Our Cloud N9ne CBD Dabs (Crumble) is a full-spectrum CBD oil with terpenes and fatty acids from the entire natural industrial hemp plant.

Recommended use: Add desired serving to a dry dab/wax vaporizer or an oil rig. Apply the desired amount and smoke/inhale. A proper dose will give you a mild body high.

  • 1 Gram
  • Up to 50 servings per gram
  • Highly concentrated 850 mg of full-spectrum hemp CBD (Crumble)
  • This product contains less than .03% Delta 9 THC
  • This product is Non-Psychoactive
  • No prescription or medical card needed to buy and consume
  • Not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing
  • Not recommended for children under 18 years old
  • CBD will not cause you to fail a drug test


Our Cloud N9ne CBD Dabs (Crumble) offers many health benefits. Dabbing is among the most popular ways of ingesting CBD. Our CBD dabs are perfect for first-time users and regular users alike. Here are some of the top benefits of using CBD dabs –


Are CBD Dabs Better Than Marijuana?

  • People who are starting out may find smoking marijuana a little off-putting. The burning of the marijuana plant can cause irritate the lungs and the throat. CBD Edibles, on the other hand, takes a short time for its effect to be seen. Our Cloud N9ne CBD Dabs (Crumble) are a much healthier option, and using dab pens can make the process much easier.

Are CBD Dabs Potent?

  • CBD dabbing allows for a more potent form of CBD consumption. If you are using CBD dabs for medical reasons, dabbing may help ease the symptoms quickly. A small amount of dab may help reduce the symptoms, and you can manage the amount of dosage according to your needs.


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Overall Rating : 4.85 out of 5 ( 88 reviews )
  1. Andrew Swick - Verified Customer

    This product is absolutely amazing! Within minutes my anxiety starts to fade and I can relax. I use it in a vaporizer pen that uses a coil system and it works wonders. Thank you buylegalmeds!

  2. Ryan Stack - Verified Customer

    Good shit

  3. Caleb Theiss - Verified Customer

    This product works great for different ailments. Works quickly as well. Over all the products is great just wish the flavor was better

  4. Caleb Theiss - Verified Customer

    Works really well! Helps with taking my pain & anxiety away! Just wish it tasted better. Other than that, it great!

  5. deathix - Verified Customer

    This stopped seizures, but I consume it All in a day.

  6. hajnalandre - Verified Customer

    Very nice flavor almost like hash. Very calming.

  7. Jarrodszukics - Verified Customer

    Very good product. Wish they had a wax

  8. Kaytlynn Brooks - Verified Customer

    I recently started dabbing and this stuff is great great great. Much easier than taking multiple small hits.

  9. josephrobertson1875 - Verified Customer

    Arrived fast and works well. Very impressed with the quality of this CBD.

  10. Alyncia Arthur - Verified Customer

    It’s feels real good I cough a lot on it though.

  11. kvmaynard7 - Verified Customer

    This has changed the game completely. I had invested in a shatter pen so I could take this on the go with me, since my anxiety hits like a train in the evening while I’m at work. I go on my lunch break or can occasionally use it in the building. It keeps my anxiety in control until I get home. Sometimes, the dab is just enough for to stop at 6 or 7 pm and not start again until the next day.

  12. valishere1 - Verified Customer

    Gives you a good nights rest!

  13. bozbure - Verified Customer

    Love this ,cant wait to try in my new rig (the torch)

  14. Nick F. - Verified Customer

    Best pain med I’ve ever used. Works for hours

  15. Chandler N. - Verified Customer

    It doesnt show any thc on the data chart, but it says it contains less than 0.3 percent thc. If it doesnt contain thc wouldnt they just put contains no thc? Im just confused and need to know it absolutley contains ZERO thc. Please help

  16. Orelia F. - Verified Customer

    This is the best dab out there. I will be purchasing more.

  17. Hong D. - Verified Customer

    I not big on dabs because I prefer simple ole flower but this worked great for me. A little really goes a long way. Perfect for calming you down and putting you into a relaxed state of mind

  18. Trey L. - Verified Customer

    Great quality product really uplifting makes you feel great

  19. Kaleb C. - Verified Customer

    I enjoyed the dabs a lot

  20. Michael s. - Verified Customer

    i was really wondering about cbd and found my way to this site, the cbd is so great. I feel better, more awake and leveled

  21. Brandon B. - Verified Customer

    High quality, tasty, hands down fantastics!

