Cloud N9ne Syrup is a CBD syrup infused with CBD and 9 highly concentrated all-natural herbs that are fermented in-house for long periods of time. Proper dosage of our product gives you a relaxing euphoria effect (body high) and chill vibes like you’re sitting on the clouds.

Hemp extract is an oil that is derived from the stalks and seeds of the industrial hemp plant. Hemp is rich in CBD, also known as Cannabidiol. CBD has no serious side effects.

CBD produced from industrial hemp is protected by the 2014 Farm Bill that was signed by Congress and the President of The United States and is legal for us to ship worldwide.

It’s legal worldwide and you will not fail a drug test using this product. Mix with your favorite beverage. Sprite, 7UP, Fanta and lemonade is our favorite and what we recommend. Drink responsibly and enjoy!

  • 4 FL OZ. per bottle
  • Up to 8+ servings per bottle
  • 9 highly concentrated all-natural herbs
  • THC free
  • Non-Psychoactive
  • 120mg of CBD in every bottle
  • No prescription or medical card needed to buy and consume
  • Not recommended for women that are pregnant or nursing
  • Not recommended for children under 18 years old
  • CBD will not cause you to fail a drug test


Hemp CBD, Melissa Officinalis, Scutellara Lateriflora, Nepeta Cataria, Piper Methysticum, Vegetable Glycerin, Ocimum Tenuiflorum, Passiflora, Lactuca Virosa, Melatonin, FD&C Food Coloring, Turnera Diffusa, Salix Alba, Coconut Oil.


Shake the bottle well before each use. Mix up to 2 oz with your favorite beverage. We recommend to start with 1 tablespoon to begin before finding the right dosage.

If you are unfamiliar with the use of CBD, start with a smaller serving. You might have great results with less CBD, or you might need more than average. Everyone’s body chemistry is different and has higher or lower tolerances. Start with small servings and add more until you feel the desired effects. Effects for the relief of ailments may take up to 20 minutes to kick-in.


These statements on have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program. Contact us of you have further questions. does not sell or distribute any products that are in violation of the United States Controlled Substances Act (US CSA).

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Overall Rating : 4.86 out of 5 ( 141 reviews )
  1. james lopez - Verified Customer

    My go to flavor helps with my insomnia on nights I can’t sleep. Super fast shipping.

  2. teddyheck - Verified Customer

    Loved the bubblegum flavor. Just doesn’t mix well with other drinks, but the syrup is good.

  3. Stephen Mundis - Verified Customer

    Fantastic job by Ashley connecting my order online to our phone call,Bright young lady!
    Thanks again Stephen Mundis

  4. Mike ray - Verified Customer

    Does exactly what you are expecting it to. With a mix of CBD, and some other relaxing/sedating type herbs… This is perfect for relaxing (a small dose) or falling asleep where ever you happen to drink half the bottle (a big dose).
    Tastes incredible, plus you can feel like you’re Juicy J when you po’ it up with Sprite and a Jolly Rancher. RIP PIMP C.

  5. tbazel25 - Verified Customer

    Great flavor and packs a punch. I look forward to a drink with this and sprite every evening. I feel calm, refreshed and at ease with this product.

  6. kikibear - Verified Customer

    Bubble Gum is my favorite flavor so far of the ones I’ve tried, but they’re all amazing! These syrups are incredible. A little bit just to relax, or a little more to knock out for the night. Amazing sleep, extremely helpful for anxiety / insomnia, I’ve been recommending it to everyone.

  7. david rivera - Verified Customer

    I got this for my mom after knee surgery and she told me this is better then any pain meds the doctor wanted to give her.

  8. dzeruth - Verified Customer

    Taste good, works well for a good night sleep

  9. xavier villareal - Verified Customer

    Helps my wife a lot she has lupus

  10. Matthew Sweeney - Verified Customer

    Second time buyer, lifetime customer, always delivers the goods!!!

  11. je0031 - Verified Customer

    Nice product

  12. cameron_otoole - Verified Customer

    Wasn’t crazy about the bubble gum flavor but for those night I couldn’t sleep this totally helped

  13. mgchan3600 - Verified Customer

    I love the bubblegum flavor with some Power C Vitamin water. I use it before I sleep. It helps when I am constantly awakened by my baby in the middle of the night. It helps me stay sleepy and go back to sleep 100 times faster. And I now finally get to the dream state which wasn’t happening and I never felt rested. Now I do. 🙂

  14. Lolly - Verified Customer

    Perfect from the bottle or mixed with anything. Leaves you relaxed, no anxiety, and pain free.

