Cloud N9ne Syrup is a CBD syrup infused with CBD and 9 highly concentrated all-natural herbs that are fermented in-house for long periods of time. Proper dosage of our product gives you a relaxing euphoria effect (body high) and chill vibes like you’re sitting on the clouds.

Hemp extract is an oil that is derived from the stalks and seeds of the industrial hemp plant. Hemp is rich in CBD, also known as Cannabidiol. CBD has no serious side effects.

CBD produced from industrial hemp is protected by the 2014 Farm Bill that was signed by Congress and the President of The United States and is legal for us to ship worldwide.

It’s legal worldwide and you will not fail a drug test using this product. Mix with your favorite beverage. Sprite, 7UP, Fanta and lemonade is our favorite and what we recommend. Drink responsibly and enjoy!

  • 4 FL OZ. per bottle
  • Up to 8+ servings per bottle
  • 9 highly concentrated all-natural herbs
  • THC free
  • Non-Psychoactive
  • 120mg of CBD in every bottle
  • No prescription or medical card needed to buy and consume
  • Not recommended for women that are pregnant or nursing
  • Not recommended for children under 18 years old
  • CBD will not cause you to fail a drug test


Hemp CBD, Melissa Officinalis, Scutellara Lateriflora, Nepeta Cataria, Piper Methysticum, Vegetable Glycerin, Ocimum Tenuiflorum, Passiflora, Lactuca Virosa,Melatonin, FD&C Food Coloring, Turnera Diffusa, Salix Alba, Coconut Oil.


Shake the bottle well before each use. Mix up to 2 oz with your favorite beverage. We recommend to start with 1 tablespoon to begin before finding the right dosage.

If you are unfamiliar with the use of CBD, start with a smaller serving. You might have great results with less CBD, or you might need more than average. Everyone’s body chemistry is different and has higher or lower tolerances. Start with small servings and add more until you feel the desired effects. Effects for the relief of ailments may take up to 20 minutes to kick-in.

These statements on have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program. Contact us of you have further questions. does not sell or distribute any products that are in violation of the United States Controlled Substances Act (US CSA).

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Overall Rating : 4.78 out of 5 ( 325 reviews )
  1. Amy Beauchamp - Verified Customer

    My favorite flavor of syrup. It’s perfect mixed with pineapple Fanta before bed. Helps me sleep so soundly and stay asleep.

  2. margeincharge.mensik - Verified Customer

    I just love your syrup. I call it my potion, helps me sleep!!

  3. james lopez - Verified Customer

    Helps me stay asleep and fall asleep quick.

  4. RICHARD LOZANO - Verified Customer

    Good favor and very highly recommended to anyone that needs help sleeping or with pains never had an bad experience with the products I have bought..

  5. Chris Walker - Verified Customer


  6. - Verified Customer

    Ended up really liking this one, would give the watermelon a solid 8/10 on flavor

  7. oldyella49 - Verified Customer

    Way too sweet.

  8. CBDCowboy558663 - Verified Customer

    I gave my wife about a tablespoon into a cup of cranberry juice at 9:15pm last night while we watched a movie. We couldn’t finish as she said to me “It feels like I am floating on water.” Then she was asleep. This syrup really works! I would highly recommend this product.

  9. lilkldavis - Verified Customer

    Great Product! Amazing flavor! Which there were bigger sizes of bottles though, but overall a must buy!

  10. mbradleymann - Verified Customer

    It made me the most sleepy i have ever been. But I’m not sure about a body high. It mostly made me sleepy and the next morning I wanted to nap or sit around I was so tired. I did the 1 oz so maybe 2 would have a more drastic feeling to it but after the 1 oz I’m Gunna wait to try more later and when I have a weekend off. It tastes good in soda and I did feel relaxed so I’m that way it works.

  11. jolenewyatt - Verified Customer

    I love it! Hoping for sugar free options

  12. ewswmcpp - Verified Customer

    Very very good! The flavor is amazing! I am sampling all the syrups! So far nothing is disappointing!

  13. alyssa_aipa - Verified Customer

    I LOVE IT!! I purchased multiple flavors and found them all great tasting. You can sip on it or mix it with your favorite drink. Personally I think it taste best when combined with your favorite drink. I find it amazing when mixed with soda like sprite. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has pain, is stressed, and just wants to relax. This product will not disappoint!!

  14. garettm69 - Verified Customer

    Taste pretty sweet, goes great with sprite, has you feeling relaxed and very laid back. Will definitely order again.

  15. gmasudie61 - Verified Customer

    I heard that this Cloud N9ne syrup was amazing! I bought this for fibromyalgia pain and anxiety! They weren’t kidding, this does make you feel like you are floating! I don’t think I have ever been this relaxed and pain free! My anxiety was gone and I slept soundly!! I recommend this to everyone! I got the watermelon syrup! It was really good mixed with a Sprite! Thank you BLM!!🚀🐒💚💚💚

  16. sleehest - Verified Customer

    This product is the closest thing there is to an actual chill pill! This is my favorite product by far!!!!

