Cloud N9ne CBD Flower (Strain: Cherry Wine). This product contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC and is non-psychoactive.

As quality is of utmost importance to Cloud N9ne, each and every harvest is tested and approved by the Department of Agriculture prior to distribution.

Ingredients: Hand-Trimmed Hemp CBD Flower

Notice to law enforcement authorities: Cloud N9ne CBD Flower is in compliance with the Agricultural Act of 2014, 7 U.S.C. §5940 (2014 Farm Bill), pursuant to pilot programs lawfully established under 7 U.S.C. §5940 in conformance with California Food and Agricultural Code, Division 24, §81001, et seq., and Nevada Revised Statutes §557.010, et seq. California’s and Nevada’s respective Departments of Agriculture have certified, registered, and regulated the growing of our industrial hemp in conformance with federal and state laws, rules, and regulations. Federal law, in particular, 7 U.S.C. §5940(b)(1), entitled “Legitimacy of Industrial Hemp Research,” encourages growing, cultivating, and marketing industrial hemp products pursuant to these pilot programs, and by the rights and protections thereby established, proudly offers this legal industrial hemp high in cannabidiol (CBD) in the United States.

According to 7 U.S.C. §5940, the term “industrial hemp” means the plant Cannabis sativa L. and any part of such plant, whether growing or not, with a Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta-9 THC) concentration of not more than 0.3% on a dry weight basis. Only the Delta-9 THC level is relevant, not THC-A. As shown by the enclosed Certificate of Analysis on this page, this hemp flower has a Delta-9 THC level on a dry weight basis equal to 0%, well below the 0.3% maximum level and, therefore, this flower is hemp, not marijuana, and is perfectly legal to possess and sell. This right applies in any state pursuant to the Full Faith and Credit Clause, Article VI, Section 1 of the Constitution, the Supremacy Clause, Article VI, Section 2 of the Constitution, and the Equal Protection Clause, Section 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment.

WARNING! If you choose to smoke CBD flowers, please be advised that you do so at your own risk; any form of smoke inhalation may be harmful to your health. All descriptions of the traditional uses of these CBD flowers have been taken from information available to the public on the internet and may not be substantiated by scientific evidence. Please refer to the drug testing page on our site. 

The statements on have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program. Contact us if you have further questions.

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Overall Rating : 4.82 out of 5 ( 253 reviews )
  1. richjean26 - Verified Customer

    Great product and even better customer service Ashley helped me to place my order and she kept great communication throughout the process.

  2. Laura Mowatt - Verified Customer

    This is what I am looking for. A great mellow that defers inflammation and joint pain.

  3. Bill Harris - Verified Customer

    My favorite of the 4 strains I ordered. Thick bud, very well manicured. Flavor is very nice.

  4. codyyork512 - Verified Customer

    Amazing smell. After a bowl of this everything is VERY Mellow.

  5. mature718 - Verified Customer

    Cherry wine… I feel sooooo fine

  6. - Verified Customer

    Good stuff, flawless transaction.

  7. Sdg - Verified Customer

    Always a good strain the last of the J it’s harsh but that’s with all flower… it’s good tho nice flavoring I’d ur just a paper kind of person I recommend for the taste

  8. Bigtoys_bmx - Verified Customer

    It was good

  9. shanable22 - Verified Customer

    This strain is the BEST one I’ve had so far out of four others. Still have a few more to try!

    Smells great. Tastes great. Smooth, with the chillum.

    Mood and energy enhancer. Pick me up. Get stuff done with this strain! Makes me feel like being around people.

  10. fatality69xx - Verified Customer

    Loved how it smoked. Sticky would purchase more

  11. juniordtx13 - Verified Customer

    Is good

  12. minter.david - Verified Customer

    Great service

  13. deensphone - Verified Customer

    This strain is perfect for my arthritis and eye strain. It is difficult to obtain this quality of CBD in my area and the fact that this gets shipped to my house is perfect. Cherry Wine always managed to out a smile on my face.

  14. lira.johnny - Verified Customer

    First time buying cherry wine and I’m in awe it gave me energy. I have arthritis in both my feet and cherry wine really helped me to get up and go. Buylegalmeds is fast and very efficient I look forward to buying from them in the near future. Be safe. #eyeCyou

  15. katyhagen - Verified Customer

    Pretty neat. This was my first time trying cbd and I enjoyed it.

  16. gennahoward13 - Verified Customer

    Tastes amazing!

  17. lil_racc2017 - Verified Customer

    First time trying and was very impressed. This reduced my pain level very much.

  18. bgcrank - Verified Customer

    Very nice!

  19. amanda.moll - Verified Customer

    Good taste and very relaxing. Will order this one again.

  20. fairieb - Verified Customer

    very good

  21. jpipitoneii9 - Verified Customer

    I was very impressed with this strain. It was a little harsh on the throat but the flavor and smell was on point. Keep up the good work.

  22. eddie.parker.w - Verified Customer

    Excellent product. Use it primary for vaping. Boundless Tera, HR Fierce, and Arizer Solo 2 I’ve tried. Vapes as well as the real thing. Drier and not quiet as sticky as the real thing, it is dank nonetheless and this grower is exceptional at their craft. This stuff doesn’t disappoint me at all. Nice feeling without a cloudy head high. Beautiful taste, aroma and vapor, good stuff. This stuff tastes better than many favors of “real” that I’ve had. 🙂 Cheers.

  23. medlock.arianah - Verified Customer

    This strain is wonderful! I love the scent too.

  24. FloydPink44 - Verified Customer

    my first purchased and works good.

