Cloud N9ne Syrup – Blueberry is a CBD syrup infused with CBD and 9 highly concentrated all-natural herbs that are fermented in-house for long periods of time. Proper dosage of our product gives you a relaxing euphoric effect (body high) and chill vibes like you’re sitting on the clouds.

Hemp extract is an oil that is derived from the stalks and seeds of the industrial hemp plant. Hemp is rich in CBD, also known as Cannabidiol. CBD has no serious side effects.

CBD produced from industrial hemp is protected by the 2014 Farm Bill that was signed by Congress and the President of The United States and is legal for us to ship worldwide.

It’s legal worldwide and you will not fail a drug test using this product. Mix with your favorite beverage. Sprite, 7UP, Fanta, and lemonade is our favorite and what we recommend. Drink responsibly and enjoy!

  • 4 FL OZ. per bottle
  • Up to 8+ servings per bottle
  • 9 highly concentrated all-natural herbs
  • THC free
  • Non-Psychoactive
  • 120mg of CBD in every bottle
  • No prescription or medical card needed to buy and consume
  • Not recommended for women that are pregnant or nursing
  • Not recommended for children under 18 years old
  • CBD will not cause you to fail a drug test


Hemp CBD, Melissa Officinalis, Scutellaria Lateriflora, Nepeta Cataria, Piper Methysticum, Vegetable Glycerin, Ocimum tenuiflorum, Passiflora, Lactuca Virosa, Melatonin, FD&C Food Coloring, Turnera Diffusa, Salix Alba, Coconut Oil.


Shake the bottle well before each use. Mix up to 2 oz with your favorite beverage. We recommend starting with 1 tablespoon to begin before finding the right dosage.


  These statements on have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program. Contact us of you have further questions. does not sell or distribute any products that are in violation of the United States Controlled Substances Act (US CSA). 

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Overall Rating : 4.80 out of 5 ( 275 reviews )
  1. primomendoza.99 - Verified Customer


  2. teddyheck - Verified Customer

    Best syrup of all time. Always have to reorder as soon as I run out. Goes good with a lot of drinks.

  3. hiltz.johnson - Verified Customer

    Delicious and relaxing!

  4. frejen111 - Verified Customer

    Excellent Results 😍

  5. Victor Brantley - Verified Customer

    Love this stuff, blueberry is my favorite. One teaspoon of this helps me to have a very good night of rest.

  6. mature718 - Verified Customer

    Excellent product!!! I drink two servings of the syrup along with one drop of 2,500mg CBD tincture (for extra CBD) til I reach 143mg of CBD in total and I’m literally in Heaven lol it’s safe, legal and way better than being high on weed and feeling paranoid. BuyLegalMeds is an excellent company with amazing life changing products.

  7. - Verified Customer

    Product was good. Helped me got sleep at night. One thing I would recommend is maybe have varieties of dosages. ranging 120-500

  8. Peter Kistela - Verified Customer

    Many other CBD products that I’ve tried don’t have a great taste, this one on the other hand, is quite the opposite. Succulent taste that mixes perfectly with lemonade and Sprite. Looking forward to trying the other flavors and mixing up the drink choices to go with it.

  9. dzeruth - Verified Customer

    Gives a good night sleep

  10. Brandon Dogans - Verified Customer

    Good flavor!

  11. skisid779 - Verified Customer

    Tasted amazing . Helped me sleep easily ! and was a good price

  12. TJ Jackson - Verified Customer

    Love the stuff. Wish it was more potent and didn’t cost so much

  13. cheyennesumerr - Verified Customer

    Awesome as always.

  14. Jamal Hall - Verified Customer

    Perfect taste and amazing relief!

  15. Jctrill91 - Verified Customer

    You guys are the GOAT!

  16. Ronda Shardy - Verified Customer

    My preferred favorite out of all the flavors. Amazing taste. Great benifits. Luxurious sleep.

  17. dan foley - Verified Customer

    works well 2nd favorite flavor.

  18. CBDCowboy558663 - Verified Customer

    Makes me calm and relaxed before bedtime.

  19. Kelvin Wright - Verified Customer

    Great! Definitely buying again

  20. Marianne Gomez - Verified Customer

    Taste a little different than it did a while back when I ordered it. Taste more mediciny now than before but it does the job. I knock out within 20 minutes of drinking it.

  21. luke.witmer82 - Verified Customer

    ALL OF THE SYRUP IS GREAT!! Nothing quite gives you a good night sleep like Cloud N9ne syrup does

  22. kordell h. - Verified Customer

    It’s that good good

  23. Gabe B. - Verified Customer

    Great shit

  24. Marothodi N. - Verified Customer

    I was really excited to try this is as I have seen it all over instagram. It truly lived up to the expectation!! I took it before bedtime and felt like I lay on the sweetest cloud of relaxation. It put me straight to sleep! Great stuff and I highly recommend it to anyone who struggles with anxiety, a panic disorder or insomnia.

  25. Michael S. - Verified Customer

    This syrup really helps with anxiety which is exactly why I bought it. The sleep aid is also nice so I can take it right before bed.

  26. Karl S. - Verified Customer

    I enjoy the product but this particular kind I did not care for. The taste of the blueberry is too strong for me and resembles black licorice. The consistency is a bit thicker than the strawberry (which is my favorite). The blueberry also gave me a bit of a stoamcheache. All in all though I love cloud nine syrup and will continue to buy the product just not the blueberry !!.

  27. Cam W. - Verified Customer

    this has been fantastic for my anxiety during the day… at night it helps with my insomnia and that’s a total bonus for me. Will definitely repurchase!