  17. RACHEL BLANKENSHIP - Verified Customer

    Best flavor in my opinion! Works fast especially mixed with hot tea!

  18. jamestentas - Verified Customer

    This stuff is amazing it completely kills all your anxiety and all of your depression just like that this stuff works wonders

  19. Rachelle Mallak - Verified Customer

    Awesome flavor!

  20. Reginald brown - Verified Customer

    My favorite flavor of the syrups! Mix this with blood orange San pelligrino! Ya welcome!

  21. luke.witmer82 - Verified Customer

    Its between this and green apple on which flavor is my favorite… its sooo good with a bottle of ginger ale! Puts me right to sleep!!

  22. Brianna L. - Verified Customer

    Works fast and taste delicious! I loved mixing it with lemonaid! Don’t wake up feeling groggy either

  23. Karen K. - Verified Customer

    I started taking this and it definitely helps me sleep plus in the morning my foot (plantar fasciitis) feels amazing. Will definitely keep taking this product.

  24. Nathan L. - Verified Customer

    The flavor is super good and it helps relax you a lot

  25. Luke W. - Verified Customer

    This sizzurp is pretty dope. Tastes good and will knock your socks off! Zzzzzz

  26. Alisha R. - Verified Customer

    It’s very sweet but effective. I can feel myself start to calm and relax after one serving. I take it when it was a long and stressful day at work and I need to relax. It does it’s job.

  27. Michael L. - Verified Customer

    I am a combat Veteran who has constantly struggled with the uncomfortable feelings/affects of prescription drugs that have been given to me to help me with my Traumatic Brain Injury/PTSD. This product provides me the ability to take it and get sleep, also it helps relieve my pain and then fully function in my day to day tasks at work. It is simply incredible and I wish I had discovered this a lot sooner thank you CLOUD9, not to mention tastes unreal, so order yours now you won’t regret it.

  28. Kenneth V. - Verified Customer

    Simply the best tasting flavor in my opinion! Mix it up with lemonade in a glass full of ice, and your set! Sit and relax!

  29. Roger C. - Verified Customer

    Great taste!!! Will definitely be buying more.

  30. Kristi W. - Verified Customer

    Its supper good mixed with 7up and gives a calming effevt perfect before bed

  31. Ashton Poole - Verified Customer

    It truly does help with sleep, or any other kinda of relaxed feeling you need, you are able to gain through this syrup, it’s great!

  32. Roger S. - Verified Customer

    I love this product.

  33. Luis M. - Verified Customer

    I’ve tried multiple flavors but this ones my favorite !

  34. Gil B. - Verified Customer

    This Product Helped Me Releave A Lot Of Stress And Really Relax!

  35. Ashley V. - Verified Customer

    I am a super loyal regular customer. However I paid 10,dollars s%h to be sure the product arrives when my best friend came . Feb 11th I ordered it did not arrive until 20th when she was already gone . I’m very disappointed that the company did not make up for this mistake or barely acknowledge it.

  36. Brenen P. - Verified Customer

    Worked beyond advertised, incredibly relaxing. Helped with my insomnia and muscle and back pain. Would recommend to anyone!

  37. Jason P. - Verified Customer

    I used the moderate dose (1 oz.) mixed with soda or water and it did a good job of helping me sleep and reducing chronic pain. The taste is a little weird, but not unbearable if mixed properly. I’d use it more regularly, but it’s simply too expensive at $7.50/dose so I save it for when I’m experiencing severe anxiety or pain.

  38. Damion S. - Verified Customer

    I tried it to get some rest and it seems to work. Not sure if its in my mind or not but I dont care. I am get some rest and after taking it, I start to feel relaxed.

  39. Traquan J. - Verified Customer

    I loved how it tasted once it was mixed. It really help me relax but not much with my sleeping.

  40. Jessica S. - Verified Customer

    I was recently in a car accident and have had lower back pain since. I am not the type of person who likes popping ibreprofen throughout the night for pain so I decided to give this a try. It really works! I slept like a baby with this stuff.

  41. Garrett C. - Verified Customer

    Liked it, mellowed me out

  42. Matt M. - Verified Customer

    Helped me sleep without pills for the first time in years!

  43. Brandy H. - Verified Customer

    Product worked great to help relieve my social anxiety and problems sleeping… I drank it without mixing it and it was still good just a bit thick. Will for SURE be ordering more products.

  44. Omari T. - Verified Customer

    Loved it

  45. Sha B. - Verified Customer

    I made the right choice by buying this product. If you want to feel relaxed this is the best product to purchase.

  46. Xilberto L. - Verified Customer

    Sorry to say but the WATERMELON syrup is waaaaay too sweet also it made me feel really sick to my stomach, and to top it off there was no recovery from pain/ Depression it was like if i was drinking a bunch of sugar with flavor . As to what did i feel._. NOTHING waist of money in my opinion, if your looking for pain/ depression recovery my advise is to stick with the 650 MG syringe that one works overall all love the company and keep up the good work and your incredible COSTUMER CARE!!!! X

  47. Mario P. - Verified Customer

    Best stuff out there

  48. Sean G. - Verified Customer

    I love it !! It was amazing just half bottle sprite and u feel it and u can get that mellow that u are looking for

  49. Veronica W. - Verified Customer

    Works really well I haven’t slept so well in years!!!!