  25. max.lindenbaum - Verified Customer

    It’s been almost 2 weeks since I ordered this and it hasn’t even shipped yet

  26. Richard Charles - Verified Customer

    Another favorite this personally helps me the best with migraines thank you for such an amazing product

  27. countryguyky - Verified Customer

    Decent taste, a little harsh on the throat. Great smell!

  28. randy1hernandez - Verified Customer

    My first time trying CBD flower, i have to say they were way better than i was expecting. The smell was fabulous and they worked better than my CBD oil ever has. Very Happy i tried this product for my chronic pain and helps a lot with sleep as well!! 5 Stars from me!

  29. Brad Cook - Verified Customer

    I love the flavor of this bud.
    Gave me a light head buzz and helps calm me down.
    Nice strain

  30. Madialex38 - Verified Customer

    This is the first flower I have tried, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I haven’t been a “smoker” in a LONG time. The bud was a little dry, but that’s fine, it still smoked really good. Taste was good, but I didn’t really notice a difference after smoking it. Maybe it takes some time, or maybe I need a different strain bc I know different ones work for different people. It smelled great though! I ordered the chillum with it and I really like it, super convenient and very well made, it’s thick glass and will hold up a while. Only giving 4 stars because it didn’t really work for me, but I love the syrups so I know the products are great. Might try a different strain though, tried this one first because of all the good reviews. I must also say, my package was lost for a few days by USPS, and customer service was very helpful with telling me what to do to try to get it found. I appreciate it so much! Now I’m going to place my next order LOL

  31. gomezjose101 - Verified Customer

    Loved the strain I’m curious to try the other strains !:)

  32. mathewlnelson - Verified Customer

    I always had trouble sleeping and this does the trick. Start feeling tired about an hour after and sleep like a baby. love it!!

  33. XoL - Verified Customer

    This was by far the strongest I feel. I bought multiple strains and I ended up enjoying this one the most.

  34. z_wendel98 - Verified Customer

    Great flower

  35. dwstinr - Verified Customer

    Yep……Yep…..Researched Cherry Wine….It controls my PTSD so much…..I find CBD in any form a miracle for us which go through every day on the edge of our seat……CBD made me sober to alcohol…..Never again…….It rationalized my thought….I can actually go shopping now……I used to be a recluse…

  36. - Verified Customer

    Very nice, I make a tincture for pain/arthritis with it.

  37. Johnny O’Graddy - Verified Customer

    Eighth was one nug. Had to put it in a airtight glass jar cause it stunk my house up like that kill kill. Body high like I just vaped a gram of real; mind feeling totally clear and alert. Only thing different I can see so far from real buds is the brain high, which is still there but so clear headed. This was life changing for me.

  38. Kay Landers - Verified Customer

    It was good.

  39. indycontact - Verified Customer

    Great taste

  40. lucky1trece - Verified Customer

    Did the job. Good product shipped to you. Best part is that it’s legal. Thanks guys!!

  41. cat.becket - Verified Customer

    Relatively fast shipping, very discreet, and beautiful flower. This one makes me really sleepy.

  42. Michael Porter - Verified Customer

    I absolutely LOVE all the strains of CBD flower from BLM! I suffer from anxiety and PTSD and this relieves them both in a major way.

  43. stockstreet97 - Verified Customer

    Good buds, a little dry but the smell and colors are perfect.

  44. ryandags - Verified Customer


  45. PittsburghChik710 - Verified Customer

    I’ve tried several strains from BLM, I must say, I am NEVER disappointed! Cherry Wine is my FAVORITE strain! Nice full & sticky buds and it produces a FAB body high!! I have Rheumatoid Arthritis & I’m on my feet all night at work. I could not make it without my CBD Flower! 🌱💨 I also enjoy mixing it up with THC Buds to obtain a more mellow or gentle high. CBD is FANTABULOUS MEDICINE!!! FIVE STARS for BLM!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  46. mr.victor_rivera - Verified Customer

    This was a great good smelling strain. I very much enjoyed it.

  47. diamondeye21874 - Verified Customer

    Smells great, Great prices most of the time. But there something I can’t quite put my finger on that has me wondering. It didn’t help with pain or my migraines, so maybe it was a bad batch or something but im willing to try again soon.

  48. phoenixasummer - Verified Customer

    This is a good strain. It takes a while to kick in, but it is very relaxing. I am new to cbd buds, so I only have two other strains to compare it to. I have been vaping it with an airizer air, and it tastes incredible. I usually don’t think about the flavor, but it was notable.

  49. nickcost39 - Verified Customer

    Exactly what i was expecting descent taste, burned great, excellent results!!!

  50. lirpacat1 - Verified Customer

    One of my favorites

  51. mkc12853 - Verified Customer

    It took a total of 6 days for delivery, which is not too bad, considering the holidays.
    The product is as described, and provides the expected results.
    The packaging, for the one ounce that I received, was in 8 small packages, which makes it nice to share, but hard to get a sense of how much is really there. The price is a little expensive, compared to other sites, but the selection is good. And the quality seems to be good, as well.

  52. dave.a.keith. - Verified Customer

    relaxing, didn’t care for taste

  53. b2bacres - Verified Customer

    Nice flower. Enjoyed the taste and the effect very nice.

  54. Kalvin Warner - Verified Customer

    I can’t even describe how this made me feel. What a amazing product

  55. richrack57 - Verified Customer

    Thank you…

  56. jamestentas - Verified Customer

    This stuff works instantly and works wonders

  57. schwisow69 - Verified Customer

    Good flavor, and shipping!

  58. Reginald brown - Verified Customer

    I love the aroma of this strain! When it kicks you still can function but you feel great

  59. bozbure - Verified Customer

    Very good stuff

  60. taige.duffie - Verified Customer

    Broke down nice used a hemp wrap with it would definitely recommend and buying again!