  28. Henchy - Verified Customer

    I bought this to help me sleep and for my anxiety and it works like magic. Im on doxepin 25mg and they dont do a thing. Ill drink an ounce of this in a sprite smoke half a special sauce pre-roll and sleep like a baby.

  29. Matt M. - Verified Customer

    Perfect for when you just need to relax and get some rest wonderful addition to my nightly tea.

  30. Ann B. - Verified Customer

    The Blueberry Cloud 9 syrup allowed me to relax and get a good nights sleep!

  31. Curt W. - Verified Customer

    Pretty great stuff! Quick shipment quality ingredients.

  32. Mathew M. - Verified Customer

    These work wonders, bought three flavors so good I love them!

  33. Nicole C. - Verified Customer

    Works great!

  34. Becca F. - Verified Customer

    Love this product! Hands down will definitely buy again! Very relaxing and calms anxiety. Never slept so good in my life

  35. Eva D. - Verified Customer

    Put me to sleep within 10 minutes.

  36. Jeremy B. - Verified Customer

    Taste great

  37. Daniel B. - Verified Customer

    I was having trouble sleeping, and my friend recommended this product. I decided to give it a shot, and it definitely helped with my difficulty for sleeping. I would recommend it as well, and I’ll be buying some more! Also fyi, the blueberry tastes quite good, and even better mixed with some Sprite!

  38. Scott H. - Verified Customer

    First off, great product! I am currently delving into some alternative medicines for a knee injury I sustained a while back and the CBD products available online have been helping immensely. I have noticed light pain relief and a decrease in swelling when taking this product. Keep up the good work!

  39. Tony N. - Verified Customer

    relaxes you very fast and awesome taste, will be buying again

  40. Anna S. - Verified Customer

    When I need to sleep, being an insomniac this makes me feel so tired, I end up sleeping like a baby. Smaller dosage and I just feel calm if I’m too stressed out

  41. Liam Q. - Verified Customer

    and when I’m exposed to any kind of cold climate (which is predominantly 1/2 of “

  42. Benjiman L. - Verified Customer

    Love the blueberry. Sleep like a baby every time wake up feeling refreshed and it helps with back pain

  43. Audryana R. - Verified Customer

    Worked great and made me feel super relaxed!

  44. Grant P. - Verified Customer

    I love the syrup! Recently ordered Apple, cherry bomb, and watermelon.

  45. Hannah - Verified Customer

    I use it for pain and insomnia. Definitely works! Highly recommend

  46. Andrea H. - Verified Customer

    Thakns for help. 1 year i have trouble and now is better.

  47. Denver R. - Verified Customer

    Bought it mainly for my father who’s been in some pain recently and needs bypass surgery done soon. He’s been stressing about it and wasn’t getting good sleep so I ordered this stuff and he said it worked like a charm! I tried some myself and loved it! Will definitely be buying again and trying more of their products, next on the list is the stronger CBD syrup and the pet drops for the pup!

  48. Ricardo C. - Verified Customer

    It was dope

  49. Anna L. - Verified Customer

    Great product, good price

  50. Darin i. - Verified Customer

    Shyt was fye

  51. Kevin P. - Verified Customer

    Definately would recommend to everyone i live this!!!

  52. Chase G. - Verified Customer

    Worked good

  53. Jennie C. - Verified Customer

    I like it, it makes me calm then i just fall into a nice sleep. I take 5ml at 7:00.
    I fall asleep between 8:30 and 9:30 and am awake naturally at 6:00am which is perfect for work. My day pain meds wear off around 5:00 and i eat one gummy then take this. The pain relief is wonderful for my head and no side effects like opiates have

  54. Jesse O. - Verified Customer

    Makes you feel great!

  55. Dan K. - Verified Customer

    If you’re trying to relax chill out ,feel good, fall sleep easier this is your product. Can’t believe how good the blueberry taste with naked green machine !

  56. Drew D. - Verified Customer

    I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to feel about the product. In my head I thought that it was just going to be some flavored syrup that would make me a little tired or so, but when I got the product and tried it, it helped me so much. It was way better then I expected it to be. It really helped with my anxiety, stress, and insomnia. I’m definitely going to be buying again.

  57. Phillip M. - Verified Customer

    Took this for anxiety and it worked great. Only thing is it is a little too sweet for me. Going to try one of their products that isn’t so sweet next time.

  58. Zayne B. - Verified Customer

    Very amazing product when opening this i was looking forward to 40% but i guess things are just to good to be true

  59. Nicole W. - Verified Customer

    Best flavor by far! love these syrups, I use them for my insomnia. It knocks me out and has me feeling so refreshed in the morning.

  60. Grace R. - Verified Customer

    Perfect. Took a drug test today. havent gotten the results yet but i trust cloud n9ne.

  61. Dillan E. - Verified Customer

    Great for lounging around the house, watching movies, and chillin!

  62. William B. - Verified Customer

    It’s been real good

  63. Laureano P. - Verified Customer

    Wasn’t expecting much, but after a long day I poured a little over quarter bottle and I was sleeping on the couch within an hour. Got the best sleep I’ve had in weeks.

  64. Jason J. - Verified Customer

    Excellent with my diet Mountain Dew. Restful sleep, kinda relaxing, perfect for my anxiety

  65. Isaac M. - Verified Customer

    Put me right to sleep

  66. Dave T. - Verified Customer

    great taste, relaxing, floating vices

  67. Austin C. - Verified Customer

    Great stuff!

  68. Tyler - Verified Customer

    Does exactly what it says it does, went to sleep within 30 minutes and slept well all night.