  50. Alexis S. - Verified Customer

    really tasted great and helped my pain a lot

  51. Dylan L. - Verified Customer

    It does what it says I bought it for my anxiety just to test it out and it helps amazingly. Problem is it only has four servings. It’s a steep price but it’s worth trying if you have bad anxiety or sleep insomnia.

  52. Jonathan S. - Verified Customer

    Probably the best sellers out here.

  53. Khaysha L. - Verified Customer

    It’s sooooo good

  54. Gabby M. - Verified Customer

    i loved it and it helped so much. i’m definitely buying more

  55. Dylan A. - Verified Customer

    I absolutely love it and it gives the effect I expected!!

  56. Aljuran R. - Verified Customer

    It gets muddy!

  57. Cansandera J. - Verified Customer

    I recently purchased the watermelon flavor and after just an ounce in a Sprite I felt relaxed.

  58. Guillermo S. - Verified Customer

    These syrup bottles put me right to sleep. I greatly recommend it to anyone with insomnia or sleeping problems!

  59. Jeremy B. - Verified Customer

    I take this before going to bed for pain and insomnia. It’s amazing and its all ill take now.

  60. Saboeun O. - Verified Customer

    Taste good. Puts you right to sleep

  61. Kp M. - Verified Customer

    Great. No problems at all always comes on time & I always pass my drug tests.

  62. Justin P. - Verified Customer

    It has an amazing relaxing effect, I take some before bed and love the feeling it gives me before drifting off to sleep. I had trouble sleeping before I started using the syrup and now I sleep soundly throughout the night. I highly recommend this product.

  63. Darryl B. - Verified Customer

    Did what it was suppose to tasted good

  64. David R. - Verified Customer

    I have nothing but love for this product. It not only helps with my tmj , but also helps me focus without the negative side effects like prescription pills.

  65. Trevor B. - Verified Customer

    Great product , super strong watermelon flavor ! Will buy again

  66. Angela B. - Verified Customer

    I have neurological problems involuntary muscle spasms and I also suffer from seizures and since I started trying this product I have felt better than I have in a long time I can sleep better not waking up shaking and I has been the best sleep I’ve ever had and I wake up refreshed next day feeling good anyone with problems sleeping or problems like mine should definitely try it :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

  67. Sam C. - Verified Customer


  68. Calvin B. - Verified Customer

    I was very skeptical about buying these at first becausr I thought it was too price. When I finally decided to spend money on Cloud N9ne I used it to reduce stress I had at work. I didn’t regret it ! It truly gives you the effects of being high, without the high.” That’s something that is helpful when you have anxiety issues. Only thing I wish is that the bottle was bigger.”” was very skeptical about buying these at first becausr I thought it was too price. When I finally decided to spend mo”

  69. Jake P. - Verified Customer

    This product is simply the best. The syrup is tasty, effective, and provides a great experience. Definitely recommend.

  70. Stephen W. - Verified Customer

    i was out like sauerkraut

  71. Destiny P. - Verified Customer

    I’m a military vet and before i was discharged, i had torn my ACL & MCL. Nothing has ever helped my knee pain. Especially during the wintertime. But since I’ve been using Cloud N9ne, he pain has subsided. Product is great, and the service is greater. Thank you for helping a vet :heart:

  72. Clay P. - Verified Customer

    Probably the best flavor! Definitely medicinal as well. Back to sleep I go, go to slee I’m back!

  73. Jamal L. - Verified Customer

    I’m in love with your product!!!!

  74. Alice K. - Verified Customer

    syrup was quite thick, taste was sweet and actually tasted like watermelon. perfect for what i needed it for. there was a customs charge of 28 pounds but that was because i orderd 4 and it was to the uk. other than that good value for money.

  75. Roxana - Verified Customer

    Two years ago I decided to try CloudN9ne syrup to see if it would help with my anxiety and insomnia after seeing that it was helping other people. Now, I’m to the point where I don’t need the prescription xanax my doctor had me on! I definitely recommend this product to anyone suffering from anxiety.

  76. Mr Y. - Verified Customer

    It’s very good 5stars!!!

  77. Lisa L. - Verified Customer

    I drink this watermelon syrup every nite. I love how chill it makes me feel. I am a pretty chill person until I run out of syrup, then not so much. It does everything it claims to do. Customer for life!

  78. Reece W. - Verified Customer

    The body high was kind of weird, but the taste was great and with 2 fluid ounces of syrup, I fell asleep with ease.

  79. Chris I. - Verified Customer

    I drank this product and I swear I slept like a baby. I would definitely recommend it to anyone and I would, without a doubt, purchase this product again.

  80. Alexis L. - Verified Customer

    Awesome products, fast and easy process and shipping.

  81. Michael B. - Verified Customer

    Highly recommend. Will definitely buy again

  82. Francine V. - Verified Customer

    I loved that I can just mix and go it definitely gave me that relaxed calm effect I needed will be ordering again and again :heart_eyes:

  83. Tyler F. - Verified Customer

    It definitely got the job done. Wish i could get a little more of a high with it but it definitely eased my pain and helped me get to sleep.

