The Cloud N9ne Brain Boosters are a energy boosting, Nootropic that Buy legal meds has released in a capsule.

The Brain Booster capsules are made of Magnesium Sterate (a bonding agent that promotes proper hydration), Dicalcium Phosphate (a bonding agent), Titanium Dioxide ( white color) Blue #1, and Gelatin.

The Nootropics that are in the Brain Boosters are for central nervous system stimulation. The Nootropics included in The Cloud N9ne Brain Boosters are; Oxiracetam, Alpha GPC (a stimulant that can repair damage to brain cells), Noopept (a Brain stimulant that promotes focus and brain function), Vinpocetine ( a brain stimulant for healthy brain function). Brain boosters also can assist with weight control through the use of; Yohimbine HCL (fat burning supplement) and Hordenine HCL (a stimulant known to assist in burning fat).

Cloud N9ne Brain Boosters promote energy in a pure and clean form through the use of; Caffeine, a B-complex (B1, B2,B6) and L-theanine( natural energy supplement found in green tea).

Cloud N9ne Brain Boosters are unique to any other Nootropic product on the market because they also offer 10mgs of Hemp CBD in every capsule. Having a does of CBD in each capsule allows Cloud N9ne Brain Boosters to offer a high energy, focus inducing capsule that does not make the consumer feel shaky or jittery. The CBD in the capsule also fights anxiety and stress, making the Brain Boosters the perfect capsule for school, work or as a weekend “pick me up”.


Ingest 1 capsule on an empty stomach 30 minutes prior in order to achieve the desired effect. Do not exceed 4 capsules in any 24 hour period. Start with a moderate dose (1 capsule) and increase as needed. Results may vary.


Oxiracetam, Phenibut, Alpha GPC, L-theanine, Caffeine, Hordenine HCL, Noopept, Vinpocetine, Yohimbine HCL, Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Dicalcium Phosphate, Blue #1, Titanium Dioxide, B1, B2, B6 and Hemp CBD.


WARNING: Do not take it if you are under 18 years of age, nursing, pregnant or under medical care. Not for persons sensitive to caffeine. Contains the equivalent of two cups of premium coffee. Alcohol is not recommended while using this product.

These statements on have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program. Contact us of you have further questions. does not sell or distribute any products that are in violation of the United States Controlled Substances Act (US CSA).

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Overall Rating : 4.86 out of 5 ( 138 reviews )
  1. james lopez - Verified Customer

    I replaced these instead of coffee. Great focus and energy booster to last thru the day.

  2. serranonicholas3145 - Verified Customer

    Great product with amazing results.

  3. T.ylerj9572 - Verified Customer

    Mental clarity is remarkable. Energy all day. No stress. Pain free and happy all day. These saved me from adderall.

  4. Joanne Kropf - Verified Customer

    Love this product. Run a small business and this is a lifesaver! Unbelievable increase in focus and brain function in general with the added relief that CVS offers for Pain control and relaxation!

  5. bapendleton89 - Verified Customer

    I LOVE these ! Having 4 kids and someone who wishes to no longer take adderall these work great ! Kick in fast , and mental clarity is perfect .

  6. shanable22 - Verified Customer

    I take one of these in the morning. & a little CBD oil around lunch. I’m set for the day. Very calming. Relaxing. I can focus on work and getting what I want to do done as well as ten more things and yet be social.

  7. Sdg - Verified Customer

    Gave them to my best friend he loves them he says prefect before he gym or at the gym during work out… nice an relaxed feeling… not feeling rushed or tense

  8. bnobles1984 - Verified Customer

    Works wonders! I can go all day without feeling tired! great product

  9. sapito1292 - Verified Customer

    I really enjoyed these brain booster pills. I felt calm yet focused. I like it for when I’m grinding out a task. I started with 2 and felt the effects of the caffeine at one point. I think right now my dosage is 1 pill. I got them during the 50% sale. Wish I woulda picked more up.

  10. thcrafty1961 - Verified Customer

    My Boyfriend loves your little Blue Pills! Cloud N9NE Brain Boosters are just what he needs to keep him going through his busy day. No jitters or drop like Energy Drinks give you. You have another Customer for Life. Keep the Great Products coming.

