific region of the world for millennia.
  4. Lactuca Virsosa - Mildly sedative and hypnotic in larger amounts.
  5. Ocimumtenuiflorum - Adaptogenic (balances the body), can be successful for anti-nausea applications as well.
  6. Scutellaria - In Western herbalism, this plant is used to treat anxiety and muscle tension.
  7. Artemisia Absinthium - Dreamy side effects and mental stimulation have been reported.
  8. Turnera Diffusa - Can enhance your mood, and sex drive too! Yeah baby.
  9. Lactuca Virosa - This herb can have a hypnotic, pleasing, relaxing effect.
  Each and every one of our ingredients is useful and sacred in its own way, and we include only small amounts that are beneficial to health and longevity. Though it can be great when used before bed, typically it will make you feel a weightless feeling like on the clouds as described by our patients. The main attraction, of course, is the all-natural 99% pure hemp-derived cannabidiol, or CBD. It’s a legal, non-psychoactive herbal extract that has been proven to provide balance and protection to the inner systems of the body. With all the combined benefits of these natural herbs, it’s hard to be in a bad mood while sipping our product. Not to mention the delicious assorted flavors that Cloud N9ne Syrup comes in - Watermelon, Grape, Blueberry, and now Cherry Bomb. There’s nothing else out there that you can add to your Sprite that will make you feel quite like this - elevated and cool without the “head high.” Thousands of loyal, passionate fans can’t be wrong. Our reviews and fan feedback from social media is consistently positive and validates our devotion to great quality. Isn’t it about time you made a seriously healthy decision? Sip in style with Cloud N9ne Syrup. Shop now for flavor-specific and multi-packs.
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