  69. Savannah C. - Verified Customer

    Great taste especially mixed with Sprite! Really chill/calming effects !

  70. Anthony T. - Verified Customer

    This shit fire brah. Fuck that LEAN we on that CBD

  71. Karlie B. - Verified Customer

    Flavor is good but not as strong as I thought it would be.

  72. Johnathan H. - Verified Customer


  73. Isaac H. - Verified Customer

    good flavor i need to try green apple next 😀

  74. Abraham L. - Verified Customer

    I get home and take some to rest since I walk all day and in some odd position thruought the day as well. Rest better even sleep better too so its a must now as soon as I get home.

  75. Taylor C. - Verified Customer

    Great quality product. Would recommend monthly subscription

  76. Dominic S. - Verified Customer

    Very good product

  77. Sabrina T. - Verified Customer

    Just as it says, it makes you relax! I will be buying more.

  78. Enrico C. - Verified Customer

    tasted super good, loved the way it works. Simple, tasty and to the point. 10/10

  79. Rachel C. - Verified Customer

    great taste, amazing price, and the effects are always phenomenal! I never use any other cbd edible

  80. Courtney P. - Verified Customer

    Great stuff!
    Have bad insomnia and been trying to get off of Zzquil for a while. Order some of cloud n9ne syrup and a gram of their flower, and was impressed! Also helped well with my anxiety

  81. Matthew V. - Verified Customer

    Great stuff, tastes amazing and got here really quick! Would definetly recommend to anyone looking to try some tasty syrup for their drinks!

  82. Kearsten F. - Verified Customer

    Works great.. I like to pour it in my lemonade after a long days work. It helps me relax and after a stressful day.

  83. Liesl M. - Verified Customer

    This certainly helps with anxiety, pain and sleep. Wish I could actually use it! It’s too expensive for me 🙁

  84. Nicholas S. - Verified Customer

    The taste is very amazing

  85. Joseph G. - Verified Customer

    helps tremendously with anxiety/insomnia

  86. Devitt B. - Verified Customer

    i was very happy with my purchase. the taste is very sweet and soothing. it calmed my nerves and body into a peaceful state of relaxation. i definitely recommend to some of friends and will keep purchasing!

  87. Gillian W. - Verified Customer


  88. Matthew G. - Verified Customer

    It’s fucking fantastic!

  89. Dalton E. - Verified Customer

    So far it’s my favorite flavor even though I don’t like blueberry I still enjoy drinking this

  90. Jarred H. - Verified Customer

    The best super flame

  91. Dylan F. - Verified Customer

    great! helps me with sleeping!

  92. Kaytlynn B. - Verified Customer

    Very true to taste. Love this product.

  93. Kennedy L. - Verified Customer

    I loved it!

  94. Marilynn D. - Verified Customer

    Love this product!

  95. Chrystian C. - Verified Customer

    Great taste good results

  96. Matt D. - Verified Customer

    Nice Blueberry taste, gets me feeling very comfortable and relaxed

  97. Frances P. - Verified Customer

    Very relaxing, easy to use. Great taste, I would recommend using before bed, you will get a nice rest.

  98. Olga R. - Verified Customer

    A bit too sweet. Good results

  99. Christopher O. - Verified Customer

    I drank half of the bottle and never got any kind of floating feeling which i was surprised at considering all the great reviews. Other than that the company was classy and shipping was very fast.

  100. Stephen B. - Verified Customer

    Within 15 minutes I had no pain in my body whereas before I had constant pains in my back and shoulder. Even helped me fall asleep easier. Great stuff!

  101. Henrry S. - Verified Customer

    This syrup is amazing. I bought this because I was feeling stressed and had constant body pain. Once I tried it I felt really relaxed and it really helped me with my anxiety as well. It tasted great and felt amazing I love the product

  102. Karin H. - Verified Customer

    This product does everything it says it does! I will be a repeat customer!

  103. Julian Q. - Verified Customer

    Cloud nine syrup is truly and amazing product ! Everyone should try it !!

  104. John H. - Verified Customer

    I love this stuff! It helps me go to sleep at night and helps me with some anxiety I have,also depression. I’ve ordered about 9 or 10 bottles of this stuff and will continue to by more.

  105. Daniel E. - Verified Customer

    Used for sleep. The taste was interesting but the effects were pretty great. I was very relaxed.

  106. Allison P. - Verified Customer

    Such good syrup. I will keep continuing to buy. Really helps put me to sleep :sleeping:

  107. Sally E. - Verified Customer

    Gave me a wonderful long night sleep!

  108. Kat B. - Verified Customer

    This helped my anxiety and insomnia, without any side effects. Love the syrup!

  109. Jake M. - Verified Customer

    I like it especially when I can’t sleep

  110. Feltovic J. - Verified Customer

    it was amazing great taste and great results, definitely a great choice

  111. Isaiah j. - Verified Customer

    Great product

  112. Phil S. - Verified Customer

    The unflavored, is a great choice with regular champagne…. or any beverage….. this is something new safe, also…. anyone can take it with no worrie risk, on your lively hood….

  113. Benjamin M. - Verified Customer

    I suffer from many problems. Insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain, and loss of appetite. I live in Washington state where the recreational marijuana killed the medical industry almost entirely. Finding decent CBD’S strong enough for me at a decent price has been really hard. So far I’ve only bought 1 bottle of the blueberry. Flavor was awesome tastes like gushers with mountain dew. As for effects, I started with a half of a bottle. I was calm for once, no anxiety, no brain going 100000mph. Just relaxation. As well as actually being hungry and able to eat. Stress and anxiety induce stomach pains for me, on top of me having issues with my GI tract. Now, my chronic pain in my lowet back is beyond any normal pain and my insomnia is storng. The 2 together make sleep impossible for more than a couple hours at a time., I’m always constantly moving due to discomfort. 4hrs after taking the 1st half I took the 2nd half. A few hours later I was laying still, fully relaxed and slept undisturbed for 9hrs, the first time I’ve done it in years. This makes me excited to try all their other great looking products!

