Our night time Cloud N9ne CBD Gummies are hand made using high quality ingredients with melatonin and natural flavors. All CBD Gummies are carefully infused with pure cannabinoids (CBD) to ensure freshness and quality.

Cloud N9ne night time Gummies come in many natural flavors and each Gummy comes with 10 mg of CBD oil.

  • Use up to 3 times a day as needed
  • THC Free
  • Non-Psychoactive
  • 10 mg of CBD in every piece
  • No prescription or medical card needed to buy and consume
  • Not recommended for women that are pregnant or nursing
  • Not recommended for children under 18 years old
  • This product will not cause you to fail a drug test

Recommended use: Eat two Cloud N9ne Night Time CBD Gummies (20 mg of CBD) each night after dinner. Dosage contains 2-4 Gummies a day depending on anxiety and stress levels. This product is for medicinal use only.

Ingredients: Hemp Oil, Sugar, Corn Syrup, Gelatin, White Grape Juice From Concentrate, Citric Acid, Fumaric Acid, Titanium Dioxide (for color), Artificial and Natural Flavors, Melatonin, Lactic Acid, Calcium Lactate, Artificial Colors Including: Red 40, Blue 1, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Silicon Dioxide.

These statements on BuyLegalMeds.com have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program.

BuyLegalMeds.com does not sell or distribute any products that are in violation of the United States Controlled Substances Act (US CSA).

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Overall Rating : 4.84 out of 5 ( 170 reviews )
  1. margeincharge.mensik - Verified Customer

    Can only buy these in cool weather, they melt in the heat, but you gave me credit and i found your syrup instead!

  2. JENNIFER PFAHLER - Verified Customer

    I have a difficult time sleeping, so I decided to give these a shot. I was skeptical, but I was able to drift off to sleep, and actually go back to sleep, if I woke up during the night. A must have, for a good nights sleep!

  3. Laurie Eicher - Verified Customer

    Awesome for night time, I have no more problems fall asleep. Can’t take one to early or I’m the dozing on the couch before bedtime.

  4. Kimmy Cagle - Verified Customer

    They definitely help me fall asleep faster. I do still wake up a lot during the night, although it doesn’t seem to take me as long to fall back asleep. The flavors are good too.

  5. codyyork512 - Verified Customer

    Not a Fan of the gummys. Very jittery. not sure which strain they used but they need to make gummys with the Cherry wine strain.

  6. Rea Cormick - Verified Customer

    Helps me fall asleep but it doesn’t keep me asleep.

    But it solves trying to fall asleep at night.

  7. venomoxide3 - Verified Customer

    My wife loves them!

  8. monicagmurk - Verified Customer

    I’ve been using these for a while; I’m on my second bottle now. I typically only use them when I need to fall asleep by a certain time and one is enough for me. I usually fall asleep within 30 minutes of taking one. These are amazing!!

  9. pjmitch0628 - Verified Customer

    I have ordered the Cloud N9ne Gummie for the past several months. The orders are always promptly delivered; the quality of the product is excellent. I am now able to have an uninterrupted night’s sleep and awake with no side effects. I highly recommend this product.

  10. Chyann Colles - Verified Customer

    When I say these are the worlds best CBD gummies, I’m not kidding. I order these ever single time I purchase anything from this website. They are sinfully delicious, and the best sleeping aid I’ve ever tried. If you are a heavy user take 2! I promise you, you will never regret this purchase! Consistent 100/10, hands down. I will warn you: the regular CBD gummies are for night time use!! Don’t take during the day! The Sour CBD gummies are for daytime use! But whatever you do, buy this brand 🙂

  11. slgunsett - Verified Customer

    My daughter has cancer and uses these at night for sleep and they have been a God send.

  12. Terene Micciche - Verified Customer

    Helps with so many things. I no longer wake up with reflux! Love my Gummies! BLM is best there is!!🙏💜🌻👩‍🎤

  13. Ariel Santos - Verified Customer

    I take one sometimes two every night before bed and its been a god send. I sleep so much more better without waking up groggy. I’ve also noticed I don’t grind my teeth so intensely with this.Forever buying this product.