  11. Lauren Russ - Verified Customer

    I was surprised how well these pills work. I have taken 2 at a time and that dosage has been the sweet spot for me. Tje combo of nootropics and CBD is PERFECT.

    My only suggestion is to sell these in bottles rather than packets of 4. Other than that Id highly recommend!

  12. rick - Verified Customer

    My wife and I absolutely love this product. This gives you the benefits of CBD with a little energy and focus.

  13. arox - Verified Customer

    Great for taking in the morning to help get through the day without taking a lot of Advil.

  14. Freyag88 - Verified Customer

    Gave this a try and wow! Was able to get so much done in a day without losing energy or focus! Normally I struggle staying on task, but not with this! Going to have to stock up for the days I really need to get stuff done.

  15. Benny Olguin - Verified Customer

    Great way to start your day off right with a good mindset and right energy. Keeps mind sharp and can boost mood. Great product

  16. Gavin Brown - Verified Customer

    I use these as a pre-workout and an aid for studying and the effects last all day. Would recommend

  17. April Abney - Verified Customer

    Love is product

  18. michaeldpaulos - Verified Customer

    Great product but it is absolutely ridiculous they been out of stock of almost 3 months now!!!! 5 stats for product 1 start for trouble getting them

  19. leechampsda - Verified Customer

    Helped cleared my Mind.

  20. Fredkhar - Verified Customer

    A little spendy but does the trick!

  21. Glennie Sims - Verified Customer

    On days when I wake up in pain, but have something important going on and need to not be in a “pain fog,” these are perfect.

    I take two and a dropper of tincture, and am ready to go. They act quickly… within 30 minutes. Two of them give me just the right amount of clarity and energy to get going without jitters or the anxiety that sometimes comes from drinking too much coffee. And, I feel pain relief. Win/win. I love them.

  22. Kaytlynn Brooks - Verified Customer

    Absolutely love these things. I was able to cut back on caffeinated drinks and stay awake all day. These really do help with my alertness and energy. Highly recommend.

  23. Sally Lennon - Verified Customer

    Like this!

  24. zach10ash - Verified Customer

    Work really well definitely helps me wake up and get going

  25. Amy Beauchamp - Verified Customer

    These are absolute gems. I use them on days when I am tired and have low energy level. They give you energy without the jittery and nervous feeling that energy drinks can do. Improves mental clarity and focus.

  26. Rachelle Mallak - Verified Customer

    Might just be me and my ADD and just being diagnosed as an adult I decided to try these. I really did like them for those kind of days where you just need that push! It helped me stay alert for long 6 hour car ride alone! I feel I need to take more but also dont wanna over do it. I’m still on prescription meds while I wait for these to restock! I see why they sell out!!

  27. Rosepetals18 - Verified Customer

    So glad I found these, especially when I was on chemo and trying to work. They were a life saver. They truly work wonders.

  28. Bradley Griffin - Verified Customer

    had to take 3 on an empty stomach to feel the effects but once i did, felt happy and very energetic and focused

  29. cecelia1278 - Verified Customer

    This stuff is awesome! It does you mood and definitely gives you more energy! I’m bummed they raised the price!

  30. walker46789 - Verified Customer

    These hoes smack they chill you out and it’s a nice easy focus will buy again for sure

  31. Skjohnson17 - Verified Customer

    Truly the BEST substitute for Adderall. I’ve tried every nootropic out there and have been disappointed every time. Until now. Every other nootropic doesn’t feel even close to ADHD meds. This stuff is almost identical. I’ll never go back.

  32. Vanessa D. - Verified Customer


  33. Bryce P. - Verified Customer

    Solid boost in mood and less fatigue!

  34. David L. - Verified Customer

    Ordering was easy and quality products

  35. April A. - Verified Customer

    Helps me get up keep going and remember what I was doing

  36. Matt M. - Verified Customer

    Did not expect much now I have reordered several packs. Great combo of energy and focus.

  37. Janna K. - Verified Customer

    Works as advertised…love the product. I would buy more if the package contained more and was priced cheaper.