  15. annems68 - Verified Customer

    Oh my god, it is the best ever! You must order this right now, not kidding!! 🙂 Loved it so much and if you can afford to purchase the variety pack that is also a must!! 😉 Go right now!

  16. Nadiashelton25 - Verified Customer

    I love this stuff! I have bad insomnia a lot of times and I just take a big sip or two and smoke some flower and I sleep like a baby. The flavor is good but I look forward to trying something else too. I definitely recommend this.

  17. cristopher a. - Verified Customer

    Good relaxing thing

  18. DeAndre C. - Verified Customer

    Works great

  19. sandra z. - Verified Customer

    First time using this. Great product.

  20. Joshua S. - Verified Customer

    Loved the taste and helped relax my body after a long workout

  21. Derek K. - Verified Customer

    I must say that I may have to start the subscription plan. I can stop buying this syrup.

  22. Marquis P. - Verified Customer

    It’s ite needs more litnsss in bottle

  23. Steven M. - Verified Customer

    My favorite flavor to date, gonna try watermelon next!

  24. Andrek B. - Verified Customer


  25. Gary L. - Verified Customer

    Really good product

  26. Monique H. - Verified Customer

    Love the taste, and you can mix it in your favorite drink. Really helped with some mild pain I was having.

  27. Vince T. - Verified Customer

    Very relaxing I was falling asleep within an hour on recommended dose started taking half still great results! Thanks for making this stuff O ya tastes great

  28. John W. - Verified Customer

    It’s awesome taste good and came in fast and works perfect that’s Cloud9syrup

  29. mike - Verified Customer


  30. Kris K. - Verified Customer

    Amazing medicine, would highly recommend!!

  31. Wan m. - Verified Customer

    More calm and focus

  32. Pamela F. - Verified Customer

    Love it

  33. Shawn P. - Verified Customer

    After taking a swig I started to feel relaxed after just a few minutes. Ended up sleeping amazing every night I drank it before bed.

  34. Robert i. - Verified Customer

    One of the best on to the next :thumbsup::type_4:

  35. James S. - Verified Customer

    The Cloud N9ne Bubble Gum syrup was delicious!! I personally love the flavor of bubble gum so I enjoyed it mixed with sprite very much!! Will buy again.

  36. Benjiman L. - Verified Customer

    This has helped so much with back and leg pain that I have daily. This and the blueberry flavor have helped me sleep like a baby. The best sleep if ever had. Great taste taste just like bubble gum

  37. Stephanie C. - Verified Customer

    It was awesome best night sleep I’ve had in a while

  38. Maria F. - Verified Customer

    Don’t take this during the day unless your planning for a nap

  39. Joe P. - Verified Customer

    It really helped me with my anxiety

  40. Ronda S. - Verified Customer

    The taste! I never thought the taste would be so authentic, but this has surpassed my expectations.

  41. Kat B. - Verified Customer

    This is by far the best tasting of all cloud 9. Helps with anxiety and insomnia I experience when trying to sleep. Love this product!

  42. Tajivon W. - Verified Customer

    Taste just like bubblegum flavor cough syrup.

  43. Israel S. - Verified Customer

    Overall its really good effects were very relaxing

  44. Steven W. - Verified Customer

    I’ve been using Cloud 9 Syrup since March of 2017 and it has been a godsend. I use it for anxiety and insomnia; it works wonders for both. I’d recommend this product to anyone suffering from either of these ailments. Cheers!

  45. Jeff P. - Verified Customer

    Great flavor mixes great with faygo

  46. Missy M. - Verified Customer

    I bought this mainly to help with my fibromyalgia and rhumatoid arthritis pain. It helps numb that and put me to sleep so fast! I was able to relax and not worry about everything for once. Plus it tastes pretty darn good too. I plan on buying some more in another flavor.

  47. Emily K. - Verified Customer

    Tasty and effective

  48. Nicole G. - Verified Customer

    Cloud N9ne syrup calms my anxiety and it helped me survive finals week. I just have even a half dose and I’m chill for a few hours, love taking this a couple hours before bed. Tastes good with sprite or lemonade, and I prefer this over the cherry one.

  49. Johnathan H. - Verified Customer

    It’s awsome tryed the green apple and watermelon as well love all 3 gonna try them all!!!

  50. Jordan H. - Verified Customer

    Had back surgery and didn’t even need to take any pain medicine! Worked so well for me!

  51. Sydney A. - Verified Customer

    Delicious, I love it

  52. Nira c. - Verified Customer

    Tastes good with ginger ale. Really works

  53. Ayylex - Verified Customer

    Good stuff bro

  54. Jose A. - Verified Customer

    It made me feel more relaxed and happy and no more soar muscles after a long day at work or restless nights. It’s amazing. Will buy again.