  14. Madialex38 - Verified Customer

    This was my 1st time trying the gummies, and I am really impressed! They taste great, just like gummy bears, they don’t have any medicinal taste but they taste a little like sour gummies. Helps me sleep! I want to try the daytime next to see if it helps general anxiety during the day.

  15. indycontact - Verified Customer


  16. Freyag88 - Verified Customer

    Tastes great and helps me sleep with no hangover feeling in the morning.

  17. shoshanaschwartz4 - Verified Customer

    amazing product, really helped me with my daily anxiety, did not make me groggy or drowsy at all. Will be purchasing again.

  18. nblakney23 - Verified Customer

    Wonderful, my adhd and stress was gone. My average days after work is sitting on the couch watching cartoons with my kids. After taking one of these we are building forts and I had the motivation to have a tea party then cleaned. I love this stuff!

  19. mgmclain90 - Verified Customer

    My favorite product! Theses gummies help me sleep so deeply!

  20. Stanley Chandler - Verified Customer

    Great product great prices!!

  21. cheyennesumerr - Verified Customer

    Take 2 of these at night and sleep wonderful. Not groggy the next day.

  22. ortaink - Verified Customer

    Love the gummies for sleep and relaxing

  23. Keith Kelley - Verified Customer

    Very happy with this purchase. Has helped with pain and anxiety. Would recommend this product

  24. Grumpyjrt - Verified Customer

    Love the way the gummies are packaged now. I love this product

  25. nielsen.er1325 - Verified Customer

    Soooooo good and good sleep!

  26. Rebecca Sanford - Verified Customer

    I have been using these for more than a year. I share with everyone I know that will try them, because they are so effective. I previously used gummies with only melatonin, but prefer these now!! Sour but that taste disguises earthy taste of CBD.

  27. lfluisfranco - Verified Customer

    Works nicely. Good stuff.

  28. ashley.kegg - Verified Customer

    Helps me go to sleep. I feel it takes affect right away. Been using these since last year and I honestly will keep using these. Always makes me feel relaxed and chill.

  29. Melissa Lawson - Verified Customer

    Excellent gummies! I felt relief within 20 minutes and had the best sleep I’ve had in weeks. My son used a couple and totally agrees. He has a bad knee and shoulder and he is a believer now.

  30. Glennie Sims - Verified Customer

    These are great for easing pain and anxiety that often comes with pain. They taste good, which matters. They’re easy to pop in my mouth on the go. And, they act pretty fast for me. Within about 15 minutes, I feel relief.

    I keep them in my purse. They’re always in my travel bag. The only “problem” I have experienced with them is them sometimes arriving melted together if I order them in very hot weather. I’d recommend these for pain relief and especially for mild anxiety relief.

  31. hippiemom1 - Verified Customer

    Love this product. Have told all my friends about it. Unfortunately ever since I have tried to order it again it has been sold out. Had to go to another company for a similar product. 😩

  32. cameron_otoole - Verified Customer

    Taste is amazing, these combine with some Cherry Wine CBD flower = perfection.

  33. billythekid - Verified Customer

    Great for helping me sleep. Gave some to my parents and they loved them too. Will be ordering more.

  34. DARRILYNN MALONE - Verified Customer


  35. jarrad hamilton - Verified Customer


  36. Katherine Wilburn-Brannon - Verified Customer

    Keep this on me at all times

  37. valishere1 - Verified Customer

    Taste great and relaxing. I also love that with the gummies, you don’t have to worry about smoke smell.

  38. sarahalexander16 - Verified Customer

    I really wanted to like these after seeing so many good reviews, but unfortunately they did absolutely nothing for me. The only good thing about them was the taste, tasted like sour gummy worms. I tried different doses and still didn’t help me at all

  39. Amy Beauchamp - Verified Customer

    I use these to help with tension and anxiety issues. Great product!!

  40. renaev10 - Verified Customer

    I LOVE THESE!! I work overnights and since taking these I have had no issues calming down after a crazy night shift and falling into a deep sleep! Def recommend!

  41. nolan hamilton - Verified Customer

    delicious little squishy magical bears….adult pain candies

  42. evejaye - Verified Customer

    Helps me sleep through the night but it does have a little sugar. I would prefer a sugar free version but they’re good and they work well.