  84. John B. - Verified Customer

    Great stuff gets you relaxed

  85. Cayden T. - Verified Customer

    Delicious. Pretty sweet.

  86. Michael H. - Verified Customer

    I love the watermelon , and grape flavors mixes in my sprite. I usually do 2 oz , and it works wonders for my back pain and a stressful day with out making me feel overly sleepy. Wonderful product

  87. Usama C. - Verified Customer

    My first time trying it. Had lots of doubts but I love the product

  88. Braeden S. - Verified Customer

    I had purchased this product becuase of the ch ristmas sale and I also had interest in it from seeing it via social media. The flavor watermelon was great I enjoyed it with sprite. The effects it had on me were noticeable after 10 min of me finishing my drink I felt a sense of calmness and a slight body high I slept great the nights I had drank it and I also noticed my mood the next morning and the whole next day was greatly improved. I’m not a morning person and the morning after cloud N9ne syrup I was up and excited to get to work. I was happy throughout the day. I would suggest this product to anyone with insomnia and or mood swings. Cloud N9ne is a great product and I will be getting another bottle soon. I would like to try the bubblegum flavor

  89. Jeremy - Verified Customer

    Helps mellow me out completely. Tastes good with sprite. Can’t wait to try cherry bomb!

  90. Rebecca M. - Verified Customer

    After receiving my first bottle of the CBD syrup, I knew I need more. I went back and signed up for a monthly shipment right away. This shit works well and is amazing.

  91. Jeff E. - Verified Customer

    Hard to explain but, it calms you in anyway you can thinks. A+ Product

  92. Harold B. - Verified Customer


  93. Johnathan H. - Verified Customer

    5 stars taste so good & so relaxing helps me sleep through the night and feel refreshed in the AM, :ok_hand:

  94. Barry W. - Verified Customer

    Honestly best flavor

  95. Darrian M. - Verified Customer

    I am very pleased with the service and product of this company

  96. Justice G. - Verified Customer

    I was expected a bit more of a reaction but the max dosage effect was enjoyable.

  97. Sarena P. - Verified Customer

    This stuff is amazing, it really helped me out with my anxiety and sleeping problems! I hardly had any issue falling asleep when I took the moderate dose, and normally it takes forever for me to fall asleep. Definitely will recommend!

  98. Justin W. - Verified Customer

    Great for staying at home and relaxing

  99. Tara T. - Verified Customer

    This tastes soooo good. Def gotta try the other flavors.

  100. Tony B. - Verified Customer

    it’s really good tasting and honestly a dope alternative to leaning so that’s a big cudos for you guys

  101. Tyler L. - Verified Customer

    Great product

  102. Roberto P. - Verified Customer

    Taste good with cherry 7up

  103. TDKMist - Verified Customer

    Out of all the flavors I’ve had this is my favorite. Still does the trick, eases my minor joint points, and helps me sleep. Highly Recommend

  104. Alvin N. - Verified Customer

    I was real sceptical at 1st , cause they all say the same thing.. but this is the real deal .. I suffer from insomnia and lower back pain .. after j poured up some of this watermelon you can feel the effects immediately.. I’m gonna order the whole bundle of flavors asap. I recommend this to any and everyone…

  105. Jesus P. - Verified Customer

    Taste good, isn’t too expensive, and I like how it is all natural and doesn’t contain any THC

  106. Tiffany B. - Verified Customer

    Absolutely LOVE this stuff! Will continue to use for years to come!

  107. Claire C. - Verified Customer

    Tried it in Mountain Dew, easily the tastiest syrup I’ve tried so far, super sweeet like candy

  108. Yinka A. - Verified Customer

    First time buying and I have to say it really helped me relaxed and feel good st the same time!

  109. Andrea G. - Verified Customer

    First off let me say that the Shipping Wait Time is unbelievable! I live in NC and I just knew that it was going to take a while, but Cloud n9ne proved me wrong! I ordered my syrup on a Wednesday around noon and got a notification saying that it was delivered Friday morning, that’s pretty damn fast! Plus it tastes great, and is very, very effective. I don’t have any true ailments but, I use the syrup whenever my classes stress me out and I need help sleeping. Perfect for just unwinding! I definitely recommend this product!

  110. Emily B. - Verified Customer

    I loved the relaxation that came with this! Made me slightly irritable when I got tired but didn’t go to bed after drinking it. Highly recommend overall!

  111. Noah R. - Verified Customer

    i liked it very much

  112. Ethan W. - Verified Customer

    It is the most amazing stuff to help me sleep better at night. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has sleep problems.

  113. Kylon L. - Verified Customer

    This syrup put me right to sleep and helped with my insomnia

  114. Tim P. - Verified Customer

    Very satisfied with the product help me with a lot of things

  115. Damian C. - Verified Customer

    Can’t wait to try different flavors. This product works as advertised.