  55. Alex D. - Verified Customer

    Works wonderfully

  56. Liam H. - Verified Customer

    I was having trouble sleeping and having extreme insomnia at nighttime. This product really helped me fall asleep faster.

  57. Kaiiva T. - Verified Customer

    All three flavors I purchased tasted great! Slept well after the first try and I used the minimum dosage. Outstanding!

  58. Jose C. - Verified Customer

    This is really good stuff. Highly recommend.

  59. Cash H. - Verified Customer

    I’ve purchased this stuff many times but love it

  60. Tyrell P. - Verified Customer

    I’m satisfied with pretty much everything. I’m most definitely getting better consistent sleep when needed. Very easy to take once mixed with your drink of choice

  61. Dru B. - Verified Customer

    Very great product. Would recommend.

  62. Diana H. - Verified Customer

    it takes the edge off. it helps me relax at night so i can go to bed naturally

  63. Jesse J. - Verified Customer

    It’s amazing and actually works, I wasn’t sure to try it or not but I went for it and honestly would so buy it again

  64. Cheyene R. - Verified Customer

    Seriously helped ease my anxiety and stress, i definitely recommend Cloud N9ne!

  65. Krysta P. - Verified Customer

    This is the first product I have used that works better than any pharmaceutical, as well as over-the-counter medication. I suffer from fibromyalgia, neuropathy, kyphosis, scoliosis, progressive paralytic disease, stenosis in my neck, arthritis in my neck and spine, as well as anxiety and depression just to name a few. I get more pain relief and a full nights rest, waking up without being groggy. When I drink the Cloud9 Syrup, I can feel the pain melting away starting in my neck and shoulders and before I know it I’m relaxed, I can move better, my back doesn’t feel like it’s on fire, and I fall asleep at a normal time!! And to think it’s cbd and 9 other ingredients that I can pronounce. I couldn’t be more happy, or grateful that this product is available and I can stop killing my liver. My doctors are all ok with it and would rather have me using Cbd and stop hurting my liver taking anywhere between 25-30pills a day to keep me feeling normal. I’ve dropped down to about 1/2 the amount of meds due to these amazing products. This IS the real deal. If you’re unsure, do yourself a favor and make a purchase. You and your body will thank you.

  66. Phil S. - Verified Customer

    This product is the next best thing, with out all the dependency of the original lean. I will be letting people know about this game, also body changer.

  67. dawn c. - Verified Customer

    Helps my insomnia and have less problems with my neoropothy. Would definately recommend.. 🙂

  68. Dalton L. - Verified Customer

    Great Product

  69. Anthony D. - Verified Customer

    Been curious to try for awhile, glad I did best sleep ever. Now gotta try activ8 daytime formula

  70. Christopher Y. - Verified Customer

    I like to sip tea before bed… honey, lemon, and bubble gum syrup!

  71. Nick P. - Verified Customer

    nice body high I loved it

  72. Wendell B. - Verified Customer

    really loved the syrup mixed it with my favorite guava juice made here in Hawaii and it’s amazing! Gonna buy more and try the vape juice!

  73. Xavier H. - Verified Customer

    It good just didn’t like the flavor

  74. Joshua S. - Verified Customer

    Calms you down

  75. Kymberly P. - Verified Customer

    This is the bomb. Taste great in my coke

  76. Jak_TripperRMG - Verified Customer

    The bubble gum taste amazing but favorite is cherry bomb. Great product

  77. Rob T. - Verified Customer

    i bought this to help me sleep cause i have insomnia. i mix it with a chill shot and with in 1/2hr i am asleep and stay asleep and feel rested with no hangover. this is great syrup i have 2 bottles and going to auto ship it every month to me . taste isn’t the best but it does the trick.

  78. Windell F. - Verified Customer

    Would recommend. 5 stars

  79. Tim D. - Verified Customer

    Cloud9 has they best quality i know i tryed the others i have diabetic neuropathy in both feet and cloud 9 is only product that has almost gotten rid of pain . i swear this stuff works. Very well. Plus i sleep the whole night through too. Im 55 and id be lost without this these only have ur pain to lose so just try it..the quality of life will improve and you be doing more feeling better .

  80. Nicole R. - Verified Customer

    Great product will buy again!

  81. Hayley G. - Verified Customer

    Love this stuff so muchhh

  82. Karina M. - Verified Customer

    Got the best sleep ever and the taste was just what I expected. Poured up with a mango slushie from Sonic & its the best thing :stuck_out_tongue:

  83. Quinn F. - Verified Customer

    Works very nicely! Great body high!