  43. CBDCowboy558663 - Verified Customer

    I feel the effects slightly. I just may need higher dosage. Wish it was more affordable.

  44. Talieya.wallace - Verified Customer

    I eat a third of a gummy every night, and it puts me right to sleep.

  45. callawalshe - Verified Customer

    I TELL EVERYONE ABOUT THESE GUMMIES! If you suffer from insomnia, these gummies will help get you the deep sleep you’ve been craving. Some folks that I’ve recommended these to say that they have more vivid dreams when using, but I do not have that. Despite the vivid dreams, we all can agree that when using these, our sleep is sound and we wake up feeling well rested. I will buy these forever! 5/5 stars!!!!

  46. Malachi Carl - Verified Customer

    The gummies are incredible! The taste is beyond good and a very sweet taste! I highly recommend these gummies to everyone who needs help with insomnia, anxiety or even hunger! 100% must try

  47. luke.witmer82 - Verified Customer

    I like to use these as a special treat for myself. When my back pain gets REALLY bad, I’ll take 5 of these and it almost seems to clear my head because of how good of a job they do taking care of the pain. I dont have to worry about the pain affecting me for a few hours!

  48. dawn.arissa - Verified Customer

    I suffer from depression, severe anxiety and the gummies help!!!! I keep a bag in my purse and when anxiousness kicks in where I would normally run to the bathroom or leave work to avoid crying in front of anyone…. I pop 2.
    I take 2 at bedtime to assist sleeping, and 2 in the morning to start my day.

  49. emg1321 - Verified Customer

    Great product

  50. walker46789 - Verified Customer

    They chill you out take 3 it night night time

  51. jones99 - Verified Customer

    I have tried many brands and these are the best. The quality is consistent with every order.

  52. Susan T. - Verified Customer

    I’ve been buying these gummies for a while now. They’re the only thing that will help me sleep when my pain is high. I’ve tried other brands of CBD and it doesn’t even come close.

  53. David M. - Verified Customer

    This is my 3rd order of Cloud N9ne CBD Gummies! I LOVE them! The taste, the cloud floating feeling, and how fast the product arrives make Cloud N9ne products the BEST in the field! I am currently in the process of ordering MORE!

  54. Kristine B. - Verified Customer

    They were all melted together because I ordered online. Do you think I cared? NO!! They were fantastic! I suffer chronic migraines and these really help me deal with the pain and nausea.

  55. Mary - Verified Customer

    helps me sleep and helps my anxiety. love ir

  56. Katherine B. - Verified Customer

    Love, love, love

  57. Kimberly L. - Verified Customer

    I love these gummies, they take my back pain away I will continue to keep buying more of them.

  58. Jeremy H. - Verified Customer

    These work so well for anxiety and I sleep so well when I eat the gummies. Great flavors, too! I cannot stop telling people about these!

  59. Jamie T. - Verified Customer

    I love these! So convenient for work and so yummy! And I only have two left and I’m sad. I need to get more soon

  60. Christopher M. - Verified Customer

    I use these to get a good night’s sleep before work and they always help me relax. Definitely recommend these to help take the edge off any low grade anxiety situations!

  61. Heather W. - Verified Customer

    Since starting the gummies my mood has improved, I sleep better and my pain has decreased

  62. Tanner M. - Verified Customer

    I have bought a few packs of these now and will continue to buy more. They work great.

  63. Christian Z. - Verified Customer

    Originally when purchasing them I thought they would have the smell and taste of other CBD or edible candy that I’ve tried in the past. Man, was I wrong. Not only do they taste great, they work even better! I’ve managed to actually feel focused to act on my daily tasks and have grown to actually enjoy things I felt I was losing interest due to anxiety and probably depression. Being able to do my daily tasks like I use to without any nasty side effects is a godsend! My only regret is not ordering more to have a reserve of them waiting for me during the sale but sale or no sale will be buying more, no questions asked.

  64. Alejandro G. - Verified Customer

    Ive been using this product for a few months now, and im more convinced this item is a better fit for my chronic pain management regime. the taste could be improved but on a actual function scale of 10 right now i give them a 8 to 8.5. I have expectations that number will go higher as i use them more than one gummy four time a day…BTW i use this product along with a 40m patch as well… your actual mileage may vary.