  116. Charles j. - Verified Customer

    This has really helped with my anxiety, would recommend to anyone

  117. Aiden N. - Verified Customer

    It helps me sleep and wake up not feeling groggy like other things I’ve tried. Definitely helps you relax and chill out!

  118. Meaghan W. - Verified Customer

    Tastes great and is very effective on easing my lower back pain!

  119. Joesaiah L. - Verified Customer

    Syrup was very good and relaxing

  120. Victor H. - Verified Customer

    It helps me so much, not only does it remove stress, it lets me concentrate on what I’m doing such as homework and even sleep

  121. Colin J. - Verified Customer

    if you can’t burn herb anymore this is the way to go, best legal product for relaxation out there.

  122. Alicia P. - Verified Customer

    Worked great! Had a very good night’s sleep. I’ve been suffering from insomnia so it was good to get some restful sleep.

  123. Jay - Verified Customer

    Watermelon is my favorite now!

  124. Alan G. - Verified Customer

    Orderd some of the syrup shipped fast and was impressed with the outcome of it great for relaxing and pain and sleep.

  125. Blake B. - Verified Customer

    This stuff was so much better than I expected. No bad taste what so ever. Tastes like watermelon snow cone flavoring

  126. N3M0.409 - Verified Customer

    Has amazing taste and works magically with relieving my back pain, helps me sleep better, and reduces stress a lot. Thank you cloud n9ne!

  127. Nicole F. - Verified Customer

    I have noticed a relaxing effect after trying cloud N9ne. It helped with stress after a long day at work and helped me sleep!

  128. Makayla T. - Verified Customer

    Taste is perfect, it takes away my a headache in no time and is a good stress reliever after work. Doesn’t make you drowsy, but if already tired, it helps put you to sleep which is exactly what I need for my anxiety and insomnia. Takes away those late night thoughts and calms me down.

  129. Lindsey H. - Verified Customer

    I bought this to experiment with a pure CBD product and could not be more pleased. It took my shoulder pain away for several days of of only 1 dose! If you’ve never tried before, I recommend starting with half a dose unless you’re prepared to go to sleep soon after your cup is finished.

  130. Damon L. - Verified Customer

    It works better than the CBD oil I was using for my seizures and migraines.
    I recover better and sleep better too.
    Price is better as well than what I was using
    Please comeout with a topical balm.

  131. Marthinya K. - Verified Customer

    My body have been hurting for a while. Could not sleep. When I started taking cloud N9NE syrup I started feeling much better. I would recommend my friends and family to take this. Thank you so much for making me like myself again.

  132. Matt K. - Verified Customer

    I love the product, it works just as good as Legal Meds say it is, I love it for when I come home from stamdimg all day , pouring up just a little bit and watch some tv and sleep like a baby. I have knee problems and dont really want to take prescriptions that the doctors gove out , so ever since i found out about CBD sryup i had to check it out amd fell in love ever since! Ive recommend this to almoat every one i know that has sleep problems , pains or would just like to relax after a hard days work. The ones that have tried it loved it say they would be future customers as so will I! Great flavors to, taste great to if needed to sip straight , does not give you amd hangovers or feeling groggy the next morning, you wake up feeling great like a kid on Christmas day. Lol. I will definitely be a returning customer love the product keep the good work up! Thank you!

  133. Nik C. - Verified Customer

    This product works great

  134. Jarod G. - Verified Customer

    So relaxing

  135. Jeanna A. - Verified Customer

    i recently bought the watermelon flavor and it was amazing! I have terrible anxiety and I could definitely feel a difference after using this. Will be ordering more!

  136. Christian T. - Verified Customer

    100% satisfied will be buying plenty more soon.

  137. Gianbari D. - Verified Customer

    This is my first time using Cloud 9 Syrup. I have never used a natural sedative to help with my depressive symptoms, one of them being Insomnia. Less than half a dose and I was asleep. I love the product and hope to try more in the future.

  138. Gianni S. - Verified Customer

    I’ve struggled to find a legal way to be able to sleep through the night and now I finally found one. It works perfectly and I’m most likely going to give up smoking for this.

  139. Christopher T. - Verified Customer

    I have my best sleep when taking Cloud Nine Syrup.!

  140. Joanie D. - Verified Customer

    Already placed my second order, really great for anxiety. Could you let me know if it was shipped yet ordered on Thurs and last time I received it inn2 days. Thanks

  141. Lauren E. - Verified Customer

    I have a lot of tension in my back and shoulders, and the syrup worked really well as a muscle relaxer without leaving me groggy the next day.

  142. Chris J. - Verified Customer

    Is good, worth buy

  143. Santana C. - Verified Customer

    Very relaxing on the body nice and thick syrup very good CBD

  144. Marcel K. - Verified Customer

    Amazing. Absolutely incredible. Please do yourself a favor and try it out. Stressed? Need to clear your head? Mix this goodness with your favorite fizzy drink and enjoy.

  145. Christie S. - Verified Customer

    i have anxiety and insomnia and this product works wonders for both!

  146. Sean T. - Verified Customer

    Poured 2 oz in some green tea & slept like Rip van Winkle_if he was a baby.