  38. Joanna P. - Verified Customer

    Great boost for the entire day, does help when I am cutting back on caffeine in my diet

  39. Manuel L. - Verified Customer

    Work 75 hours a week and have tryed differente supplements. I have not enjoy the majoraty for the side effects they have down the road I have research all the ingridiants they are made with and it’s all great. I do recommend them. You may not feel the effect right alway but it just keeps you going with out stop. Just try them and see for your self.

  40. Elena C. - Verified Customer

    I really enjoyed these. If they were cheaper I would take them every day.

  41. Dylan R. - Verified Customer

    It gives such a great mood boost and even whenever I have to wake up early for work and take one of these I don’t need coffee at all. I fully stand behind this product and if you haven’t tried I would seriously recommend!

  42. William D. - Verified Customer

    I gave this one a try as I am very busy with school, work, and a internship. i waited until a day when I was kind of tired and unfocused to give it a go. It kicked in and I was focused and ready to get things done. It has a good mix of noots and cbd.

  43. Kelsey D. - Verified Customer

    I had a really busy school week but these pills helped me get through it. My focus was on point!!

  44. Augusto V. - Verified Customer

    Great product, actually produced results.

  45. Abdoul G. - Verified Customer

    Waaayyy better than zoloft

  46. William L. - Verified Customer

    Works great lasts a long time couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Going to do a monthly subscription for it.

  47. Shawn P. - Verified Customer

    I took two capsules and felt a slight boost but nothing extreme, maybe taking all four would get me there

  48. Lizeth t. - Verified Customer

    These pills are great and really help clear your mind, keep you energized and concentrated. Love them!
    The only down fall is to keep in mind t^!/ only 4 or these pills come per packet!! I wasn’t too happy about this and wish the company could please sell larger packs!

  49. Ryan S. - Verified Customer

    Bought 2 packs of brain boosters and will definitely be doing it again soon

  50. Christian G. - Verified Customer

    I took the brain booster capsules the morning of a job interview, I didn’t get much sleep the night before. I felt refreshed, like I wasn’t tired at all, and my thoughts were very organized despite my lack of sleep. I didn’t feel jittery and sweaty like I usually do when I take caffeine pills. Nailed the interview and will definitely be ordering them again soon.

  51. Jeffrey M. - Verified Customer

    The BRAIN booster works amazing. No crash at all. I stay alert and focused all day at work. Only downside is only 4 come in a pack. So you’ll run through them in two days or so.

  52. Dante - Verified Customer

    Great product really helps with focus and daily tasks that I have to deal with

  53. Billie B. - Verified Customer

    I’ve tried other CBD tablets and these are hands down the absolute best. Gives me energy that lasts throughout the whole day. Definitely worth the price!!

  54. Francisco B. - Verified Customer

    Works good. Would prefer a stronger dosage though

  55. Lisa Q. - Verified Customer

    I used to use a liquid Energy Drink in a small bottle (name withheld on purpose) but these are far superior! Too expensive for everyday use but much better at helping me focus and get my work done! I use it as a Monday focus enhancer” to get the week started right! Turns my urine a neon yellow but it’s temporary”” used to use a liquid Energy Drink in a small bottle (name withheld on purpose) but these are “

  56. George C. - Verified Customer

    These are great. I take 1 a day as I’m want to kick caffeine out of my daily diet

  57. Dominique R. - Verified Customer

    Sound mind. Like a locomotive

  58. Devin C. - Verified Customer

    No crash. Makes me feel great, lazer focused, and ready for anything.

  59. Mark M. - Verified Customer

    I bought a couple of packages to try and I was not disappointed. Gave me the jump start on the day that I have been needing.

  60. Alexandra R. - Verified Customer

    Definitely a get! Boost and super awesome

  61. David G. - Verified Customer

    The brain boosters are great. They don’t leave me feeling drowsy and so far I haven’t experienced any sort of crash. Just gives me that little bit of umph” I need to finish my day!””he brain boosters are great. T”

  62. Anthony P. - Verified Customer

    I was skeptical but after having tried these a few times, I can definitely say that these work as described. Awesome!

  63. Trent U. - Verified Customer

    I was playing Rainbow Six Seige and my gameplay got more advanced and i was able to make some sick plays.

  64. Kari C. - Verified Customer

    Love all these products!!