  65. Dierick R. - Verified Customer

    If anyone is looking to relax and take away stress and anxiety and at the same time have something sweet this is it!! Great taste and enjoyable

  66. cristopher a. - Verified Customer

    Good taste

  67. Alyssa M. - Verified Customer

    These are seriously the most amazing things I’ve ever come across. They taste so good and work really well. I love them!

  68. Breanne C. - Verified Customer

    20mg knocked me on my butt energy wise, but definitely helped my chronic pain and chronic vomiting and nausea. I would purchase again, and have recommended to others!

  69. Kristi W. - Verified Customer

    Will be buying again

  70. Karen K. - Verified Customer

    I took these in hope I could stop taking ibuprofen and…..it was proven true. Not one did it help with pain relief it also helps me relax. Definitely will buy the tickets again.

  71. Brenda D. - Verified Customer

    In store or online it is the place I trust to get the highest quality of products and service. Their employees are knowledgeable about their products and they value loyal customers!

  72. Danielle P. - Verified Customer

    Seems to be working great for leg cramps. Only take one, though. Highly recommend the product.

  73. Amanda K. - Verified Customer

    The perfect little dose of calm.

  74. Patricia Y. - Verified Customer

    The gummies were tasty, but didn’t really work for me. I suffer with migraine and arthritis pain, and they aren’t strong enough to ease my pain to help me fall asleep.

  75. Amanda C. - Verified Customer

    First of all, I ordered this product and within an hour they had already shipped it and it arrived two days later! I have had chronic back pain since I was about 12 years old and I mean like my back is constantly hurting all the time(4/10 on average). I’ve tried other methods of relief and nothing has ever even come close to this. For the first time in years I was able to say that my back did NOT hurt at all! I also have pretty bad anxiety and this helped with that a lot more than I anticipated. Will definitely be buying this again and trying out the other products!

  76. Antonio T. - Verified Customer

    Taste great and works every time

  77. Christina R. - Verified Customer

    These are so delicious and very relaxing. Great product.

  78. Alexis S. - Verified Customer

    These gummies work very well

  79. Michael R. - Verified Customer

    I have been trying to find natural ways to help me feel less anxious and fall asleep better at night. I had never used cbd products before but so far, they seem to help. Sleep like a rock, lucid dreams and deep rest. I will be buying more.

  80. Joshua H. - Verified Customer

    These really helped me feel at ease

  81. Bob B. - Verified Customer

    I have arthritis in my knee and this stuff works way better than Advil and alieve. Awesome product

  82. Deb W. - Verified Customer

    These gummies are great! Helps relax me, relieves my back pain, and help me sleep.

  83. Treynecia D. - Verified Customer

    The gummies work really well. They help me fall asleep almost instantly and I stay asleep too. I’d recommend these to anyone who has trouble sleeping.

  84. Keri M. - Verified Customer

    Very good

  85. Fernando R. - Verified Customer

    The gummies taste great and really work. I loved them.

  86. T W. - Verified Customer

    Very good product works great for aches and pains.

  87. Shirley P. - Verified Customer

    My son takes these daily. He was going down the traditional western medicine path for treatment of ADHD and anxiety (which I did not want so was searching for alternatives) and these have been wonderful!

  88. Aranza D. - Verified Customer

    these are amazing. they help with sleeping and severe menstral pains.

  89. Connor H. - Verified Customer

    I love these gummies. They really help with my muscle and joint pain and get me into a very relaxed place. Plus they taste great!! 10/10 will buy again

  90. Renee G. - Verified Customer

    Takes about an hour to kick in, but does a great job of taking the anxiety edge off.

  91. Phillip S. - Verified Customer

    Made Easy for on the go medicating, and potency is solid. Just need to get a bigger bag next time!

  92. James F. - Verified Customer

    These gummies taste great and knock me out to get some good zzz. Best thing is you wake up fresh. Ordering again

  93. Frank S. - Verified Customer

    These are great. I only need one to help me sleep so 20 doses lasts me all month. The taste isnt bad either. My favorite cloud 9 product.

