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Cloud N9ne Syrup – Better For You Than Your Favorite Drink!
Cloud9 CBD syrup sold here
Cloud N9ne Syrup – Better For You Than Your Favorite Drink!
February , 2018

By Nahtaly Vargas

Did you know that some of your favorite beverages could actually be making you more tired and less healthy? From coffee to alcohol, each drink has its benefits as well as its pitfalls. It may not seem like a big deal to have an unhealthy beverage just once in awhile, and that may be true. However, most people develop a favorite drink over time and eventually make it a part of their regular routine, without thinking of the consequences. Knowing what you are putting in your body is important, especially when it comes to those tasty liquids! Hopefully we can convince you to put a little more thought into your liquid intake, and try Cloud N9ne Syrup as a healthy substitute for your favorite “guilty pleasure” drink that’s slowly killing you. Throwing back beer, wine, or mixed drinks at the end of the day, or on the weekend is an activity that most modern young people have in common. Unfortunately, the health risks of long-term drinking are largely glossed over or completely ignored! Drinking alcohol regularly can result in serious weight gain, dehydration, and dependency issues, as well as a greater risk for heart and blood pressure problems. With these side effects, is it really worth the brief period of relaxation? People who suffer with anxiety, sleepiness or fatigue often drink coffee, espresso, soda and energy drinks regularly to get through the day, and wonder why they always feel the way they do. Remember, caffeine is a drug and should be treated accordingly as it can have some undesired long-term effects! Drinking caffeinated beverages can lead to increased nervousness and anxiety, upset stomach and irritable bowels, dehydration, insomnia, or an irritable attitude. The withdrawal symptoms from caffeine can be pretty nasty, too! Last but not least, most people greatly underestimate the harmful effects that sugars can have on the body. Even “healthy” fresh fruit juices contain tons of natural sugars, usually more than are recommended in a day. Unless you stick to sugar-free or diet sodas and energy drinks (which have their own pitfalls!), odds are your favorite drink is shocking your system with unnecessary added sugars. Sugar is addictive, and too much of it greatly affects the regulation of fats and essential interactions within the body. Cloud N9ne Syrup is a fantastic alternative to sugary drinks, because its all-natural herbal ingredients actually provide feelings of relaxation, without any harmful added sugar. Our fans love us, and we know you will too! Even though Sprite or other soda seems to be the drink of choice when mixing our syrup, we highly recommend you find an alternative like a smoothie or other alternatives without the added sugar. No matter what your drink of choice happens to be, a simple flavored water on the rocks with Cloud N9ne Syrup is going to be a superior choice. Whether you use lemon-lime soda, tonic, or iced tea as a tasty base, you can be sure that the syrup you’re adding will be beneficial to your overall wellness! Our syrup comes in four great flavors. Feel free to change it up, or get hooked on your favorite! We have a new-and-improved formula, and have also recently upgraded our shipping infrastructure to ensure your syrup arrives quickly! Visit our store to get your hands on your favorite flavors of Cloud N9ne Syrup.
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