  65. Mara C. - Verified Customer

    These help me relax and have a better day, 100% recomend

  66. Erin - Verified Customer

    For once, a product that offers a mental boost and a bit of energy without feeling speedy or having a comedown. My mood was noticably improved, and my focus was wonderful without feeling keyed up or jittery.

  67. Joshua B. - Verified Customer

    Yes, it’s expensive. But I have never been more alert and focused after I took this. Great product!

  68. Marysmistress420 - Verified Customer

    I was super excited to try these out and wow! They are so amazing! Way better than coffee and left me energized all day with no crash later. I felt calm and worry free with a huge burst of energy. I would recommend this product to anyone. Definitely a home run in my book. Will be ordering more asap!

  69. Marcel K. - Verified Customer

    The day goes by faster and I see myself being more productive than usual. Seriously amazing and highly recommended

  70. Oswaldo Z. - Verified Customer

    After trying the product following the directions on the label, I did notice the effect within 30 minutes. The results were a relaxed state of being with a sharpen sense of thought. The results lasted between 2-4 hours after taking the recommend dosage. This was a first time of usage and I assume continuing will heighten the effect.

  71. Dylan G. - Verified Customer

    This product gave me the ability to thoroughly study my material. This in turn, allowed me to progressively understand it better. I loved it!!!

  72. Connar B. - Verified Customer

    They worked wonderful I felt more aware and was more motivated and energized at work

  73. Christina W. - Verified Customer

    They came in 3 days after I ordered. Nicely packaged and discrete. 4 capsules per pack they seem to be like the syrup in a capsule. They taste like any other medicine but go down easy if you can swallow pills.
    I took one about 1/2 hour before I needed to do some intense school work. They did make me sleepy. I took a short 1 hour nap and oh boy after that they worked. I woke up energized and alert like nothing ever.
    These things are amazing. So worth the cost.
    Only downside was they made me super sleepy.

  74. Brendon C. - Verified Customer

    This product is awesome whenever I need to focus on getting some school work done. Keeps me alrert and focused.

  75. Deseree S. - Verified Customer

    These all natural brain boosters are great. They help with focus so i can finish my work anxiety free

  76. Christopher T. - Verified Customer


  77. Brandon F. - Verified Customer

    Very fast delivery. Really like the product.

  78. Reese R. - Verified Customer

    I was very surprised at how well the Cloud 9 syrup worked. Drank a little bit, and immediately felt relaxed. The brain booster pills were good as well. I felt like I could think more clearly, especially later in the day. I will continue buying your products!!!

  79. Charolette L. - Verified Customer

    definitely take one or two in the morning to be focused and awake.

  80. Amber H. - Verified Customer

    I was excited to try the cloud n9ne hemp syrup. I was not disappointed, it was very effective. I tried strawberry as my first flavor and am interested in trying the other flavors they offer.

  81. Kate M. - Verified Customer

    I love these! They keep me focused without the anxiety. 10/10

  82. Josh S. - Verified Customer

    Sneak up on you because they taste so good

  83. Riley B. - Verified Customer

    Two cups of coffee a pill is a riot.

  84. Aimee K. - Verified Customer

    This product does what it says. You don’t feel jittery or weird. Jut more alertand attentive. Total fave for me. Bought several times now!

  85. Daniel F. - Verified Customer

    Gives me a boost and focus that lasts all day! Helps with school, work, anything you need to focus on. Always had trouble focusing and finally found something natural that helps.

  86. Jay - Verified Customer

    TOOK 2 & stayed up through my whole entire shift at work

  87. Ousmane N. - Verified Customer

    More focus more relax less stress and the best of all the sharpness of it’s thinking solving problems effectiveness is absolutely amazing

  88. John R. - Verified Customer


  89. Kimberly T. - Verified Customer

    Whether you take in morning to get thru your day or afternoon to get things done after work I highly recommend this! Not only are you alert and focused but any anxiety or aches n pains seem to disappear I give 10 stars if I could

  90. Matthew W. - Verified Customer

    I got this to help me more attentive at school and it works.

  91. James F. - Verified Customer

    Because I took this CBD Booster. This was an item that I won for being first 100 so it wasn’t I tried before or wanted. After trying… I’m a fan and will now order because my mood and focus for entire day was just :100:.

