Our Cloud N9ne CBD flower 5 pack CBD pre-rolls (Cherry Wine Strain) is quality at its finest in a beautiful and sturdy box. Each pre-roll is weighed to guarantee a minimum of .5g for a max of 2.5g per box. This guarantees that whether you’re carrying all 5 around at once or one at a time; each individual pre-roll will be safe, secure and as clean as the day it was made.

As quality is of utmost importance to Cloud N9ne, each and every harvest is tested and approved by the Department of Agriculture prior to distribution.


Hemp CBD Flower


Our Cloud N9ne CBD flower 5 pack CBD pre-rolls (Cherry Wine Strain) are pre-roll joints of Cherry Wine strains that are the perfect mix of taste, smell, look, and effects. Our CBD flower pre-rolls are the quickest method of ingesting CBD into your system. Unlike other CBD products such as CBD oil and capsules, the effects of CBD pre-rolls may be immediate. Buying 5 pack pre-rolls is cost-effective and is perfect for recreational purposes.


How Much CBD does CBD Flower Have?

  • Most of the CBD infused drinks and oils contain a small amount of CBD. Our CBD pre-rolls, on the other hand, provide a dose of 2.5 gms of CBD. Thus, you can get more value for your money.

Does CBD Flower Have Additives?

  • Most forms of CBD products undergo extensive extraction process where additives and other ingredients are added for it to form the final CBD product. Our Cloud N9ne CBD pre-rolls are nothing but pure CBD strains, meaning you are only smoking raw CBD and nothing else.

Is CBD Flower Quickly Absorbed?

  • Smoking our pre-roll CBD is the fastest and the most effective method of ingesting. The CBD is directly absorbed into the lungs. It does not need to go through the liver for it to enter the bloodstream. Other forms of CBDs, such as oil or capsules, are broken in the liver and do not enter the bloodstream.


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29 reviews for Cloud N9ne CBD Flower (5 Pack Pre-Rolls) – Strain: Cherry Wine (2.5 Grams)

  1. Ignacio Escobedo (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Very good quality. The best flavor and relaaaxxxx. I buy it again

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  2. Amy Beauchamp (verified owner)

    Very relaxing strain.

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  3. deathix (verified owner)

    Tasted okay, but I like the bud better. It really doesn’t knock my socks off like bud.

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  4. oamaas15 (verified owner)

    I can’t live without these anymore! Whenever I’m in pain from cramps or have a headache I smoke half a joint and it goes right away. I have bipolar disorder and when I have bad anxiety it makes me so much calmer. I always come back for these! Definitely recommend!

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  5. FloydPink44 (verified owner)

    Great one don’t miss this one.

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  6. bryandawn1963@gmail.com (verified owner)

    Purple haze is my fave. Gives me a little energy and some motivation to get stuff done. Followed by a great nap.

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  7. marcosasantiago1016@gmail.com (verified owner)

    Is rolled nice and smells great but when I would take a puff, I wasn’t getting enough smoke. Seems like the filter is too tight.

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  8. robertoden90 (verified owner)

    I love BLM products. A few hits from these and I almost feel it instantly. Very relaxing. On top of that, I had some issues with an order and BLM contacted me and made it right. Their customer service is outstanding!!

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  9. kittyprzy (verified owner)

    Super easy to smoke and great to share!

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  10. martellaa29 (verified owner)

    Worked well good flavor

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  11. Jarrodszukics (verified owner)

    Good product

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  12. onLEY1YOUNGSLY (verified owner)

    Not a waste of money, just didn’t care for the taste.

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  13. prplhaze202 (verified owner)

    Took care of my anxiety, fibromyalgia pain, and relaxed me enough to sleep. I would recommend this for anyone who likes the relief from THC products without the “high” feeling, to definately give product a try.

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  14. sam2cmm (verified owner)

    Perfect, thanks!

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  15. Ariel Santos (verified owner)

    I use these after a long day before bed or directly after going to the gym. This truly helps me relax and I sleep a lot better. Ive had issues grinding my teeth my whole life and this has helped that tension tremendously.

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  16. Mrsflight (verified owner)

    Second time buying and all I can say is I love it! All it takes is a couple smokes for me and I am calm cool and collected. One box lasts me a month.

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  17. dmvswag17 (verified owner)

    You guys are the best on the market top 10 I love your products and it is helping with my anxiety so much I will always keep doing business with this company

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  18. Fangykins (verified owner)

    The flavor of these is so smooth! I wanted to try something small for my first order, and I can definitely say I will be purchasing again!
    My only qualm, was that two of the pre-rolls out of five, had their end rolled so tight, that it was hard to get a good hard draw from it. However! This will not impede my future purchases!!
    Thanks, BLM!

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  19. Justin Martin (verified owner)

    Perfect for me! Great for stress and anxiety!

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  20. defoeaustin7 (verified owner)

    Great product!! Great taste, smell, and a good body high!! 10/10 would recommend!!

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  21. Peanut.tt72 (verified owner)

    I very calm and relaxed natural feeling after smoking this product.

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  22. xavier villareal (verified owner)

    I love this product helps with pain and anxiety just wish it got here quicker

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  23. Austin Luty (verified owner)

    my favorite way to consume cbd. cherrywine flavor tastes great.

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  24. Halie Maynard (verified owner)

    These pre rolls are pretty good. 2 out of the 5 pre rolls i received had a lot of herb in the filters which made it EXTREMELY hard to puff on and get hits in, but nonetheless good product! The ones that were fine tasted great and made me very relaxed 🙂

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  25. valishere1 (verified owner)

    I really like how mellow these are. The only reason why I give this a rating of good rather than perfect is because one of my family members has asthma , therefore, the edibles is better at this time because it’s so cold smoking outside.

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  26. alvin.anderson84 (verified owner)

    Takes the edge off. I think it does what I need it to .

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  27. ssilyab92 (verified owner)

    This is my first time using this product for my fibromyalgia. This product works great. Thanks and will buy again

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  28. rachel11396 (verified owner)

    The flavor was awesome, the relaxation was in point. These are great. Totally love the pre rolled. Just pop them out of the box and they are ready to go.
    The joint lasted a decent amount of time. I already re-ordered.

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  29. Nadiashelton25 (verified owner)

    I liked them but they do go quickly. I prefer the to roll my own flower but it was nice to try. Calmed my anxiety.

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