  147. Madison L. - Verified Customer

    Watermelon with Strawberry lemonade! So yummy and relaxing!

  148. Sladdon S. - Verified Customer

    Most definitely one the highest quality CBD products available on the market, & w/ the added herbs you can’t beat it!

  149. Killer212012 - Verified Customer

    Wow this is really sweet i’m high rn and sipped the cloud n9ne and damn i’m so chill i recommend this %100 so buy it right now go to the cart and buy it. The taste is sweet when mixed with my sprite in my cup. took a good 20 or so min to kick in and blasting oldies while kicking back

  150. Donnyale D. - Verified Customer

    I’ve been looking for something natural to help me with my pains and anxiety and Cloud9 definitely stepped up to the plate and knocked that bitch out the park, I’ll never stop using this amazing product. Thank You

  151. Reine L. - Verified Customer

    Man I drank 2ozs in a sprite remix and had me on straight chill mode

  152. Michael B. - Verified Customer

    Helps me sleep like a baby!

  153. Joyce M. - Verified Customer

    I absolutely love this stuff after about 10 minutes it kicks in and no more aches and then the cloud arrives… I’m also able to sleep all night and no sweats through out the night so it actually helps with menopause symptoms too great stuff

  154. Andrew O. - Verified Customer

    I never slept so great in my life

  155. Chauncey P. - Verified Customer

    I got super faded I love it !!

  156. Emilie C. - Verified Customer

    I’ve recently gotten into CBD for my aches/anxiety/sleep problems. This syrup was not only sooo yummy, but it helped sooo much! My pains were gone, I was relaxed and slept good. Highly recommend this product 🙂

  157. Nathaniel C. - Verified Customer

    That shit was great and taste good and helps me sleep a lot

  158. Peter F. - Verified Customer

    Very happy

  159. Traci M. - Verified Customer

    Definitely helps with my nighttime back pain.

  160. Rj Q. - Verified Customer

    Great for stress relief, insomnia and so much more. Fast shipping too.

  161. Zach H. - Verified Customer

    This stuff is great and works it doenst get you high but it does help kill pain which is what i hse it for

  162. Thaddious R. - Verified Customer

    Really calms you down and actually works. Keep it ! 🙂

  163. Amy B. - Verified Customer

    Help me sleep when I have those sleep less nights. Taste great.

  164. Deseree S. - Verified Customer

    This helps me anytime of the day- headaches gone muscles relaxed and it instantly changes your mood. I love this stuff

  165. Dylan S. - Verified Customer

    Loved it

  166. Amy B. - Verified Customer

    Love the watermelon syrup. The flavor is amazing. I like to mix with pineapple Fanta. So yummy. It helps to relax me after a long stressful day at work. It also helps with anxiety and neck and back pain. I highly recommend this product. Also this is a wonderful company that cares about thier customers.

  167. Julie K. - Verified Customer

    Got the watermelon syrup, pain was much less in 20 mins

  168. Adam W. - Verified Customer

    Very good great for relaxing An putting me to sleep

  169. Samantha P. - Verified Customer

    it makes you want to fall asleep and just chill.

  170. Christine A. - Verified Customer

    The unpackageing was okay I didn’t expect the bottles to be so small but it is worth the money spent I use it for constant back pain from a prior accident and it helps me sleep. Great taste watermelon is my favorite.

  171. Dakota A. - Verified Customer

    I was curious about the product, didn’t know what to expect. Great product, helps my insomnia way better then any sleeping pills. Will be recommending and buy more.

  172. Nick G. - Verified Customer

    Worked great, small amounts at a time but it was great

  173. Kristofer S. - Verified Customer

    Great nedd to be alot stronger fot tho.

  174. Calvin B. - Verified Customer

    I struggle with anxiety sometimes in my life, I’m pretty good at hiding it from my friends and family, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling it. THIS does. I love the taste of the watermelon syrup, I mixed it with sprite. Great product.

  175. Alahaje B. - Verified Customer

    I loved this!! I have need done any type of drugs before (alcohol, weed, cigarettes, NOTHING) so I did a lot of research before trying this before I have a lot of body pain and working with football it get worse. This product helped me a lot! I take it at night and it gives me the best sleep ever, after I wake up I am totally relax and ready to start my day! This is a MUST GET!!!

  176. Mathew P. - Verified Customer

    So li saw cloud nine products on my fb page and decided to check it out well when reading all the reviews I needed to try this stuff out so I placed an order for the watermelon flavor and a few days roll by well I finally received the product on a Saturday so I buy me a few drinks to try it out with and around six on Saturday i try it with some sprite ok first off the flavor is amazing haha and second within twenty minutes I could feel the body high I literally felt like i was floating and my back and neck pain where gone I fell asleep within an hour and slept like a baby it was the besy sleep ever i will definitely continue to buy cloud nine products thanks guys

  177. Daniel F. - Verified Customer

    I was hella relaxed after I took this talk about being on cloud 9

  178. Wendy P. - Verified Customer

    this was my second order i ordered two bottles and it worked just as well as the last, everyone needs to use this.