  94. David G. - Verified Customer

    I was hesitant to try these, but after reading the other reviews, I was glad I did! Im a small guy so I can sleep with just taking half of one. Completely worth the money!

  95. Tina D. - Verified Customer

    Amazing. Amazing! I’ve tried endless options to quiet my brain so I could sleep. Cloud 9 was spot on!

  96. Patrick M. - Verified Customer

    Really helps me to sleep. Some of the deepest sleep I have had in years.

  97. Joseph R. - Verified Customer

    I was hesitant to try this product, but the results were there and the taste, while not perfect was perfectly palatable. I will be buying again!

  98. Victoria E. - Verified Customer

    Shipment is fast and the product is consistently reliable. I’m very happy with my purchase and will definitely continue to purchase them!

  99. Lauren W. - Verified Customer

    I think these are better than the syrup! Yummy and do exactly what they are meant to!

  100. Jay M. - Verified Customer

    I have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep. I usually take one right at bedtime and then another 30min later…..knock me out. Love these. Thank you sooo much for these. **one thing I wish would be that I could go directly to the maker and purchase since we are both in Vegas.

  101. Christopher D. - Verified Customer

    Great tasting and work wonders. Great for anxiety and insomnia. Highly recommend A+

  102. Meaghan W. - Verified Customer

    Love these gummies! They are delicious and get the job done! :clap::100:

  103. Jessica B. - Verified Customer

    I suffer from depression and anxiety along with a shlew of other issues like muscle aches from lupus. I eat 2 of these and in 15-30 minutes my pain and anxiety melt away. I have given it to my friends and co workers and they too can’t believe how well it work. Will be buying more!

  104. Alfredo L. - Verified Customer

    It really works! Purchasing a bigger batch!

  105. Channing H. - Verified Customer

    Great for sleep and anxiety. Kicks in for us quick but not too quick!

  106. Rob G. - Verified Customer

    Helps me relax so much.

  107. Andrea M. - Verified Customer

    I would recommend these to anyone with bouts of insomnia, they are very effective and leave you feeling refreshed in the morning.

  108. Jessica a. - Verified Customer

    These help me with sciatica and PMS pains! My husband takes one to get through the day that helps his adhd and two to help him sleep. We gave a buddy one to try because he began having muscle spasms, he is paralyzed from the waist down and one of these babies worked instantly! He was very happy! I will definitely be ordering more of these! Thank you!!!!

  109. Kaytlynn B. - Verified Customer

    These are so good! They are awesome to munch on if you don’t have time to use the syrup.

  110. Phillip C. - Verified Customer

    These gummies fixed my anxiety issues better than prescription meds.

  111. Lawrence M. - Verified Customer

    Really happy with everything I’ve purchased so far just wish it would last longer for the price a little on the expensive side but well worth it

  112. Ricardo D. - Verified Customer

    These gummies have a great flavor and relax you after a long day.

  113. Adam P. - Verified Customer

    Work very well. Help relieve pain in my back. Would highly recommend.

  114. Mike K. - Verified Customer

    These gummies taste amazing and they are a good way to take cbd during the day without getting tired like you would with cloud 9

  115. Roberto P. - Verified Customer

    Thought they were ok but i liked the syrup better

  116. Nathaniel C. - Verified Customer

    It really good and works well for pain.

  117. Melissa O. - Verified Customer

    The Cloud N9ne gummies have helped my daughter’s anxiety and have helped her sleep better.

  118. Ryan L. - Verified Customer

    These Gummies have been a life saver. Sleeping better than ever before.

  119. Sundae M. - Verified Customer

    Great results and tastes great

  120. Ashley R. - Verified Customer

    After much research, I purchased these gummies and couldn’t be happier! My anxiety disappears after eating two, I don’t feel sluggish and my insomnia it’s almost non-existent!! A MUST HAVE! Cannot wait to order more products from them

  121. Joshua B. - Verified Customer

    Awesome product really helps anxiety

  122. Gabrielle S. - Verified Customer

    Wasn’t too sure if these would work, but they are awesome!

  123. Joe M. - Verified Customer

    Helped relieve my back pain and helped me sleep. Will be buying again.