  61. cameron_otoole - Verified Customer

    My favorite strain, always keep cherry wine stocked up

  62. goorganicslg - Verified Customer

    If you haven’t ever tried CBD bud or are considering purchasing some, look no further and hit that order button, for real! CBD bud blows CBD oil out of the water in my opinion. You get the same smells and tastes as you would from THC buds along with the same body high and chill head feelings. This stuff is the answer to my prayers. Its everything I have loved from ingesting THC buds minus all the things I have ever hated. Like paranoia or uncontrolled thought. I feel thoughtful, relaxed, comfortable and happy with zero fatigue. CBD bud gives you the same chill and no worries to go with it. I can probably honestly say I have no desire to ever smoke THC again after having experienced CBD. Cherry Wine has an upbeat and ready to feeling when ingesting. More so a Sativa, I would assume. I don’t recall seeing its variation in the description. I feel up beat with a ready to go mentality. I feel calm and peaceful at the same time with a completely clear head and thoughts that have slowed to a crawl. I am better able to focus. I have become dependent on Adderall both physically and mentally after daily use over the past 3 years. It was prescribed to me for depression and focus and after so long has formed a depressing state of its own in me when I take it any more. It is to the point I can not function through out my day without popping 60 milligrams in the morning. I have been wanting to get off of it for awhile now but have been unsuccessful. I am confident with Cherry Wine I will be kicking the amphetamine habit. Cherry Wine also has a wonderful aroma of sweet cherry kind bud mixed with a smooth, non harsh blend of smoke complimented by a mild herbal/cherry flavor. Love this stuff but I have to say AC/DC in my personal favorite so far out of the two I have tried as it seems a little more so Indica. #CBDsavesLives! <3<3<3

  63. shagtail - Verified Customer

    Tastes great and super relaxing.

  64. dnover93 - Verified Customer

    Very pleasant experience from start to finish. The site is easy to use, and the buds are amazing. Shipping is fast too! Definitely worth the money. I usually have problems falling asleep but this helps me get the rest I need. I will definitely be ordering more! Thank you!

  65. Jondala Lewis - Verified Customer

    Great as expected!

  66. edub357 - Verified Customer

    Very nice flower! Great smell, taste and effects. I have been mixing cherry wine with special sauce and together they are a winning combo! Great for anxiety! Definitely recommend

  67. Equinox - Verified Customer

    This is very good quality flower, had a very nice taste and smoked really well. I’ve tried a lot of CBD Flower and a lot of it tastes very earthy and like dirt, this was very similar to the taste of your typical Marijuana. Made me feel like I was smoking a nice joint. But gave a great body high. Helped with my anxiety and back pains. Only thing I could complain about is price, buy supply and demand.

  68. Braden S. - Verified Customer

    Was pretty good!!

  69. Zay - Verified Customer

    Therapy tea is amazing!

  70. Sean S. - Verified Customer

    This is a big step from taking cbd oil…which I have been taking for years now. It kicks in instantly and it’s very relaxing!

  71. Jake O. - Verified Customer

    I’ve been struggling with finding THC bud around my area and having the opportunity to buy from your site has provided me w/ SO MUCH relief- I’ve already order 3-4 times after my first purchase a couple weeks ago. <3HIGHLY recommended

  72. John M. - Verified Customer

    Very Good

  73. Cole C. - Verified Customer

    Great Flavor and smell

  74. Patrycja B. - Verified Customer

    Fire ! Love the calm feeling and it helps so much with my bad anxiety

  75. Gregory Z. - Verified Customer

    Very pleasant to smoke, burns very smoothly. Cured very well. Will buy again.

  76. Mary - Verified Customer

    this stuff is amazing

  77. John J. - Verified Customer

    This one is my favorite out of all the strains. I love the smell and it helps me a lot! Definitely give it a try

  78. Luke W. - Verified Customer

    I bought an ounce of cherry wine flower after trying out 2 bottles of syrup. I love cloud9. Their products help minimize some of my most anxious and depressed moments. Smoke smoke flower, turn some music on and just relax. I also love smoking and getting a nice stretch before I go to bed! Definitely helps your tight muscles flex and loosen up

  79. Mimi B. - Verified Customer

    The dopest dope I ever did dope.

  80. Angela R. - Verified Customer

    On point!

  81. Le P. - Verified Customer

    This cbd flower not only allows me to smoke a legal form of cannabis, but it also works absolute wonders on my arthritis pain. None of the pills the doctor give me work and because its hard to get a medical card in minnesota, this is a great alternative. I smoke one or two bowls before bed and the pain reducing affects last for almost 18 hours. I also used a home drug test the day after a three day period of consuming this flower 1-2 times per day and passed with no detectible levels od THC in my system.

    Will buy this product again in the future as well as try other strains.

  82. Teresa H. - Verified Customer

    It was greatly useful. Will be ordering more

  83. Dierick R. - Verified Customer

    The flavor is in the first hit!!! The smell is awesome, buds are dense and rolls amazing. Can’t wait to get more!!!

  84. Linda K. - Verified Customer

    I had bought this strain pre-rolled and let me tell you I loved it. I had a headache throughout the day, I’m assuming from stressing over my homework. So I decided to smoke it and after being almost half way done with it, I noticed my headache was starting to go away. And also the smell of this is not strong whatsoever. I can’t wait to smoke the flower I have. I definitely will be buying this strain again, for sure.