  114. Vanessa F. - Verified Customer

    I love it. I have insomnia so I take it before bed and I go straight to sleep! It helps so much. Oh and it made my back feel numb. The pain wasn’t there. I would definitely buy again!

  115. Josue M. - Verified Customer

    It felt hella good

  116. Daniel C. - Verified Customer

    Tastes amazing and doesn’t disappoint

  117. Bobby L. - Verified Customer

    It’s the best on the market 10/10 I’m buying more

  118. Jay C. - Verified Customer

    Never had been more relax in my life, helps me fall asleep and stay asleep longer, so damn good. I recommend it to anyone and everyone.

  119. Kadon R. - Verified Customer

    I enjoy it, but $32 for 5-6 servings is a little much. great product though

  120. Devuhnia R. - Verified Customer

    The absolute best thing I have ever came across. I get the best sleep that I have been needing. Thanks so much.

  121. Barry W. - Verified Customer

    I really enjoy this product

  122. John E. - Verified Customer

    This product was awesome. I have trouble sleeping and this stuff has me out at 7pm and I woke up at 7am and felt fresh.

  123. Ceaira W. - Verified Customer

    I loved it! Will definitely buy again

  124. Michelle - Verified Customer

    finally able to sleep for more than just 5 hours. Which will in turn help me lose more midsection weight! Thanks

  125. Francisco B. - Verified Customer

    Best CBD syrup out there!

  126. Savannah H. - Verified Customer

    This syrup is absolutely amazing, it’s always the savior to my days.

  127. Najeeb R. - Verified Customer

    i was skeptical about using the product becuase i needed help with sleep and sometimes i need to chill out and anxiety and all that jazz so i coughed up the moneys (pun intended) and mixed it with some sprite and boy, i was so mellowed out and vibed out. good product and get blueberry as your first flavour if you are new and i hope to try out more flavours in the future.

  128. Davis J. - Verified Customer

    I recently tried cloud n9ne syrup for my first time. It was far better than I even suspected, especially post run/workout and with helping me go to sleep. I will be buying again very soon

  129. Taylor P. - Verified Customer

    Not only does this product taste amazing, it also made me more relaxed and have a great night of sleep.

  130. Nathan P. - Verified Customer

    This product is something new. This is my first time buying it and I felt amazing. Wish I could get than one bottle

  131. Tavan S. - Verified Customer

    Made me feel numb and helped me sleep!

  132. Casie O. - Verified Customer

    Was first flavor i tried back when it was 60 mg still the best!!

  133. Colton P. - Verified Customer

    This stuff is absolutely great, I had trouble sleeping and with headaches so I got a bottle of this and first time drinking no headaches and went right to bed. Love this stuff

  134. Michael O. - Verified Customer

    I love this flavor. It’s definitely

  135. Brittany W. - Verified Customer

    I back these products 110%!!

  136. Bree T. - Verified Customer

    But 1000% worth it will be buying more in a fortnights time can’t wait!! :hugging: good job guys!!

  137. Allison B. - Verified Customer

    It helped me fall asleep, and calmed my anxiety, plus it tastes great!

  138. Branden R. - Verified Customer

    This stuff blew my expectations away!

  139. Yesenia A. - Verified Customer

    It made me feel like I was floating, awesome!

  140. Emily W. - Verified Customer

    Helped me fall asleep pretty quickly and tasted decent with sprite.

  141. Amy S. - Verified Customer

    I have always suffered with insomnia and stress being a full time student but this syrup helped me tremendously! I have chronic back pain since freshman year of high school and it helps ease the pain! Will be buying regularly now

  142. Liz W. - Verified Customer

    I am one of those people that cannot relax and fall asleep at night. My mind races and I usually need medicine to help me fall asleep. I couldn’t believe how much this syrup helped me. I will not be without it now. I just ordered the 8 pack and I can’t wait to try all of the different flavors! So happy I found you guys!

  143. Jeremy D. - Verified Customer

    Very relaxing

  144. Daniel G. - Verified Customer

    This stuff great for a good time and no worries about not passing a drug test which is important for me because of work! Doesn’t taste too bad either

  145. Jessica C. - Verified Customer

    I absolutely love this product and can not wait to try more products in this website. I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome which is Chronic Pain due from an injury back in 2014. I have tried so many things until I was introduced to this CBD syrup and it has worked great! I recommend it to people who want something natural and that doesn’t conflict with your body.

  146. Deseree S. - Verified Customer

    I love CloudN9neSyrup, its so good in so many ways- i have anxiety and i use medication but i would still struggle i drink a cloud9 before work and it completely calms my nerves and my brain. It just relaxes you so much, if you have pain it melts it away. If you cant sleep it helps you unwind it makes you calm and sleepy. I had a friend commit suicide and i wouldnt have been able to sleep without it. It just helps with everything you could imagine. I highly recommend these products

  147. Jesus V. - Verified Customer

    It is a good substitute for drugs

  148. Jacob B. - Verified Customer

    Was good

  149. Prince L. - Verified Customer

    This is the second time I’ve used cloud n9ne and it’s awesome !

  150. Mickey S. - Verified Customer

    Perfect for relaxing and just feelings great!