  22. Quienton C. - Verified Customer


  23. Todd G. - Verified Customer

    Pretty close to the really thing really helped with anxiety and relaxation

  24. Corey J. - Verified Customer

    Was skeptical of how well the cbd would help my back pain compared to traditional marijuana. But after the first hit I got instant relief, and instantly came back to order more. Since I have subscribed to 2 monthly deliveries for the cbd crumble as an alternative to marijuana. I get randomly drug tested at my job so being clean was the most important thing I was looking for when getting pain relief medication. And I’m glad to say the guarantee that there’s no THC in this product holds true. I took a couple at home tests after using the crumble and true to their word I was clean. Can’t say enough about this stuff

  25. Jacob C. - Verified Customer

    Works absolutely amazing! Have already recommended to friends

  26. Preston N. - Verified Customer

    I have found this product to be the most effective way to administer the benefits of CBD.

  27. Tori W. - Verified Customer

    I have ordered off other websites before and the 850mg CBD dabs from buylegalmeds are by far my favorite. They taste exactly like THC dabs and have the full relaxing effect. A little definitely goes a long way!

  28. Ryan B. - Verified Customer

    Great product! I was very impressed with how much it helped my chronic back pain! I’ll definitely be buying again!

  29. Roger C. - Verified Customer

    Really helps with pain. Best dabs I’ve ever had.

  30. Andrek B. - Verified Customer

    Great stuff

  31. Andree F. - Verified Customer

    Best product u have, cant say nothing wrong. I would love for you guys to come out with different flowers. The best

  32. David D. - Verified Customer

    Any amount greater than the size of a grain of rice is too much — effective for anxiety

  33. Dakodab3 - Verified Customer

    I primarily use cbd as a replacement for smoking when I need to pass a drug test. I have used rad dabs in the past, however it does not compare to this product. This cbd crumble works so much better leaving me relaxed and the taste is amazing.

  34. Dakoda B. - Verified Customer

    I tried rad babs cbd oil in the past and it is nothing compared to this cbc crumble. I feel much more relaxed and the taste is so much better.

  35. Chloe N. - Verified Customer

    This is throat credible CBD store I’ve ever visited online and it surely didn’t dissapoint their products have provided the best effects on relieving pain and anxiety!!

  36. Xavier V. - Verified Customer

    My husband bought the crumble for me it is simply amazing!!! It even helped out with my nausea and joint pain i have lupus and other terrible things i have constant pain so this was so bomb!!!!I love it i wish i could order it every week!!! Love u guys madly:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes:

  37. Uriah B. - Verified Customer

    Easy to order online and the product is spectacular. No qualms.

  38. OG D. - Verified Customer

    I’ve tried plenty of cbd dabs in the past year trying to find the purest and most helpful brand. Came across these and I have finally found what I’m looking for. One small chunk of these spread over my dab pen coil, a few tokes, and I’m ready for bed. The first few hits seem to go directly to your areas of pain and the more you add on top of that just relaxes you more and more. Good job on this product. Definitely ordering again.

  39. Nicholas A. - Verified Customer

    My last order was fantastic. Love the new bubble gum flavor! Watermelon will always be my favorite though! Can’t wait to try the flower

  40. Amber R. - Verified Customer

    So, I’ve tried the dabs at a lower mg when they first released and they were great, but these were amazing. Definitely recommended to friends and will be buying again. I’ve had back problems and knee problems for years and every product I’ve tried has definitely make moving around painless.

  41. Glennie - Verified Customer

    I wasn’t sure how I would like dabs, but the potency and immediate effect is GREAT when pain from RA is flaring up. I would recommend these dabs to anyone and will definitely be buying more.

  42. Munir O. - Verified Customer


  43. Christian L. - Verified Customer

    I really liked the dabs, they taste like normal dabs & they’re very helpful for my anxiety would definitely buy more.