  85. Jerome C. - Verified Customer

    I expected the stems but not this many i was hoping it was a little more going to post a youtube video on stem to bud ratio people need to know how

  86. Christopher J. - Verified Customer

    Helped alleviate my back pain from my scoliosis!

  87. David K. - Verified Customer

    This strain was amazing. The smell is so good. I loved the calming and relaxation. I am a fan of all of these strains and will continue purchasing them.

  88. Chase F. - Verified Customer

    Great product, I got a gram just to try it out and it smells and taste great. And helps relax and relieve my back pain. Thank you will be buying more soon

  89. Gabe B. - Verified Customer


  90. Conor L. - Verified Customer

    Quality CBD product

  91. John B. - Verified Customer

    Best ever

  92. Stephon M. - Verified Customer

    Great product very relaxing. definitely will buy again and definitely would recommend it

  93. William B. - Verified Customer

    When I received the item I was insanely scetched out. Is smelled like weed. Looked like weed. Semi tasted like weed, but I didn’t get high. It does what it’s supposed to do. Relieves pain and is just over all with the emotions and mood stabilizer a great product. I recommend it.

  94. Sean B. - Verified Customer

    Awesome taste and nice relaxing body buzz!! ANXIETY RELIEF!! :ok_hand::grin::+1:

  95. Ashley K. - Verified Customer

    My husband is on color code and honestly this is a fantastic alternative to actual marijuana with THC in it! Keeps him out of trouble while helping with his PTSD, seizures, and mood. Also helps me with my insomnia!!! Fantastic product at a great price!

  96. Alec S. - Verified Customer

    This is my first ever CBD hemp that I have tried and I am definitely not disappointed. While reading all of the other reviews I decided to give this hemp a purchase and I am glad that I did. I have been extremely stressed when it comes to school, work and finals coming up. Once I smoked a decent amount of this stuff, I instantly felt more relaxed. The main feelings I got was a sense of relaxation and reassurance that the things I have been worried about are not the end of the world. Been smoking this every day I come home at night from classes and work. Great way to end the day.

    The reasons why I gave it a 4/5 and not a 5/5 would be the fact that the taste is underwhelming and does not have a cherry taste to me at least. I also do have to smoke more than I’d like to get my desired state of relaxation for the day.

  97. Jared M. - Verified Customer

    Loved it simply amazing

  98. Destiny M. - Verified Customer

    Never really liked the head fog that came from regular weed. These CBD strains are super helpful with getting my body more relaxed and able to focus. Definitely going to continue to buy

  99. Keegan L. - Verified Customer

    It was good

  100. Jeremy B. - Verified Customer

    So relaxing. Would recommend.

  101. Rebeca R. - Verified Customer

    I tried the preroll and then immediately bought this! Very easy to grind down and I love smoking this!

  102. Greg - Verified Customer

    Ever since I started using CBD bud I have lost the urge to drink. Even as a casual drinker that only has a few beers on the weekend I switched to CBD completely. I feel so calm and balanced and feel absolutely fantastic in the morning. I use this in a vape and bring it with me, I just drink seltzer water and have a great time!

  103. Laverne P. - Verified Customer

    excellent product with smooth taste

  104. Braydon - Verified Customer

    The first thing I noticed about this flower was the appearance. It looks like some outdoor mids you would get from your dealer, and smelly very earthly. It’s very dry, and not very sticky at all (but that’s not a bad thing with CBD flower). It’s a little more harsh than your average flower, but I love it. The fact that it’s legal blows my mind, I would recommend it to everyone. Works wonders for insomnia, and it’s just fun to smoke!

  105. Kelly P. - Verified Customer

    This flower has helped immensely with my anxiety and with my chronic pain. I feel the tension in my body slowly start to ease up. I recommend this. As with their other products. For alleviating anxiety or body pain.

  106. Jasmine W. - Verified Customer

    The best strain

  107. Casey M. - Verified Customer

    this stuff works immediately when smoked and it’s extremely relaxing. it’s really good before bed or when you have a day off.

  108. Daniel R. - Verified Customer

    Will definitely be ordering again. I’ve tried all three strands and they are all excellent with special sauce being my favorite

  109. Joseph E. - Verified Customer

    Smokes very well! The effects are really nice soothing, very nice dense flowers!

  110. Anthony S. - Verified Customer

    Awesome strain, my favorite one. Helps me sleep and relax after work.

  111. Matt M. - Verified Customer

    had trouble sleeping and went to the doctor 2 different times and they gave me 2 different medications, and they both didnt work. bought 1/8 oz of cherry wine and it cured my insomnia. definitely going to buy some more soon

  112. Richard T. - Verified Customer

    Smooth and a great body high. Helps with mild aches and pains. And great to help you sleep.

  113. Cameron W. - Verified Customer

    The taste was amazing , had me very relaxed but not to where I couldnt go about my day. Its a great imitation I couldn’t believe I gt this threw the mail thays how legit it was! Thanks Ill definitely be shopping here againand telling people here in Texas.

  114. Victoria P. - Verified Customer

    I’ve ordered from here so many times now and it never fails, everything is PERFECT!! Y’all are awesome!! Will be ordering again soon.

  115. Jayce a. - Verified Customer

    The CBD flower worked great, the pain in my back and knees were at a comfort and ease. It’s great to relax and focus on the more important aspect of life. I will purchase again in the future.

  116. Raven D. - Verified Customer

    It’s my favorite so far. really mellows you out without the psychological effects.

  117. Orlando H. - Verified Customer


  118. Michael - Verified Customer

    My fiancé and I both deal with chronic lower back pain and anxiety issues. The cherry wine strain of the CBD flower from is the best product around for relieving our pain/anxiety! With this product we no longer need pain or anxiety meds. This stuff is :100::fire::fire::fire::bangbang:️

  119. Courtney H. - Verified Customer

    After I smoked it, I felt relaxed and my neck pain that i deal with everyday went away just like that! Definitely buyin again!