  92. Glennie - Verified Customer

    it’s simply that I can think beyond the pain wishing me””ving with chronic pain sometimes clouds your mind and makes just trying to function really h”

  93. Darcell K. - Verified Customer

    I tried one of this on a long day of work to help the time go faster and it worked! My body was relaxed and my back pain was helped. I was focused and energetic and just made an overall great day for me! Will be buying again

  94. Kenny j. - Verified Customer

    Yummy yummy yummy :sleeping:

  95. Jacob C. - Verified Customer

    These are great! I took one pill the first time and it was great. Felt focused at work and it lasted relativly long. Took two the next day and it was even better seemed to last most of the day. Had plenty of motivation and energy which is not usual for me. I highly recomend these.

  96. Katie C. - Verified Customer

    Makes me feel awake and energized but not jittery

  97. Justin S. - Verified Customer

    Another great product by cloud 9. This pill is so much better than coffee, the fact that it helps me focus on the minor details at work is much needed.

  98. Amy B. - Verified Customer

    Another amazing product from Cloud N9ne. Helps me focus and gives me energy with no jitters.

  99. Travis C. - Verified Customer

    These work great. I love them.

  100. Jessica N. - Verified Customer

    No jitteriness!

  101. Randell R. - Verified Customer

    IT WORKS! I can’t tell you enough how happy I am to have a product that I can take daily to help me focus. I easily get distracted or procrastinate. Brain boosters solved that for me. I ordered one pack to try it out and I’m already planning on buying a months supply. I only wish it came in larger a quantity at a discounted rate.

  102. Katie C. - Verified Customer

    Love these. They help me feel more awake and focused throughout the day without feeling jittery. Worth the money.

  103. Ami S. - Verified Customer

    I love these brain booster capsules! They do help me out at work! These work on me cause I’ve never drank coffee or energy drinks to get caffeine. I have even taken these with food in my stomach but still get a kick of energy it just takes more time. I’m obsessed! Will definitely continue to buy!

  104. Rylu C. - Verified Customer

    Great great

  105. Danielle D. - Verified Customer

    These boosters don’t just give me energy but also focus throughout my day. I was able to retain information better, work harder and not get that midday drowsy feeling. I will reorder every pay because these things really gave me a boost!! If you’re thinking about trying them, DO IT! I promise they won’t disappoint!!

  106. Alexis M. - Verified Customer

    I thought they were awesome, I like how it made me feel more energized and motivated but not jittery at all. Clear headed. Just wish they were available to buy in larger quantities.

  107. Stormy C. - Verified Customer

    I always have issues focusing at work but these keep me going all day at a steady pace.

  108. Tyler H. - Verified Customer

    Great product!! Would deff order it again!

  109. Pamela F. - Verified Customer

    This helps so much with calming.

  110. Leighana V. - Verified Customer

    May seem a little pricey but it’s definitely worth every penny

  111. Lucas B. - Verified Customer

    I really enjoyed the brain boosters they gave me energy and the focus …thanks for the brain boosters I would like to try the spay if you can send it too me

  112. Harrison M. - Verified Customer

    Very pleased. Brain boosters improved cognitive function, focus and motivation. Will be purchasing more during my next semester.

  113. Sharon S. - Verified Customer

    These work great for my anxiety, I could think a lot clearer, I was motivated, and I felt great. I started with 2 capsules in the morning to see how it would do and 2 capsules was enough for me per day. I really hope this will be in bottle form as 4 capsules per pack at $12.00 will get expensive.

  114. Matthew S. - Verified Customer

    safe and secure shipping, great product, took before a paper I had to write for school and it helped me relax without to much of couch lock thc gives me.

  115. Chris S. - Verified Customer

    I used to take caffeine pills when i had to stay up late to study but now i just take 2 capsules when i have work to get done and get good healthy energy that doesnt leave me shaking like the caffeine pills

  116. Tina A. - Verified Customer

    Calming and made anxiety regarding pain easier to deal with.

  117. Emily - Verified Customer

    Best product out there on the market. Nothing can beat it. Extreme focus and no jitters

  118. David H. - Verified Customer

    So good. Haven’t found a nootropic work as well yet. Days days 2/day, leaving this review so I can get a discount on some more quite frankly. Thankful for the space monkeys all over twitter

  119. John D. - Verified Customer

    Works like it said it would

  120. April a. - Verified Customer

    it really works. I got so much done and didn’t stress out. I will be ordering more.