  44. Giovanni G. - Verified Customer

    I enjoy this product and recommend it to anyone who is looking for products of this nature

  45. Ayylex - Verified Customer


  46. Hash B. - Verified Customer

    flavor could be better, it was either plain or some hits tasted like air freshener or something. mixed most of it with some wax and it stretched it and smoked good

  47. Kristen S. - Verified Customer

    Absolutely love these CBD dabs, they work amazingly for my nightly body pain. It also really helps with my stress during the day. Will definitely buy this product and other products from this site again.

  48. Tamar R. - Verified Customer

    My husband and I love these Dabs because they are superior for Stress Relief and Pain Relief and generalized well-being. Thank you for making them available to everyone.

  49. Kole K. - Verified Customer

    very effective and 10/10 would buy again

  50. Jordan M. - Verified Customer

    Seriously, the numbing body effects are stellar with this product. Will definitely buy again.

  51. Stephen B. - Verified Customer

    this is great for relieving pain. My lower back and knees feel so much better and im still able to work without the effects of thc

  52. Shindman - Verified Customer

    Have tried several pharmaceutical drugs with horrible side effects. Cloud 9 crumble has given wonderful results that I didn’t think I would ever find. Thank you!

  53. Ernie H. - Verified Customer

    Helps with the pain in my feet. Also calms anxiety and helps get to sleep faster.

  54. Tracey H. - Verified Customer

    These dabs are delicious! The tropical, slightly sweet taste and aroma are the first things you’ll notice, accompanied by pleasingly mild body high. These are a great alternative for people who can’t or prefer not to use THC-based products. Another winner from the Cloud N9ne family.

  55. Dominique R. - Verified Customer

    Nice Product

  56. Lisa R. - Verified Customer

    This is my first time trying CBD. I am disabled and on opioids and other medictions that make it difficult for me to have a life. I had spinal neurosurgery, and have several bone that are causing me great pain. I started the cbd, because eventually I hope to get off of my meds. It definitely can take the place of my anti anxiety and depression meds. It does help with pain as well. I think I need to couple it with another cloud9 product to get complete pain relief, as I am on Morophine. Don’t even take a minute to think about ordering this dab. It doesn’t take much, and it works like a charm. Leaves me with a big smile, and very chillaxed. At age 53, I hurt everywhere. This really helps me, and I can’t thank this company enough. It just may save my life and help me get off all the pharmaceuticals. Thank you so much cloud9 for making this possible for me. God bless you!

  57. Katie C. - Verified Customer

    Helps me sleep well.

  58. Chad R. - Verified Customer

    Awesome product!

  59. Mykala C. - Verified Customer

    Very happy with my purchase. I use it in my vaporizer and it tastes great.

  60. Tomas T. - Verified Customer

    Works pretty well, and not a bad taste at all.

  61. Colin G. - Verified Customer

    Awesome product. Will definitely buy again.

  62. Esmeralda R. - Verified Customer

    Smoking this feels like smoking regular wax but with flavor and helps relieve stress and anxiety , plus love the smell of the wax .

  63. Robert T. - Verified Customer

    Very glad buylegalmeds had the organic awesome CBD and delivery was discrete. I struggle with sleeping and do not want to take any of the OTC meds. I did my research and found buylegalmeds to be the one to order from. thank you.

  64. Ford C. - Verified Customer


  65. Tasia D. - Verified Customer

    The CBD 250mg dabs got me hooked! Can’t wait to order again!

  66. Leen - Verified Customer

    This stuff is great. It definitely helps with anxiety and minor pains, and as an added bonus it tastes and smells good. I’ll definitely be back for more 🙂

  67. Steve A. - Verified Customer

    I don’t want to bore you with a long review so I’ll try and be brief my first time trying #CloudN9NE #CBDDABS I was impressed this amazing product was absolutely FIRE :fire::fire::fire: :100: if you like to dab cannabis concentrates but can’t for whatever reason whether it may be because of a job or you don’t like the side effects of too much thc then you need to try this product it’s soo good and it more than does the job imho you can use it at anytime of the day just don’t over do it trust me on this Space Monkeys as soon as I become employed again I’m definitely going to sign up for the monthly auto-ship program so I never run out! Thanks to CEO Joe Vargas and his awesome #BuyLegalMeds team for giving people that need an alternative medicine to cannabis a product that actually works and you can enjoy as well! Satisfied #SpaceMonkey :monkey:

  68. Anna M. - Verified Customer

    I bought these dabs because I have incredibly bad insomnia. After running on 4 hours of sleep a night for a couple months and trying countless pharmaceutical drugs I decided to give this a try. It works like magic! Not only does it allow me to get a full nights rest but it also calms my brain and relieves anxiety. These dabs have made my life so much better. 100% recommend.