  151. Lowden R. - Verified Customer

    I use the syrup to help with sleeping and my disc herniation in my back and it works awesome. College Athlete and pass every drug test.. its not illegal!

  152. Austin E. - Verified Customer

    The product was very good only tried the blueberry was very herbal tasting smelled good but tasted herbaly. It doesn’t get you high but it does make you sleep very well and does get you a bit drowsy not so anxious helps for anxiety. I love the product

  153. Shannon D. - Verified Customer

    Absolutely love it!

  154. Matt S. - Verified Customer

    thank you!

  155. Fred B. - Verified Customer

    Love it

  156. Brandon H. - Verified Customer


  157. Ronda S. - Verified Customer

    Hands down this is the absolute best the syrup tastes great. It helps with my anxiety tremendously has me waking up feeling absolutely amazing. This is a great product. I highly recommend.

  158. Dylan D. - Verified Customer

    Having always been skeptical about it, this stuff is incredible. From the syrups to the pain relieving gel, this stuff works wonders and everyone should have the opportunity to test it out!

  159. Kadyn B. - Verified Customer

    Definitely performed as labeled and tasted surprisingly good in varying drinks

  160. Sarah C. - Verified Customer

    I love this product so much. It works within about 20 minutes and completely takes away stress and allows a peaceful sleep.

  161. Zackery S. - Verified Customer

    My girlfriend and I split the bottle in some sprite and sipped occasionally throughout the day. We felt relaxed as well as focused for hours. At the end of the day we went to bed and fell asleep quickly, and slept soundly throughout the night.

  162. Jessica B. - Verified Customer

    Bought this in hopes that it would help with my anxiety and insomnia. Before I tried it I was lucky to get 2-4 hours of sleep a night and the first night I tried it I slept like a baby for 7 hours straight. I have recommended this product to all my friends and neighbors that are suffering from pain, insomnia, and even my client who has activity tremors.

  163. Joseph L. - Verified Customer

    Loved it

  164. Ereca S. - Verified Customer

    For a few days I didn’t feel anything, then I upped my dosages. I deal with anxiety really bad and I don’t like how my medication makes me feel. However this was amazing !

  165. Cassandra S. - Verified Customer

    It actually gets to me sleep when insomnia is at it’s strongest! My anxiety has gotten more controlled. Very happy

  166. David P. - Verified Customer

    It was ok not great but not bad

  167. Cooper N. - Verified Customer

    I was happily pleased that the order shipped very quickly. Also that products it self has major benefits and I would recommend cloud9syrup to anyone looking for relaxation or pain reliever

  168. Ellis J. - Verified Customer

    i love this stuff. it really helped me fall asleep and just calm down after a long day

  169. Austin M. - Verified Customer

    One dose got me feeling pretty good

  170. Dreydon W. - Verified Customer

    I’m a frequent smoker and I really got these for my girlfriend. It has considerably helped her with her anxiety and her nerves. I bought the blueberry, grape, and unflavored and I’d say the unflavored is my favorite. The others are just too sweet for my liking. My girlfriend would disagree they were perfect for her. Taste wise. Overall great product and I’d recommend to anyone looking for relief. If you’re a daily smoker I’d recommend doubling the dosage so using two ounces instead of one.

  171. John I. - Verified Customer

    Great product but flavor wasn’t for me

  172. Cedar L. - Verified Customer

    Mixed with sprite it’s really sweet and concentrated, adding ice really helps and doesn’t dilute the flavor.

  173. Jeff L. - Verified Customer

    Cloud 9 it works good for my
    Back pain I’ll use again
    But wish it was cheaper
    So I use more often

  174. Cedric j. - Verified Customer

    My wife loves this and it helps her relax when she has menstrual crams. Also made me relax and float on the clouds as well. Highly recommended.

  175. Edward S. - Verified Customer


  176. Mariah K. - Verified Customer

    Great company, products and service. I learned about the company through an affiliate , awesome program to promote a business. Strategic!

  177. Kamron S. - Verified Customer

    Made me really chill, said for best effect use half bottle I’ve been mixing with with a lot of drinks and just sipping and chilling. Love the product 5 star rating looking to buy more

  178. Robert T. - Verified Customer

    This shit is fire :fire:

  179. Jacob H. - Verified Customer

    Does exactly what it intended to do. Would never use any other cbd syrup after trying this amazing product

  180. Courtney S. - Verified Customer

    I just love the flavor of this syrup mixed with either Diet 7 Up or Diet Sprite; Sparkling Water; Perrier (Sparkling Mineral Water); or even with some sweet iced tea! It’s just delicious! The benefits you get from this stuff is amazing & being compare from anything else out there! I suffer from chronic sciatica (mid to lower back pain that goes all the way down to my ankles), all over chronic pain, IBS-D (Irritable Bowel Syndrome Diarrhea Prominent) with Celiacs Disease (I can’t have gluten) that leaves me with crippling stomach pain almost every day, migraines, & insomnia. Cloud N9ne Syrup has helped greatly reduce or eliminate my symptoms & pain from all the conditions I listed above! Cloud N9ne is a miracle worker! It has enabled me to get off of dangerous big pharma drugs that were doing me more harm than good and that makes me so happy I could cry happy tears!! I WISH I COULD GIVE IT INFINITY PLUS ONE STARS INSTEAD OF JUST FIVE! Cloud N9ne is a life changer for the good and will help you out in ways you never ever thought were possible. So, try a bottle & stop suffering today!!!