  124. Celeste B. - Verified Customer

    Ive dealt with insomnia for years, but their Gummies helped termendously. I was able to fall asleep early. They taste good too.

  125. Anthony P. - Verified Customer

    First time buyer. Love the product. I will definitely be buying the gummies again, but also interested in trying other products. Heard of the site from a friend who buys the syrups. I’ve since recommended the gummies to him and I’d recommend them to anyone else who hasn’t tried them. Great product, does what it’s meant to do, and tastes great.

  126. William L. - Verified Customer

    I have had issues sleeping for years. Have tried many different meds but they always leave me groggy in the morning. I’ve been taking 2 gummies at night and they really help me get to sleep. Thanks for creating them.

  127. Cosette A. - Verified Customer

    These gummies are great sleep! It says 4-6 dummies every day, but I generally only need 2 a night. If you use them more sparingly you can definitely make a 20-pack last for a while! 10/10 recommend

  128. Samuel C. - Verified Customer

    Got me really relaxed, had to eat about 3 nd i was good

  129. Michael O. - Verified Customer

    They not only taste great, but these CBD Gummies work like a dream for my Sciatic pain.

  130. Whitney S. - Verified Customer

    I took one gumy and noticed a huge difference in my stomach and nerve pain.

  131. Brooke D. - Verified Customer

    This stuff has help me so much.. I will forever be a customer.

  132. Jennifer M. - Verified Customer

    This works splendidly. I get super bad anxiety since the death if my mom earlier this year, and I was at my wits end. Tried medication and nothing worked that didn’t make me fall asleep. This works!!

  133. Edith L. - Verified Customer

    Iuse these at night so that I can sleep . I love them !!! They work awesome !!!

  134. Patti L. - Verified Customer

    I love these gummies, they help with my sleeping issues!

  135. Joe M. - Verified Customer

    I’ve taken a couple and enjoyed it , it’s relaxing. I would definitely recommend this to everyone

  136. Jennifer D. - Verified Customer

    Just one of the Cloud nine gummies before bed & I could feel the tension in my body decrease. The mild pain in my kneee due to meniscus tear eased & I found I could fall asleep & stay asleep longer

  137. Anthony B. - Verified Customer

    Highly recommend it

  138. Leah M. - Verified Customer

    I really love the peppermint tincture and gummy bears. I have horrible back and neck problems and they help so much. I usually take them right before bed and I am able to relax and fall asleep. Highly recommend for back issues and insomnia!

  139. Gabriel L. - Verified Customer

    I take these everyday before I go to work and people have told me that I seem more calm and relaxed. This product works wonders and I highly recommend them!!!

  140. Tricia S. - Verified Customer

    They work well, I needed to take a few at time though!

  141. Carolyn C. - Verified Customer

    so far out of all the products i have used these are my fav they work great for my headaches and anxiety

  142. Tucker W. - Verified Customer

    My wife has severe depression and stomach issues. thought I’d get both for her to try. The booster works great but she said the gummies made her stomach upset. Overall I’d give the booster a 5 and gummies a 2

  143. John H. - Verified Customer

    First of all they are delicious and B. They definitely help with feeling relaxed and going to sleep.

  144. Maddie R. - Verified Customer

    I have a lotttt of pain and anxiety normally. But these gummies have helped both significantly. These are wonderful. I do have to eat 3 to get the best effect for my body, but they’re awesome!! SOO happy I found this company and these

  145. Susan D. - Verified Customer

    Works grest

  146. Terene M. - Verified Customer

    I am a senior with pain from old injuries due to head on car crash. I also have cancer. The side effects of my meds is awful. And the meds they give me to ease the nausea don’t work. Plus I can’t take meds for acid reflux as they don’t mix. Since trying CBD, the Gummies work best for me. I can eat, I sleep well.The acid reflux is occassional instead of nightly.And,I don’t need the opioid pain killers as much. Cloudn9be CBD products are the best thing I’ve found in a long time. I recommend everyone give them a try. And I don’t put my name to many things, but CBD has helped give me an even better quality of life!