  179. Altia B. - Verified Customer

    I have insomnia…thought I would give this product a try, and it really worked. Will definitely order this product again.

  180. John B. - Verified Customer

    Tastes great, and makes you feel great. Within an hour I was relaxed, comfortable, and ready for a good night’s sleep. The evening elixir.

  181. Franklin K. - Verified Customer

    Taste great. The Syrup gives you a very relaxing body high that not only helps calm you to sleep but can also help ease pain from your day. Great product..

  182. Marco A. - Verified Customer

    Tastes & feels great. I was on CLOUD N9NE within 20 minutes. Will definitely recommend this for those who have anxiety & / or insomnia. Can’t wait to buy again. Two thumbs up!!!

  183. Michael R. - Verified Customer

    This product helped me so much. Taste good too!!!

  184. Jestin A. - Verified Customer

    I love everything about cloud n9ne syrup! It tastes amazing, and the relaxed feeling I get is incomparable to any other product. I’m definitely buying more in the future.

  185. Renato j. - Verified Customer

    But nothing like weed.
    But is gpod stuff.

  186. Robert D. - Verified Customer

    Gummies tasted great but the syrup really packs a punch! They both allowed me to relax and when taken on an empty stomach fist thing, bouts of euphoria appeared.

  187. Riley G. - Verified Customer

    anxiety relieving

  188. Taylor R. - Verified Customer

    Helped with my sleep and anxiety immensely.

  189. Daniel M. - Verified Customer

    Tried this with the iconic sprite drink and was pleasantly surprised. Took half the bottle and after 30 min of finishing it I was fast asleep like a baby and had theee best nap ever w/ no interruptions. I definitely recommend this to anyone who hasn’t tried cloud n9ne yet and anyone who has yet to try this flavor!

  190. Erica S. - Verified Customer

    It actually works and taste good
    , only downfall is I wish we got more product

  191. Joey A. - Verified Customer

    Nothing else like it. Would spend whatever just to have a couple bottles. I can’t wait to have every flavor!

  192. Brandon J. - Verified Customer

    Good s**t

  193. Anthony j. - Verified Customer

    Love this stuff

  194. Michael G. - Verified Customer

    will keep on buying this

  195. Lauren B. - Verified Customer

    I was hesitant on buying this because I thought it was all just hype with CBD oil.. WRONG! I’ve been struggling with horrible anxiety that has made it impossible to sleep along with these insane migraines. I took two tablespoons of this and what migraine? what anxiety? The full dose makes me SO sleepy so I don’t recommend taking this and driving until you know how your body will react.. but if I could give this 10 stars I absolutely would!

  196. Sergio M. - Verified Customer

    After having just one taste, I love all cloud n9ne’s products from the watermelon to all the other flavors (especially cherry) definitely worth buying if you feel like you’re gonna have a rough time soon

  197. Nora K. - Verified Customer

    It is terrific. I have lots of stress, PTSD, insomnia, and pain. I have recommended it to a friend in Accord, New York.
    She also has PTSD and is in a lot of pain. The only thing is that I don’t have a printer, so cannot print out a coupon.

  198. Yasmine A. - Verified Customer

    Me and my boyfriend tried the Watermelon syrup and had the best night in each other’s arms ever! I highly recommend this syrup to anyone :relaxed:

  199. Jake L. - Verified Customer

    It has great taste it works great. However it is really small

  200. Andy H. - Verified Customer

    Flavor was goood but I didnt get any effect from it.

  201. Jose H. - Verified Customer

    Simply love the product… Need a THC version soon

  202. Sofia J. - Verified Customer

    This product is amazing!! I decided to try this for my insomnia. I work long shift hours and work overtime a lot. I’m be tired but I won’t do to sleep but this ohhh game changer! If are starting out try green apple or the grape one first!

  203. Denis J. - Verified Customer

    I’ve always had trouble going to sleep so I have to smoke trees just to get me sleepy but since I’ve been drinking this product it’s super lights out until my alarm wakes me up the next morning. Slept thru the whole night without waking up like usually do. I will keep buying this Cloud nine and will put people on thanks….

  204. Justin M. - Verified Customer

    Tasted hella good and it worker

  205. Juliana M. - Verified Customer

    Not just an amazing mellowing syrup that helps my back and joints feel better for the first time in years it tastes amazing too! My preferred drink after work and before bed. Mixed with lemonade the watermelon flavor tastes sweet and tart. Always reaching for another glass.

  206. Cameron K. - Verified Customer

    It taste amazing with soda and I love it.

  207. Hailey R. - Verified Customer

    this stuff is wonderful! def recommend

  208. Nahsic O. - Verified Customer


  209. Allan T. - Verified Customer

    Had a good 1 1/2 – 2 hour nap after one dosage in the afternoon. Going to take another dosage. Very fun to use, gonna ask my dad to buy again for me.

  210. Austin K. - Verified Customer

    Insomnia? Anxiety? What is that with this stuff, works like a charm!!