  181. Melissa H. - Verified Customer

    I have had insomnia and anxiety most of my life. I also have restless legs. Sleep is usually pretty tough. I bought the Green Apple and Blueberry Syrups last week. I tried the Green Apple in Sprite. I noticed within 20 minutes I was completely comfortable, had no aches and felt really chilled. I have finished both bottles in 4 days. I just ordered 3 more bottles last night. I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who suffers from PTSD, Anxiety and Insomnia. This is something that I am telling all of my friends about.

  182. Ashley R. - Verified Customer

    I was surprised this stuff was exactly what it was marketed as. It’s a winner! No cramps and sleep like a baby!

  183. Matt G. - Verified Customer

    Great taste and great effects… I started with half the recommended dosage, just to see the effect and they were great and have since gone up to the recommended dose. I mixed it with Sprite zero and the taste is incredible will definitely buy again.

  184. Josh V. - Verified Customer

    Very quality

  185. Kaitlyn S. - Verified Customer

    I suffer from chronic migraines and my migraine was gone within the hour, it was magical & my boyfriend suffers from a spinal cord injury so we both were so relaxed and not complaining about pain for once! amazing product, would definitely buy again, 10/10!

  186. April H. - Verified Customer

    Flavor is the best! My fav so far!

  187. Gerardo s. - Verified Customer

    First of all Thank you…this product is really good you guys got a new customer for sure…it just helps with everything! N taste reallll good, all my friends are already asking where can they get it! Keep it up…..hopefully we can do bigger business in the near future let’s bring this to the world

  188. Anna S. - Verified Customer

    Lived up to the standards i set for it ,wonderful product

  189. Amelia H. - Verified Customer

    I’m so happy I decided to make a purchase! It helps with my anxiety and racing thoughts, and it helps me get such a great sleep! I always wake up in the middle of the night and usually can’t fall asleep. When I drink some of this a few hours before bed, I feel my body relax and mind relax, and even if I do wake up, I can fall back asleep way easier than before! Will definitely be purchasing again!!!

  190. Melissa H. - Verified Customer

    I was skeptical, but then i tried it. It helps so much with my headaches, anxiety, and insomnia! This is also my favorite flavor.

  191. Joshua M. - Verified Customer

    Really helps my anxiety! Love this stuff! Great product!

  192. Chunlan F. - Verified Customer

    good stuff, made me relaxed and calm, but it tastes like plants if you dont mix with sprite, buy the non flavored version and mix with some nice non sugary drink if you are planning to use it as a sleep aid

  193. Anthony M. - Verified Customer

    Was not worth the money

  194. Joseph B. - Verified Customer

    I like this product I will keep buying it

  195. Michael T. - Verified Customer

    Best product out there

  196. James k. - Verified Customer

    I tried it last night and was unsettled much different then the tincture I bought. I was looking for help with my sleep, woke up after after 5 hours wide awake. Maybe i need something with a little THC in it. Will give it another try though.

  197. Nick R. - Verified Customer

    Decent results was hoping for something heavier

  198. Javier P. - Verified Customer

    Don’t know yet. It says it helps with insomnia, I’ve taken it twice and I don’t see the results. I hope it will help me.

  199. Benjamin P. - Verified Customer

    Delivered super quick and was awesome

  200. Bryant L. - Verified Customer

    Great stuff helps me sleep

  201. Jennifer J. - Verified Customer

    Pretty good with green tea or lemonade. Really helps out a lot with my monthly pains, better than over the counter meds. I’d give 10 stars if I could

  202. Joshua M. - Verified Customer

    Helps me deal with stress and anxiety

  203. Kirstie J. - Verified Customer

    My boyfriend and I split the bottle, putting half into our own bottle of sprite. We watched a movie and fell straight to sleep. We woke up feeling great. I normally wake up through the night but I slept straight through. And my boyfriend normally is grouchy in the AM but he was actually in a good mood. This stuff is great for relaxing and sleep!!

  204. CJ G. - Verified Customer

    Regular customer at this point – can’t say enough good things about this product (and also their CEO – he’s a man of the people 100%). I work a demanding corporate job, and nothing helps me relax after a tense, stressful day like Blueberry CloudN9Ne syrup over some Lime La Croix. 10/10 would recommend

  205. Adan B - Verified Customer

    This flavor is amazing and will put you out when you need it too if you suffer from insomnia or if you’re just looking to chill and sip on it still great for that

  206. Devin W. - Verified Customer

    I’ve tried almost all of the flavors apart from green apple and bubble gum, but this one is amazing. Such great flavor with a slight hempy undertone, nothing that can be bared with your favorite drink of choice. The feeling is phenomal. I know they say it’s like being on the clouds, but for me it was way passed that. It was complete relaxation. No more agonizing back pains, no more unbareable insomnia, it gave me the freedom to feel as healthy and painless as I want and allowed me to go to bed at the time I desire. 10/10 great CBD syrup.

  207. Jordan Aderholdt - Verified Customer

    Gives you a nice floaty feeling (not high just like totally relaxed and good). Had people try it with insomnia, depression, or anxiety and it worked for everything! I’m a biologist and always careful to make sure I’m not eating gross junk a lot of companies fill their products with. This is the best CBD product out there

  208. Lauren C. - Verified Customer

    Drink this right before bed & you’ll get the best sleep of your life! No pain is going to disturb you. Calmest and most comfortable rest I’ve ever gotten since being diagnosed with endometriosis

  209. Jeremy c. - Verified Customer

    One of the best cbd products I’ve ever tried, very good for mellowing out and forgetting your problems for a good while

  210. Mace J. - Verified Customer

    Product is amazing, still waiting for customer service to get back to me after 2 months but even with that, I ain’t mad…

  211. Brucey_J_YnR - Verified Customer

    I had the blueberry and bought another one because it was amazing. Gives a nice chill feeling while relieving pain in my back/shoulders after a long day. I mix it with sweet or green tea (cold) at night a few hours before i plan on going to bed.