  120. Kayla C. - Verified Customer

    I didn’t have any expectations other than I figured it would work. I have a hard time focusing for too long on something but this truly helped me focus on the work I had and actually complete it. Probably will get again

  121. Revelle D. - Verified Customer

    The strain was awesome!!!

  122. Nathan L. - Verified Customer

    The cherry wine strain is my favorite one. It is some top shelf stuff, the smell is amazing. It helps a lot with my anxiety, so I will be purchasing this all the time.

  123. Louis G. - Verified Customer

    Very delicious strains! Made me very relaxed. Will definitely order again when I run out.

  124. Douglas R. - Verified Customer

    Second time buying here really good stuff probably will try the other strain too get more strains !!!!!

  125. Alex C. - Verified Customer

    Shipping was great and was the first cbd flower I’ve ever had and I loved it definitely will order more.

  126. Alvin B. - Verified Customer

    legal too

  127. Ashley F. - Verified Customer

    tastes good and way cheaper than shops around me!

  128. Albert P. - Verified Customer

    Amazing for anxiety! Great for pain. Buying an ounce next time

  129. Trey S. - Verified Customer

    This stuff is the truth! Super mellow. I rolled up Sunday night, slept like a baby and woke up feeling rejuvenated for work Monday morning! Most defiantly buying more ASAP!

  130. Desmond L. - Verified Customer

    This strain is the most relaxing of the three. I use this to unwind after long days.

  131. Sekou W. - Verified Customer

    Not a bad strain very calm & relaxing

  132. Kadie V. - Verified Customer

    Great earthy smell that took me back to my younger days. The flower absolutely helped relieve my anxiety.. I will definitely be ordering more!

  133. Danielle W. - Verified Customer

    I was blown away by the smell of this strain, it’s pretty sweet and citrusy. Flower was pretty and cured nicely. It gave me a head change and really mellowed me out. I would recommend giving this a try.

  134. Vikki - Verified Customer

    Slept very well. I usually have so many dreams at night that I wake up tired. Last night I had the best sleep. Very calming. Keeps my thoughts under control. Can’t wait to try more.

  135. Vikki - Verified Customer

    I am someone who suffers from anxiety. I took one hit and was immediately calm. Usually, when smoking thc I can get pretty anxious but didn’t feel that way at all. Just felt really chilled out. Can’t wait to try more products

  136. Tre D. - Verified Customer

    This is my third or fourth time buying next purchase will be a bulk buy this stuff works magic and really helps

  137. Matthew D. - Verified Customer

    Well packaged, smelled skunky with a hint of diesel. It had a hint of cherry in the taste and i personally found it to be more relaxing, and enjoyable, than cbd extract/oil. My only issue is the price, if it was cheaper i would buy much more. Its definitely worth checking out. You will enjoy it.

  138. Dominique R. - Verified Customer

    Hits the spot

  139. Joshua H. - Verified Customer

    Didn’t expect to see any purple in the bud, but there was plenty. Good cure job. Overall medicating, and enjoyable..

  140. Jeffrey P. - Verified Customer

    I like the cherry wine cbd bud,, it has a smooth burn!

  141. Brandon Q. - Verified Customer

    Absolutely amazing

  142. Jillian Z. - Verified Customer

    So good! I can’t believe how relaxed I feel, takes away my anxiety, inability to sleep, and headaches I always get! Also helped my ADD a bit and makes me focus/think clearer.

  143. Anthony T. - Verified Customer

    This was very well worth the buy. Can’t wait to buy the other strains!

  144. Dallas I. - Verified Customer

    This is a top shelf cbd product that I enjoyed. Will be ordering again.

  145. Jeremy W. - Verified Customer

    I was a little skeptical before purchasing but I thought I’d take a chance and I’m glad I did! Shipping was fast, product was better than expected! About to order an ounce! If you know what your looking for, this is definitely it!

  146. Ashley B. - Verified Customer

    It looks and smells awesome. It helps me sleep and relives some of my chronic pain. Kind of expensive but it lasts.

  147. Dacy H. - Verified Customer

    Simply put, I was blown away by the quality of the flower I received.

    The relieving effects are quickly felt. So far it has helped with my anxiety, headaches, and insomnia.

  148. ams - Verified Customer

    This strain smelled amazing, tasted and looked amazing and did the trick very nicely. This is some good stuff, especially the Cherry Wine strain when works great for my anxiety and brought me one step closer to relief. I’d certainly buy this again. And there was more in the bag weightwise to cover the stem’s weight which was a plus. It also had very few seeds which is a bonus. Definitely good stuff for you CBD fans!

  149. Shawn T. - Verified Customer

    Let me start off by saying, for people that can’t ingest any THC whether it be for a job or whatever.. THIS is what you want! It’s a blessing to have this around.. undoubtable relaxing effects, taste and smells absolutely GREAT! CBD flower is what I’ve been waiting years for and now I can’t stop getting and giving to my family and friends!

  150. Cierra C. - Verified Customer

    I never thought that I would be able to find something that can help my anxiety issues because they’re so severe. I am against medication because of the addiction rates so I have been doing everything on my own and a friend introduced me to this product and I was skeptical about it at first but once I got my first order, I was blown away. This has helped me cope so much better and be more active and confident in social situations! I love it! The only down side is that it does show up on a drug test, but you’re clean after two days ( depending on your metabolism ? ). I recommend this to every single on of my friends and try to promote the site as often as I can! So far I have many friends and work colleagues.