  121. Jeremiah M. - Verified Customer

    These pills definitely helps.

  122. Ryan M. - Verified Customer

    Good service

  123. Amy S. - Verified Customer

    I first took this on my 5 mile afternoon hike, I really felt more energized and was shocked at how I climbed hills during hiking trip, I also felt more alert and focused. I do lack energy from being type 1 diabetic and this pill did make a difference. I will continue to purchase these. Try these out at least 1 packet and see how you feel. I LOVE all of cloud n9ne’s products, keep up the good work guys. Awesome

  124. Berner - Verified Customer

    If your wondering how these make you feel well let me explain. They keep you focused and more alert throughout your day. You do have a lot more energy but i never felt jittery. You also do feel more relaxed, idk if thays the cbd part of it or not but also it does a good job of removing soc anxiety a lot more so i found myself being more social on it as well. All in all you cant go wrong with buying these

  125. Mandy L. - Verified Customer

    I have pretty crippling ADHD and have been on amphetamines all of my life. I am currently taking 54 mg a day of Concerta. I bought a pack of these to try and replace Concerta. I am pleased that I will be replacing it. The brain boosters are not a joke! I have the same amount of focus but no zombie focus, no cotton mouth, no sweating, and I still have my appetite! I will suggest this to anyone with ADHD or ADD. Amazing product and cheap too.

  126. NickRahn13 - Verified Customer

    I took only one for before work. After a little bit I was much more motivated and had amazing clarity. Awesome stuff just like all of their products.

  127. Caroline - Verified Customer

    They are amazing! They gave me more energy and focus than coffee ever has with no crash. Will definitely be buying more

  128. Adan B. - Verified Customer

    I can’t believe how much this product helps me
    I’ve needed help with ADHD for years now but I never wanted to get on any actual prescription because of they awful side effects they come with and this product just delivers everything you want and need all while being a safe product to use.
    If you believe you need help these will give you what you want.

  129. TawniMarie10 - Verified Customer

    These were great! I was able to feel focused without that angry bitchy feeling that I get with other medications designed to help me focus.

  130. Rebecca C. - Verified Customer

    These are amazing! Helps me get through a full day of work, feeling so productive and lots of energy to keep going all day.

  131. Berner - Verified Customer

    I usually take these before work (10 hr shifts avg) and these do a good job of boosting my mood to be positive throughout the day. It also helps with my anxiety because it seems to make you ignore it. I just wish more came in a package

  132. Evan Palm - Verified Customer

    I took 2 capsules before I went to school and del lol I accomplished more that day 6th I did any other days. Put my brain to focus and made my day better in general. I could tell my mood was better than the day before. Highly recommended.

  133. Hannah - Verified Customer

    I have a really hard time focusing on tasks; like homework, studying, and getting distracted. I took these pills to study for finals and sat there for hours and actually studied. I retained almost everything and had such a great energy and positivity. Recommed 10/10

  134. The1Chino - Verified Customer

    There’s Is nothing more important than waking up and taking on the day will full force! Well that’s exactly what this does!! With troubles sleeping at night and being a stay home dad and watching two babies during the day I need to be on point 100% of the time. Taking these ABSOLUTLELY gave me everything I needed from a natural energy boost to also a mental boost which is extremely helpful! This WILL be my daily supplement as it has truly made my everyday task better! Thank you soo much!!:hugging::hugging:

  135. Dylan K. - Verified Customer

    The brain booster is the best thing I have experienced! So focused and driven! I haven’t been so productive in my life at work! Best product I’ve ever had to help me focus and be productive! I will be buying more! So much energy and focus without a crash!

  136. Wes - Verified Customer

    The brain boosters help tremendously with my add and instead of taking adderall with all the horrible side effects , this pill allows me to focus extensively , instant boost of energy up to 60% but a natural and calming sensation without having anxiety from amphetamines .

  137. Isaac a. - Verified Customer

    I have ADHD and when I say this is the best replacement for adderall this knocks it out the park try it for your self you will not be disappointed.

  138. April a. - Verified Customer

    The keep me going and calm at work