  212. TawniMarie10 - Verified Customer

    This stuff is amazing. Great body buzz, killed my anxiety. I slept like a baby!

  213. Sykeema T. - Verified Customer

    Was great

  214. Alex A. - Verified Customer

    I used this to help with my insomnia from a night shift schedule and another time for my wrist and knee pains, I can truly say nothing has worked this well at keeping the pain level down, and my sleep schedule right!

  215. Jeffrey H. - Verified Customer

    This syrup taste amazing and gives you the best feeling ever

  216. Arianna W. - Verified Customer

    I haven’t been getting good sleep lately but since I took this I’ve had losts of more sleep and wake up refreshed instead of tired

  217. Alexis B. - Verified Customer

    When I feel like I am being overwhelmed I took some of this with the suggested mixture (sprite and ice) and it was tasty as well as very relaxing. I wouldnt recommend drinking this if you still have places to go and don’t have time to nap.

  218. Matthew R. - Verified Customer

    Flavor tastes great. Nice chill in the clouds feeling.

  219. Rob G. - Verified Customer

    With my chronic migraines, and some personal stressing issues its worked out Great and when needed it helps with insomnia!!!

  220. Daphna B. - Verified Customer

    This was awesome!!! Made my pain and anxiety go away super quick

  221. Nathan R. - Verified Customer

    It was everything I imagined and more definitely worth buying and is 100% true to what they advertised the product to do

  222. Joseph M. - Verified Customer

    At first I was skeptical with this, but let me tell you. This is by far the best CBD product I’ve came across, the first night I tried it knocked me out quick! The taste is amazing, get yours!!

  223. Evan P. - Verified Customer

    Great stuff. Great relaxation

  224. Bruce H. - Verified Customer

    This stuff was amazing, tasted great with sprite. Gave a very chill feeling and was worth the purchase and will be bought again.

  225. Josh J. - Verified Customer

    As a Grower, budtender, & weed snob…..this stuff is very nice. It’s a bit sweet for me so I mix it with plain soda water and iced tea. The combination of herbs & cbd delivered a nice mellowing of my mind and body.

  226. Cody P. - Verified Customer

    There is only one word to describe this and its the bomb

  227. Wilson M. - Verified Customer

    I haven’t slept a full night in about 3 weeks and melatonin I just do t want to take for addiction purposes.. This stuff had no after affects made me feel great and slept amazing

  228. Rhonda P. - Verified Customer

    The Blueberry is by far the best! It’s so good in 7 Up or Sprite.

  229. Mary G. - Verified Customer

    Best products ever

  230. Jeannie O. - Verified Customer

    It did what it said it would – felt like I was on Cloud 9! It helped me relax and sleep through the nights. Great product, highly recommend it!

  231. Alexander D. - Verified Customer

    I loved this product and the flavor. Made me really relaxed, and the taste was great.

  232. Meghan R. - Verified Customer

    Got this for my best friend’s birthday a couple days ago, and she has really bad fibromyalgia, insomnia and migraine issues, so I was hoping this would work better than the prescriptions she takes, and holy hell it does. I had a lil before I gave the bottle to her and I slept like a baby and my anxiety was nonexistent, and then when she got to try it, her migraine went away for days and she’s been sleeping better than she has been for years now. Just bought us a monthly subscription, such a good product, so worth the money. If you’re skeptical about buying these, rest assured that you’d be getting your money’s worth with these things

  233. JordanDevi - Verified Customer

    Love the feeling. Blueberry flavor wasn’t my personal favorite, but still was great!

  234. CJ G. - Verified Customer

    I purchased a few bottles mostly to help with chronic neck and back pain which leads to trouble sleeping, and I honestly went into the experience with low expectations because I was skeptical of trying a new product. However, Cloud N9ne blew me away with the efficacy of its’ syrup – after my first try (about 1/3 bottle Blueberry mixed with lime seltzer water), I was amazed at the level of pain relief and the general euphoria that I was feeling. I fell asleep about an hour after finishing my glass, and slept soundly through the whole night with no residual effects in the morning. Couldn’t be happier! If you’re on the fence, give it a try! It was worth it for me, I’m a customer for life.

  235. Erik G. - Verified Customer

    i have insomnia induced by back problems and i got a full night of sleep with this product. Only two things i would want changed is for a peach flavor to be available, and for it to be cheaper so i could buy it all the time

  236. Adan B. - Verified Customer

    Tastes great by itself or mixed in a drink. Whether you’re trying to chill or get some good sleep it’ll get the job done. This goes for all flavors honestly.

  237. AdmantEssence - Verified Customer

    Had me chilling in less than 10 minutes of drinking

  238. Brendon C. - Verified Customer

    Blueberry is my favorite flavor. This product has helped me so much with my trouble sleeping at night! I work weird hours so I always find myself up very late at night but once I found this I knock out within minutes of take it! Not only that, I wake up refreshed and not feeling tired. Also helps with my back pain and really just helps me chill out. I highly recommend trying this if you are in the edge deciding if you want to try it or you have trouble sleeping!

  239. Shalini R. - Verified Customer

    it’s pretty great

  240. Sanchez C. - Verified Customer

    Will be purchasing again

  241. Kc L. - Verified Customer

    Three stars for the taste, the watermelon flavor might be the best as drinking it straight is pretty enjoyable. The blueberry is good with a soda like Big Blue or of course Sprite, but it does seem to have more of a bitter aftertaste. Same great product and just as effective, just need to mask the taste with this one.