  151. Mike V. - Verified Customer

    Plan on ordering more this week

  152. Alejandro S. - Verified Customer

    As a person who works on high stress corporate jobs, it’s a blessing such strains exists. That can relax us naturally, keeping us sharp minded and and clean on the tests.

    It’s a fair price specially taking in consideration what it is.

    Do not buy this, if you expect a high from it.

  153. Brandon S. - Verified Customer

    I’m sorry to say USPS lost it apon delivery but that’s not your fault..
    Besides that your processing time and shipping was supper fast I’m still a satisfied customer anyway I’m just pissed I could never actually try what I got due to the stupidity of the freaking mail man.

  154. Edward R. - Verified Customer

    This stuff is amazing!! Can’t say enough about it! I will continue to purchase it!

  155. Kalin M. - Verified Customer

    Mild relief to my anxiety & stress but did not cause any drowsiness or fatigue !

  156. Jacob M. - Verified Customer

    Came well packaged. I was worried it would smell and taste weird but it is exactly like a regular thc nug. Soothed my muscles and allowed me to sleep good after a long night shift.

  157. Nicholas P. - Verified Customer

    Very quick delivery and very satisfied with the product!

  158. DMR - Verified Customer

    When I smoke Cannabis with Normal to high THC percentages, for some reason it gives me a lot of anxiety and paranoia. I love everything about Hemp, Cannabis, Marijuana, Canja what have you but my body just doesn’t like high THC levels. Once I tried the Cloud N9ne syrup I was immediately a happy customer. I just received my order of some of the flower and I can say this is amazing. Literally what I’ve been looking for. For someone that has high anxiety and paranoia from THC this is what you need! Great product. Very professional and got to me in awesome time. Thanks alot to Cloud N9ne for changing my life!

  159. Nikole R. - Verified Customer

    Tried the Cloud N9ne CBD hemp flower and it was definitely what I needed to help with my stress and anxiety. Will def buy again!

  160. Logan B. - Verified Customer

    Fair quality for the price, decent effects.

  161. Jarett E. - Verified Customer


  162. Matt M. - Verified Customer

    Incredible relief of my pain while allowing me to remain functional.

  163. Christopher G. - Verified Customer

    It was great although i could feel the .3 of the thc great feeling not to overwhelming

  164. Charles Y. - Verified Customer

    Your company has been very pleasant to work with and very helpful.

  165. Marcel W. - Verified Customer

    The flavor and smell was just like a normal thc plant. I’ve had issues with insomnia but this worked wonders. I got some great sleep and nice and relaxed.

  166. Jessica W. - Verified Customer

    They where light and refreshing

  167. Peter I. - Verified Customer

    The smell was fresh and clean, flavor was smooth not harsh at all. I also tried the Cherry Wine, was more earthy but equally as good.

  168. Derek K. - Verified Customer

    This strain calms my nerves after a long day of work. Will be buying more.

  169. Nontae T. - Verified Customer

    Something like this is usually not what you would expect but this was absolutely shook me to the core bro, I’m talking about this shit will make you so happy but focus on what you’re doing. It’s crazy to write this and actually tell you guys but at first it was like wtf am I buying and I hope it does something. It’s not something that’s suppose to get you super stoned and feeling really high but it’s a classy high so you’re still buzzed with a energized feel

  170. Christian C. - Verified Customer

    Best product they have! I have to order the other two strains.

  171. Caitlynn G. - Verified Customer

    Helped me relax, hit super well & tasted great

  172. Daniel G. - Verified Customer

    CBD Flower is amazing. Gave me the full effect in a backwood. Felt almost like THC. Maybe it’s just me, but I loved this.

  173. Juan F. - Verified Customer

    I like it a lot… It was nice and smooth to smoke and very Relaxing.

  174. Olivia M. - Verified Customer

    Absolutely so glad I found this website to sooth my cbd needs!! Amazing quality products and insanely fast shipping! Def will be ordering again.

  175. Cecilia H. - Verified Customer

    High quality!!!

  176. Alyssa G. - Verified Customer

    This product was incredible!!
    Highly recommended and deserves waaaaay more than 5 stars! :star2::star2:

  177. Matthew C. - Verified Customer

    It has a great taste, low odor, nice relaxing feel and a clean fresh fluff to it

  178. Randall K. - Verified Customer

    Great product. Great packaging. Just wish the price would come down some.

  179. William T. - Verified Customer

    I figured I mise well try out this product as a stress release and I’d definitely say it was helpful. It rips a little hard on the back of your throat, but you feel good after. May try the syrup next :eyes:

  180. Austen G. - Verified Customer

    Was really good can’t really say anything bad at all

  181. Isaac M. - Verified Customer

    Tastes and smells like str8 GAS, so sticky as well

  182. Cody L. - Verified Customer

    Flower is very resinous for hemp and burns clean! Great taste and smell! no hassle! As described high quality hemp flower, quick shipping!

  183. Adam K. - Verified Customer

    This stuff is so great it made me feel relaxed and pain free for a while and also helped with my sleeplessness!

  184. Mike B. - Verified Customer

    It really helps with stuff

  185. Demarcus R. - Verified Customer

    Other than it taking a little while to get here, it was kinda worth the wait! Very dank, smokes pretty great in a swisher, and I’m going to definitely buy again in the future.