  69. Devin W. - Verified Customer

    So this stuff is great. I’ll start by explaining how well extracted this product is, sometimes you’re able to taste a strong hint of co2 from the extraction process. But this? Right here? Not the slightest bit. It’s piney, smooth, and mouth watering. Next is the dabbing, it heats, melts, and burns the same as any wax. I’ve tried every variation of smoking this, from topping a bowl and dabbing, all the way to topping off a nice special cigarillo with half of it. You really cannot go wrong with this stuff. If you like a nice, clean, tasty, dabbing experience. That provides anxiety relief, stress reduction, and the perfect body high, this is for you.

  70. Joshua S. - Verified Customer

    This was honestly 10/10 i loved it so much, i suggest it to everyone.

  71. Nicholas B. - Verified Customer

    Before i started using this product, i was extremely anxious and was awful around people. After using this product i was able to do and say things to people that would only happen in a dream. I highly recommend this to anyone

  72. Rocco - Verified Customer

    Absolutely fantastic product I haven’t slept this good in years!! FEELS GREAT!!

  73. Rebecca B. - Verified Customer

    Really nice stuff

  74. Collin P. - Verified Customer

    i use to smoke a lot of weed but nowadays it just makes me paranoid and i cant function but this gave me a great body high and i could still function..idk why people say CBD doesn’t get you high cause i sure was

  75. Brady T. - Verified Customer

    Awesome product if you have a rig, or a very good vaporizer otherwise you’ll just waste a perfectly good product

  76. Luke S. - Verified Customer

    I have bought both germs of the cbd oil this 850mg and the 250mg and this stuff is alot stroner/better obviously, it has helped me completely stop smoking thc for now and is the biggest help in my life since i loved thc in my life, thank you cloud nine

  77. Ruben V. - Verified Customer

    Was nice but not what i excited it took a while and a lot to feel it

  78. Yvonne P. - Verified Customer

    Stopped my grandson’s severe headaches like magic.

  79. Dominique R. - Verified Customer

    CBD magic

  80. Justus P. - Verified Customer

    These dabs were like nothing I’ve ever smoked. Im used to THC, rather than CBD, but the high was magnificent. When you get them they’re in the cutest package, their smell was breathtaking. I even already ordered more. Would, highly, recommend.

  81. Taylor H. - Verified Customer


  82. Anthony L. - Verified Customer

    This product was not what I had originally thought it would be, nevertheless it had fulfillled its purpose and if i had to recommend it, i would. thank you so much for the chance to try cbd

  83. Jacqueline D. - Verified Customer

    I got high af off this, I mean I was really knocked tf out after a few hits!!! Definitely buying these again!!

  84. Rosalee K. - Verified Customer

    I’ve had dabs and the syrups. The dabs kicked in faster and were a little more of a intense chill. I have severe anxiety disorder and they helped me immensely. Thank you guys!

  85. Nathan C. - Verified Customer

    I tried these CBD dabs for the first time and I was blown away by the taste and pineapple aroma! All of their products are the bomb! My anxiety is relived and it really helps me sleep well and wake up refreshed every morning! THANK YOU BUY LEGAL MEDS!

  86. Casie O. - Verified Customer

    This dab gives you the smoothest hits EVER!! You dont die after taking a hit and damn does it taste good!! Definitely will rebuy and my friends and i love it hands down much appreciated @JoeVargas and @CloudN9neSyrup

  87. Kymberly T. - Verified Customer

    A couple hits will have you super relaxed! Real deal! They don’t skimp on quality or quantity.

  88. chloflow16 - Verified Customer

    I wouldn’t have minded spending the whole 120$ for this product. For this price, I would recommend this to anyone who can afford it. The taste is unlike any other. Pure truth. I use a vape pen, and only a small dab of this tasty crumble makes my body numb to the pain I experience physically and my stability goes up as my anxiety decreases through each exhale in just 10 minutes. I dab this every morning for a great start to my day! I only wish it was cheaper, although I understand knowing the quality that this price is actually a great deal!