  84. Elsie G. - Verified Customer

    I am very happy with the CLOUD N9NE SYRUP. I felt very well rested and not groggy at all the next morning. Have already recommended it to several friends and will continue to do so. Thanks for making such an amazing product!

  85. Christina B. - Verified Customer

    Life saver!

  86. Nadia F. - Verified Customer

    This is delicious with orange soda especially I think, and I only need 1 fl. oz. to have anxiety relief and pain relief! Thank you!

  87. Victor B. - Verified Customer

    Best way to buy them is 2 bottles @ time. Bubble gum was ok.

  88. Rudy A. - Verified Customer

    Didn’t know what to think of the flavor.. which by the way mixes well with everything! I mixed my 3 servings with sprite…crystal light and kool aid! Couldn’t have asked for a better feeling after my first mix.. highly recommend for anyone who has anxiety.. stress.. or problem sleeping.. I had all three and it worked for me. Will be buying regularly

  89. Ashanti P. - Verified Customer

    This goes really well with sprite and while I have trouble falling asleep, especially when I have work the next morning, this stuff helps me so much that I wish knew sooner about this product! Definitely recommend to insomniac people like myself!!

  90. Michael O. - Verified Customer

    This CBD Syrup is awesome. It helps with my sciatic pain and my insomnia. Cloudn9ne also helps with my anxiety. If you haven’t tried it yet, I encourage you to do so soon. They have a variety of platforms for any and all of your needs, even pet drops.

  91. Alan D. - Verified Customer

    Great product and taste. Enjoyed the bubble gum flavor.

  92. David B. - Verified Customer

    This actually tastes so good mixed with sprite definetly buying again

  93. Jesse M. - Verified Customer

    Was very eager to try bubble gum and was not disappointed.great products and great company

  94. Calaudia K. - Verified Customer

    This not only tastes great it really helps with insomnia!

  95. Andrew B. - Verified Customer

    Love this syrup ! It tastes great!

  96. Adam B. - Verified Customer

    Made me soo numb

  97. Christopher B. - Verified Customer

    This is an amazing product! Helps relaxation and helps control of back pain.

  98. Cade J. - Verified Customer

    Does everything it says it’s the real deal but legal be ordering again

  99. Gabriel L. - Verified Customer

    I love the taste and I used this on my first night when I could and I slept undisturbed for 9 hours straight. I have insomnia so this product did exactly what it supposed to and I highly recommend this to everyone!!!

  100. Tim R. - Verified Customer

    I think the flavors are outstanding. Great product! Will be purchasing more in the future.

  101. Lydia H. - Verified Customer

    Amazing product

  102. Jordan B. - Verified Customer

    Combined well with several drinks I tried. Surprisingly baja blast & lemonade freeze from Taco Bell were great combos imo. Will definitely get this flavor again in the future.

  103. Kevin H. - Verified Customer

    Awesome i mixed it with sprite tastes good and relaxes you!

  104. Jennifer J. - Verified Customer

    Y’all should really consider cotton candy also, I think it would be a hit like this one!!

  105. April H. - Verified Customer

    Awesome flavor! Will definitely buy again!

  106. Taneara C. - Verified Customer

    Cures my craving for something sweet before I go to bed and then I’m out like a light. Love this stuff. No more waiting on PM pills to kick in.

  107. Robert S. - Verified Customer

    The syrup was better than I thought it would be. It had a lot of flavor and was thick. Mixed it with raspberry sprite and went well together

  108. Cody P. - Verified Customer


  109. Randeep D. - Verified Customer

    The product was just as described and worked just as described. However, for my first try, I should have probably tried something better than bubblegum.

  110. Taylor M. - Verified Customer


  111. Ford C. - Verified Customer


  112. Russell A. - Verified Customer

    The products name says it all…well done

  113. Gilbert B. - Verified Customer

    Its the best

  114. Garret L. - Verified Customer

    The flavor with any beverage was good. My quality of sleep was improved 100%, whether I got a few hours of sleep or ten. Overall, felt like i was on the clouds.

  115. Brianna - Verified Customer

    My favorite thing about this is that it’s helpful and tasty at the same time. I’m a recently new mom and I suffer from insomnia so sleep isn’t my best friend. But with this stuff when it’s my turn to sleep, I am actually able to sleep. Keep it up !

  116. Ryan T. - Verified Customer

    Delicious and Nutritious

  117. Christopher W. - Verified Customer

    Amazing taste and amazing sleep after taking an oz

  118. Stephen B. - Verified Customer

    Was worth ever penny!!! Will definitely be buying some more of this amazing product….