  186. Andrek B. - Verified Customer


  187. Dillan E. - Verified Customer

    I suffer from PTSD, and subsequently I frequently have panic attacks, bouts of insomnia, deep depression and much more. Other strains of cannabis, higher in THC, cause me paranoia, anxiety and panic; so I was super skeptical to try this product, especially because I haven’t smoked cannabis in about 4 years. Cherry wine, though not a cure all for mental disorders, really gave me quite an enjoyable experience! I felt calm, worry-free, and actually happy after consuming it. Given that it is a sativia, it’s not the best product for insomnia as it made me so clear headed, focused, and non-lethargic that I didn’t sleep too well the first night, so I really only smoke during the day. Additionally, it completely relieved my TMJ pain. Overall, I’m very happy I was brave enough to try this CBD flower. I live in a state where recreational cannabis is legal and I still can’t find a blend this low in THC. This is a reliable source and I definitely recommend you try CBD flower, and cherry wine in particular.

  188. Josh R. - Verified Customer


  189. Ezequiel M. - Verified Customer

    Really enjoy this product gives me a relaxing feeling and clears my head .

  190. Cory J. - Verified Customer

    I just had back surgery and I must say it takes my mind off the pain while I take other CBD products! Will purchase again.
    Fast delivery!

  191. Jon R. - Verified Customer

    Great product. Makes you relaxed and pain free and also passed my drug test

  192. S J. - Verified Customer

    Great product it helps with my back pain

  193. Lucas Z. - Verified Customer

    Great quality product. Seems to uplift mood, take away stress, and has helped with a very anxious mind. Also been using pre-workout and gives an awesome mood and focus enhancement.

  194. Scott M. - Verified Customer

    I have been using CBD and full spectrum extracts to help with anxiety. This stuff tastes great. Smokes great. Gets the job done when the good stuff may not be an option. Seriously impressed with all 3 varieties of flower. Tired them all. Will always keep some on hand.

  195. Bryan S. - Verified Customer

    Cloud n9ne is always making some bomb s***. Highly recommend it to people

  196. Cayden T. - Verified Customer

    Smells super dank and sweet. Smokes really well. Gives a nice relaxing feeling. Will purchase again soon!

  197. Rasheeda J. - Verified Customer

    I was surprised by this product. I didn’t have the highest expectations but I decided to buy a small amount to try out.
    This stuff relaxed me and felt great without the strong effects of thc. I love it.

  198. Alexcia S. - Verified Customer

    Great product.

  199. John - Verified Customer

    Was so good I was skeptical if there was THC in it in the beginning. Smokes very well, overall is a great product medically and recreationally. BLM changes the game again!

  200. Christopher L. - Verified Customer

    Very relaxing taste without the freight train effects of thc

  201. Kaytlynn B. - Verified Customer

    Very nice taste and easy to smoke.

  202. Mark M. - Verified Customer

    This was my first time trying the Hemp CBD Flower and I must say, I enjoyed it. It gave me a relaxed feeling without the high. Great product. I look forward to trying the other strains.

  203. Deseree S. - Verified Customer

    I LOVED this strain! I just ordered a special sauce. I think its better than actual THC Flower. If your a stressed person or have anxiety like i do- this is for you. I smoke it, i eat it, i dont get ripped off or have to go to a drug dealer anymore. Its just like regular smoke, but its better. Its like the pictures you see on the internet, its stiiicky! Its just gorgeous. I loved this strain and i cant wait for my next! Ill buy over and over and over again! Thank you guys so so much for making my life so much easier :heart:

  204. Rachel H. - Verified Customer

    Instant hit!

  205. Frank M. - Verified Customer

    It was good i tasted it and it looks like medicated weed without thc but overall its good i need more then one gram to feel the effect. Luckly i bougth 2 grams deff a good product to buy. I like to smoke weed of course is not the same as getting some real sativa but its very similar. My respects to Joe Vargas very good bussines man.

  206. Fernando J. - Verified Customer

    it was very relaxing and was feeling mellow!

  207. Ridge H. - Verified Customer

    I haven’t received it yet. I enjoyed the special sauce cbd flower and I’m ready to try this one but haven’t received it yet

  208. Nick W. - Verified Customer

    Such a great product, the aroma, the freshness of the herb. The smoke, everything was on point. Thank you guys :pray::pray: – 802dabz (Sunukkuh)

  209. Teonna C. - Verified Customer

    Best Strain Everrrrrrr, Definitely Would Buy Again !!!!!!

  210. Derrick K. - Verified Customer

    Amazing product it worked it worked wonders I think you help me get rid of my my neck pain when I had it it got rid of my headaches for a while it was just all around great.

  211. Elizabeth H. - Verified Customer

    The smell of the bud is just like it’s illegal counterpart. The taste is phenomenal. A bit fruity and slightly piney. After a small bowl I felt relaxed enough to go to bed easily. It burns really well. The bud itself is not super leafy or fluffy. I will definitely be purchasing this again.

  212. Jonathan R. - Verified Customer

    Awesome stuff

  213. Walker S. - Verified Customer

    Loud yet subtle, this product is guaranteed to have you questioning reality

  214. Shaylin M. - Verified Customer

    I love this cbd flower it’s definitely some good stuff! Will buy again!

  215. Trey B. - Verified Customer


  216. Ry R. - Verified Customer

    Better than I thought

  217. Dylan - Verified Customer

    I love this strain, everything about it but I am on probation and am worried that it will show up one drug test, I don’t abuse it though, only one bowl per night.

  218. Brian j. - Verified Customer

    This stuff treats insomnia better than anything I’ve ever tried before. I would 100% recommend it to a friend!

  219. Tim F. - Verified Customer

    Good stuff… Smells like marijuana until you BURN IT!! Stressing??? No more cigarettes/tobacco.

  220. Christopher T. - Verified Customer

    If you’re expecting for it to get you lit, you’ll be disappointed, but to chill you out and cut out some anxiety? It’s a winner. I’m about to cop some more syrup now.