  147. NE - Verified Customer

    Great product for relieving anxiety and insomnia. Personally, I only eat one if it’s during the day and I need to be productive. I find eating two puts you right at that perfect chill level when you don’t worry about anything, which sometimes makes it hard to find the motivation to get stuff done. At night I’ll eat two, which tends to make me drowsy and help me fall asleep without all the tossing and turning. And they don’t taste bad either! I’m not a fan of a couple favors but as long as I eat another one with a flavor I like I don’t mind. I’ve purchased these multiple times and will continue to do so!

  148. Mary S. - Verified Customer

    Though I had bought with the intention of anxiety reduction, these gummies were more of a sleep aid for me. I was skeptical at first, but will now be buying another order as these help me sleep through some rough nights.

  149. Aron C. - Verified Customer

    These are by FAR the best gummies ive ever had and tried. These are a must have

  150. Teressa P. - Verified Customer

    I’ve been using the syrup for about 3 months and love it. I decided to try the gummies and I think I like them better. I use for insomnia and 2 do the trick! Taste yummy too and satisfy the evening sweeth tooth. Will be buying again!!

  151. James L. - Verified Customer

    Good stuff

  152. Cati F. - Verified Customer

    Helped with my sleep a lot

  153. Susan B. - Verified Customer

    Helps me relax! Better than sleeping pills

  154. Kymberly T. - Verified Customer

    I finally tried these and am impressed but not surprised. All n9ne products are great. These taste great and a small dose can get me to lala land in no time! No hype! Try em!

  155. Matt C. - Verified Customer

    Great product

  156. Rocco - Verified Customer

    Definitely helps me sleep I never got a straight 8 hours sleep before I wtqrtee using these gummies

  157. Marcel A. - Verified Customer

    These thing taste amazing and really help me out with my pain .

  158. Fermin G. - Verified Customer

    Great product! Been having alot of trouble relaxing & sleeping at night. It’s alot better alternative from the sleeping medications I used to take, healthier one at that.

  159. Tarrah C. - Verified Customer

    These work really well. My son has anxiety and problems sleeping sometimes. He said if he takes these before bed he has no issues and sleeps well.

  160. Amber M. - Verified Customer

    My best friend Hannah bought me a bag of these two weeks ago and I need to reorder some more when I get paid!!!! I eat a few before work and I truly can feel a difference.. I used to be addicted to opiates & now i just smoke, and use cbd everything!! my daily pain is next to gone as long as i have these!! will most definitely continue to buy!

  161. John C. - Verified Customer

    This product is 100% legit. My wife was having issues with insomnia and anxiety so I ordered this and now she sleeps through the night worry free.

  162. Dillon S. - Verified Customer

    I prefer the syrup for anxiety and pain relief and the gummies for sleep and effects

  163. Patricia H. - Verified Customer

    I was skeptical as hell…but I have a crazy mad affinity for gummies, so….figured I’d get them and see if it was true. Nom-nom’d on a few this morning and after a short while went for my usual 3 mile plus walk. There’s one spot along the way I get to and, like clockwork, pains in my lower legs. Not today, baby! Just got back and I feel like I could go again! Being out in nature plus CloudN9ne is the best medicine, hands down. Throw in that they taste great and really give you that chill, relaxed feeling…FIVE STARS AND MORE!

  164. Michael L. - Verified Customer

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  165. Logan M. - Verified Customer

    These gummies have helped me sleep regularly and they help with anxiety throughout my day!! Amazing product would highly recommend.

  166. Daniel C. - Verified Customer

    Love it

  167. Eric H. - Verified Customer

    I think they work really well, didn’t feel any paint wasn’t anxious at all. Just I nice even feeling

  168. Steve G. - Verified Customer

    This is one of my favorites. I pop two of these in my mouth before work and I’m good to go one of the most relaxing day I have. My wife had spinal surgery a couple weeks back and haven’t been able to sleep because of pain I told her to try a gummies and twenty minutes later she was knocked out. So I must say if your going to buy anything make sure the gummies in the cart also.

  169. Imonti C. - Verified Customer

    My anxiety was honestly completely gone after I ate a gummy. Leaves you feeling very chill and relaxed! Will be ordering more soon

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    I really loved these gummies. Not only did they make you feel relaxed but they also in gummy form! I have already ordered more online