  242. Javen C. - Verified Customer

    Excellent for relaxation and anxiety! A nice feeling!

  243. Tony M. - Verified Customer

    Blueberry with the sprite is definitely the way to go!!!!!!

  244. Hannah - Verified Customer

    This is my favorite flavor out of all the syrups. Just pour some in your favorite drink and feel the relaxation kick in. I deal with anxiety and have trouble sleeping and this knocks me right out. Definitely recommend

  245. Kris K. - Verified Customer

    This stuff is the best- life saving for insomnia and pain, recommend to all my friends!

  246. Sean T. - Verified Customer

    Syrup had me taking a nap AND sleeping at the same time. I’m 100% happy w/ it.

  247. Caitlyn L. - Verified Customer

    absolutely amazing stuff

  248. Adam R. - Verified Customer


  249. Jack j. - Verified Customer

    Good product but 30 bucks for a 4 oz bottle that the recommended dose is 1-2oz? hard to justify making it a daily or even weekly thing

  250. Andrew K. - Verified Customer

    Good stuff

  251. Gilberto C. - Verified Customer

    This shit had me snoozin :thumbsup::type_4: 10/10 will buy again

  252. Madeline R. - Verified Customer

    i have trouble sleeping, but this put me right to sleep! i love it!!!

  253. Scott A. - Verified Customer

    I’ve purchased my second bottle of Cloud N9ne syrup and i’m quite impressed with it! It is a good product that has helped me significantly with anxiety and sleep and will definetly purchase more. Shipping is fast as and the price is reasonable.

  254. Marsha W. - Verified Customer

    These products are by far superior than any out there on the market! I feel great! And I recommend Clous N9ne to everyone!!!

  255. Daphne P. - Verified Customer

    Honestly I was skeptical at first, but once I officially tired it out. I loved it! Can’t wait to order more :ok_hand::type_3:

  256. Jesse E. - Verified Customer

    Couldn’t be happier with the order as I was one of the first 100 too. Your company rocks!! Loving the cherry flavor! Keep it up guys

  257. Marilyn G. - Verified Customer

    LOVED IT !!!!!

  258. Davion H. - Verified Customer

    I love this, one day I drunk too much though after mixing and fell asleep at a time a probably shouldn’t have lol. Its an amazing and relaxing feeling

  259. Darieus D. - Verified Customer


  260. Derrick A. - Verified Customer

    It was my first time ordering the Cloud N9ne Syrup and it was just amazing! I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is just having a hard day or might be under a little stress. Just order some bottles, use them after that hard situation you’re having, and enjoy the relaxation of your body!

  261. Tyler G. - Verified Customer

    I was very skeptical before buying but it’s worth the purchase!

  262. Karmiah M. - Verified Customer

    Absolutely amazing!! It makes you feel so relaxed and literally in the clouds!!

  263. Teressa P. - Verified Customer

    I’m drinking less alcohol in the evening and just enjoying the syrup with club soda. Less meds for anxiety too.

  264. Jennifer D. - Verified Customer


  265. Rosalee - Verified Customer

    by far my favorite flavor, the best mixture is with sprite. Strawberry is also really good with sprite. I was diagnosed with anxiety and ADD at 9 years old and haven’t found any meds that have helped yet. I ordered some of their syrup a few months ago and love it. It helps me chill out and get a good nights sleep! Also recommend the dabs:sunglasses:

  266. Alyssa H. - Verified Customer

    Literally had the best sleep ever. Wish it had the though lol

  267. Charles C. - Verified Customer

    Should be taken out my brain already has enough.Then I could tell if it works

  268. Brian C. - Verified Customer

    I poured in atleast over 30ml with a bottle of soda. About 30mins later I was falling asleep, I went to bed and slept uninterrupted all night. Got up feeling brand new. No fatigue effects

  269. Cindy W. - Verified Customer

    This is the best way to soothe the nerves. Easy mix and drink and relax!

  270. Will S. - Verified Customer

    Amazing taste. Not what I was expecting but it for sure knocked me out. Gonna try strawberry next

  271. cabin - Verified Customer

    even though the bottle says 2-4 servings, after taking it for about a year now, 1 bottle last quite a while and it hits me faster than ever when i do take it. I recommended this to many people that suffer from sleep problems, anxiety, stress, etc. and it helps them tremendously. would 10/10 recommend

  272. Christy P. - Verified Customer

    Blueberry is my Favorite! After being diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder last yr. They out me in meds that ended up sending me to the ER from the horrible side effects and a 2,000 bill, after that I was scared to take anything else, so when I Stumbled across this I’m January, thought I’d give it a try, and it was Well Worth It!! Been using it for 5 mths now, and couldn’t be happier, Helps with my Anxiety and Insomnia, So glad I found this Company!! Thank You.

  273. Heather D. - Verified Customer

    This helped me to relax so much. I suffer from anxiety and my husband and I have had the worst streak of bad luck so my anxiety has been through the roof. I poured some in my pink lemonade and after a few minutes I felt relaxed.
    We’ll figure things out and everything will be okay.

    Thanks guys for a fantastic product.

  274. Kymberly T. - Verified Customer

    Tastes great! Blueberry has become my favorite flavor! Max relaxation! Doesn’t disappoint!

  275. Jessica - Verified Customer

    Bought the syrup and the brain booster. I was worried that I wouldn’t be getting my money’s worth but damn the syrup is good and the brain booster actually helped me. Definitely buying more soon!!!