  221. Isaac H. - Verified Customer

    Taste was grate! one of your best products!

  222. Nick K. - Verified Customer

    I’m somebody who has felt the effects of marijuana. And the effects of hemp CBD. I’ve got to say, for whatbwe try using this CBD for, stress, relaxation, anxiety, sleep; all of these can be remedied by this flower. Definitely recommend this if you’re trying to stay clean, and help yourself naturally

  223. Jeremy S. - Verified Customer

    The flower is awesome

  224. Cameron E. - Verified Customer

    Stress reliever

  225. Robert i. - Verified Customer

    This right here ni**a is called deaf

  226. Deseree S. - Verified Customer

    I really enjoy this. It smells amazing and tastes the same. When it arrived the first thing i did was smell and smoke some! that alone i give 5 stars. With the flower i had left, i boiled in a mason jar with coconut oil for approximately 2 1/2 hours, strained it with a very fine mesh and added my honey. I also had to order candied rose petals that ill share pictures of once they come! The honey is fire and ill absolutely buy more in the future.

  227. Krissy B. - Verified Customer

    Yo! I had an amazing experience with this flower. I dealt with depression for years and smoked weed to help me. I always ended sleeping the day away though. But this flower definitely helped me get things done and put me in a good mood. I will be purchasing more very soon!

  228. Nicholas A. - Verified Customer

    The product is great. The smell and taste really surprised me. It smells really fresh and taste better than you would expect. The potency is nice and gives good body relaxation. Definitely helped have a good night’s sleep when needed!

  229. Kenneth S. - Verified Customer

    I brought the product and totally fell in love the strain is awesome and I’m in love with myself

  230. Steve L. - Verified Customer

    The flower looks even better in person, tastes great and works amazingly. Definitely interested in more cbd flower

  231. Steven S. - Verified Customer

    I smoked it before a party and i had a good ass time, i have social anxiety and it really does help :pray::type_3:

  232. Abdoul G. - Verified Customer

    I was weary about it at first, but when I tried I was glad I did. This is one of the best experiences I had with Cannabis and will try more CBD strain. I rather smoke this than your typical thc strains.

  233. Roberto R. - Verified Customer

    Pretty good. Works for what the description says

  234. PlantBased - Verified Customer

    10/10 packaging, delivery, product. Dense flower, and no shake/foliage laying around. The picture does not match the product i got though, i would almost go as far to say the picture is a THC flower, but i don’t know. Either way, love it, would buy again.

  235. Devin W. - Verified Customer

    taste, feeling, smell, everything about this product is A1

  236. Melissa R. - Verified Customer

    It smells awesome and we felt so relaxed.

  237. Steven T. - Verified Customer

    Good strain, gives nice head buzz

  238. Tahj S. - Verified Customer

    Very great worth the money makes you sleep it smells very strong but don’t worry you don’t get really high so that’s good because it doesn’t have thc you can trust this product cherry wine was amazing hope to be buying from this site soon

  239. Mario P. - Verified Customer

    It really works. I feel much better

  240. Michael V. - Verified Customer

    Exactly what I expected. Gave me a calming / relaxed sensation without feeling like I was high. Definitely helps with sleep. Will be buying again.

  241. Nicole R. - Verified Customer

    First time trying and I’ll for sure buy again. I used this product for PMS relief and insomnia relief. It works amazing. Plus it’s cheaper than pain meds and sleep meds. All in one cure. Thanks!! :green_heart::rocket::monkey:

  242. Alan D. - Verified Customer

    I give it 5 stars. Great smell and taste. Highly recommended

  243. Tiffany B. - Verified Customer

    Amazing! My first time being able to purchase it and actually got it while I was fighting a nasty illness. Nothing helped settle my stomach, take the pain away and keep me asleep like the flower and cbd syrup! Like I said, amazing

  244. Nick J. - Verified Customer

    Real sticky, smells great. Taste isn’t amazing but works! Would purchase again for sure.

  245. Tyler H. - Verified Customer

    Loved it! Does what it says!

  246. Kristian L. - Verified Customer

    The taste was kind of strong but it honestly did relax me and relieve my anxiety. Would buy again but maybe try a different strain

  247. Joshua B. - Verified Customer

    I was pleasantly surprised by this product. Works extremely well and is of very high quality. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

  248. Matt A. - Verified Customer

    I highly recommend this product it does all that it claims! It smells great and looks amazing!

  249. Charlie E. - Verified Customer

    Amazing experience. No high involved, so don’t expect such. Just a nice, calming buzz. Anxiety free, no cloudiness like THC would give you and tasty as well. Will definitely buy again

  250. Jack P. - Verified Customer

    I had the cherry wine and it was everything I’d hope for it was delicious and gave me such a good body and mood high! Definitely recommend

  251. Michael V. - Verified Customer

    First time smoking a full cbd strain herb was very impressed by the quality of this product had a very nice smell and was supper sticky and smoke pretty good only down fall was it didn’t taster the best to smoke almost had a mid taste to to it other than that I really enjoyed it and will forsure be purchasing more but will probably consume it thru my volcanic vaporizer

  252. Riley S. - Verified Customer

    I’ve been always very iffy ordering CBD products on websites but this company is legit and has amazing customer service. The products are really great and work really well with any sort of pain or disability that CBD can help with (:

  253. Bob - Verified Customer

    Really good stuff! Smells, Smokes, And Taste really nice!

    The effects are clear and it does kinda feel like you are high but its a little different moreless a clear headed loose feeling body high not but a huge heavy body high, pretty mellow and will take away all stress and everything it says it offers in the title!

    Loved it!