  119. Cody M. - Verified Customer

    Both the cloud n9ne syrup and crumble work beautifully. I’ll take a dab before work and sip on the cloud n9ne throughout the day. It helps a lot with my back and knee pain.

  120. Troy G. - Verified Customer

    Syrup was awesome, makes it better to sleep at night. Usually take a teaspoon before bed and no more staying up late

  121. Colton H. - Verified Customer

    Taste amazing and is hands down a great product!

  122. Jennifer C. - Verified Customer

    I was nervous when I first tried this. I didn’t know if it would taste bad or if it would even work. I am NOW a full believer of Cloud N9ne. This is an amazing product. You can sleep better at night knowing that you can finally sleep, feel at ease and relaxed . Thank goodness someone came up with this idea. This by far is my favorite flavor! Thank you CLOUD N9NE!

  123. Scott P. - Verified Customer

    This product helps me take the edge off and calm down when I am overloaded with stress or anxiety. I also love that it assists me in getting a good nights rest. I will definitely be purchasing again.

  124. Aaron A. - Verified Customer


  125. Lmayers85 - Verified Customer

    I have tried all but the Green Apple syrup and I have to say, bubble gum is by far my favorite. Goes great with cream soda and I have been thinking of trying some on ice cream in place of boring regular, chocolate syrup from the grocery store. 1 dose for me helps calm me down during times of anxiety and two servings(half a bottle) works best for my off and on insomnia issues.

  126. Kak2sjak - Verified Customer

    The Bubble Gum works just as amazing as the previous flavors. Absolutely delicious and relieves many symptoms such as anxiety and depression and also helps with insomnia. New favorite flavor.

  127. Kylie C. - Verified Customer

    Helps relieve anxiety and helps GREATLY with insomnia. amazing taste too!

  128. Olivia A. - Verified Customer

    I was honestly quite surprised at how effective this is for my pain and insomnia. I suffer from chronic pain, and rarely can find any relief. This was recommended to me by a friend and it works quite well!

  129. Nick D. - Verified Customer

    Good shit

  130. Brielle C. - Verified Customer

    This stuff is soooooo tasty & it’s actually super effective in helping me get to sleep! I love it

  131. Lori F. - Verified Customer

    Although this product is marketed to those much younger than I, at 58, I can honestly state that I get the best night’s sleep since I started taking the Cloud N9ne syrup. I take just a teaspoon of the syrup, followed by sips of water and 30 minutes later, it is lights out.
    I love it and am recommending it to all of my ‘older’ friends, telling them my way of taking it. A little goes a long way! Thank you for this wonderful product!

  132. Brian C. - Verified Customer

    It makes me flush my body of waste immediately and puts me to sleep quick

  133. Kelly B. - Verified Customer

    My son got me to try the cloud 9 syrup and brain boosters a few weeks ago for sleep as i have a very hard time get to sleep and having a sound sleep… i have also been gett u ng blonding migraines, and use to go for acuouncture ri relieve them. This time i tried the cloud 9 syrup… within 10mins my headache was gone and i could see straight and get my work done! It is truly amazing the affects this can have for many different things…im obsessed now! Plus, their customer service is outstanding!!!

  134. George G. - Verified Customer

    I ordered bubble gum flavored syrup i didnt really like the taste but the affect is what i want :eyes: Keep it up

  135. Ryan T. - Verified Customer

    Bomb Af

  136. Cassidy D. - Verified Customer

    I love this stuff! I walked around in heels all day, sipped some syrup and my pain was completely gone within 20 minutes! Also some of the best sleep I have ever had. Will forever love this product.

  137. Aaron C. - Verified Customer

    I have been a long time customer and it will continue with their new higher strength formula. Thus is a great company and I recommend them to everyone

  138. Leen - Verified Customer

    Love this stuff. It really helps with insomnia. I have trouble with anxiety and sometimes it’s worse at night and keeps me up, but not when I have Cloud N9ne!

  139. Marcus R. - Verified Customer

    You guys should make a cotton candy flavor!

  140. Loralai Delacruz - Verified Customer

    I had surgery on my ankle & a friend sent me a bottle of Bubblegum & a bottle of Grape. The Bubblegum mixed with Sprite was wonderful in helping with post-surgical pain, as well as insomnia and my already exist any Anxiety. Two thumbs up, 10/10, wonderful product!! Great flavor & non-GMO which I care about so that’s an added bonus!

  141. Trey - Verified Customer

    Highly satisfied. This new flavor is bomb!