  211. Jamie J. - Verified Customer

    I love the taste I recommend it to everyone

  212. Alissa P. - Verified Customer

    I’ve been using this to help me sleep and man does this put my ass to sleep really quick. Love the body high very relaxing

  213. Manpreet D. - Verified Customer


  214. Walker S. - Verified Customer

    Tastes good and Is really relaxing

  215. Dajore M. - Verified Customer

    good quality product it actually works will order more when suits my budget

  216. Kimberly S. - Verified Customer

    I’m so in love with this , helped my pain and anxiety, truly a fantastic product

  217. Brady N. - Verified Customer


  218. Kelly M. - Verified Customer

    I first tried it at night when I was going to sleep (because I was too excited to wait to the next day). Slept like a rock! The next time was when I had an anxiety attack at work, mixed one oz into a bottle of Sprite and I was totally fine. This product is amazing!

  219. Ramiro c. - Verified Customer

    this is dope

  220. Dominic S. - Verified Customer

    Tastes ok mixed with raspberry tea was a bit too drowsy after taking half but noticed some cbd effects

  221. Tim D. - Verified Customer

    Start off with lighting fast shipping. I bought cloud9 as way to reduce diabetic neuropathy pain in both feet. After first use it was wow ! Ive never had so marginal and manageable before. Try these stuff out you have nothing to lose but your pain. Then there is joe great guy best spokeperson for this products and btw who doesnt want to be part of space monkey army !!!!!

  222. Sabrina S. - Verified Customer

    This product is really great! I recommend it for people who have EXTEMELY BAD INSOMNIA. No sleeping medications have ever worked for me. This is the only thing that has worked so far and i love it. I wish they sold bigger bottles of it tho.

  223. Dustin J. - Verified Customer

    It’s works for me to allow me to relax my nerves at night

  224. Justin M. - Verified Customer

    Good product, would buy again.

  225. Taneara C. - Verified Customer

    One of the best flavors I’ve tasted. Grade A products!

  226. Randall H. - Verified Customer


  227. Germaine A. - Verified Customer

    Amazing :heart_eyes:

  228. Will T. - Verified Customer

    Slept like a baby and no back pain.will buy again

  229. Russell A. - Verified Customer

    Phenomenal product, great for sleep aid

  230. Kelly P. - Verified Customer

    The taste is different in a weird but good way. the stuff is not bad

  231. Christin P. - Verified Customer

    I loved it and the shipping was fast!

  232. Shayne B. - Verified Customer

    It was a pretty fast delivery. I bought it Wednesday and received it the next Monday. It helped me alot with working 12hrs and the soreness that came with it all. Amazing product I’d definitely buy again and again and again.

  233. Ryan J. - Verified Customer

    I didn’t but believe that it would, but this really relieves anxiety and sends a calmness throughout your thoughts. Would recommend to anyone.

  234. Nicole F. - Verified Customer

    I’ve had a hard time sleeping for a long time. Half a dose does the job!

  235. Prince L. - Verified Customer

    Awesome product, it made me very relaxed.

  236. Tatiana B. - Verified Customer

    Great for calming the mind at night so I can go to sleep.

  237. Cristal N. - Verified Customer

    I have Lupus & I suffer from chronic insomnia. After trying Cloud9Syrup the first night, both my husband & me slept through the night. You don’t get drowsy or feel exhausted – just very relaxed. We will definitely purchase more Cloud9 Products!

  238. Melissa K. - Verified Customer

    I had major back pain till I started this! It’s amazing! Will be ordering again!

  239. Chris K. - Verified Customer

    Truly the best CBD oil supplement for anyone who just needs to chill out. It takes all your worries away and stress it makes you feel like you’re on a cloud just chilling out.

  240. Ben C. - Verified Customer

    It hasn’t come yet but I have heard a lot of good things about it and I’m really looking forward to it!!

  241. Terri L. - Verified Customer

    Got my watermelon cloud nine syrup! It’s amazing, helped my pain, and now I’m able to do more with my day! Thank you so much for much needed relief :v::type_4::sunglasses:

  242. melissa - Verified Customer

    cbd oil has been beneficial to me for many reasons, migraines, anxiety, insomnia etc. it also helped me with a speedy recovery from the flu. i put a spoon full in a can of sprite or gingerale and was almost instantly calm and relaxed. if you have anxiety/insomnia/migraines and take prescription medicine i strongly recommend / encourage trying this product. it will not disappoint you!

  243. Francisco R. - Verified Customer

    first bottle I had tried made me instantly love this product, always helps me sleep!

  244. Stephanie M. - Verified Customer

    I give the product 5 stars before even tasting because I anticipate it to be just as good as the cherry flavor! This syrup is the perfect ending to every night of mine. I can not wait to try my watermelon tonight after work! I’ll update this review or post a new one if I have to after I try it! But I know I will not be disappointed!

  245. Tyler D. - Verified Customer

    The watermelon is my personal favorite. Wonderful taste. The feeling you get drinking this syrup is very relaxing and nice. Definitely would recommend!

  246. Matt M. - Verified Customer

    Best product I’ve ever tried, I’ve had terrible anxiety even after medicating but this stuff makes it disappear completely

  247. Stacy B. - Verified Customer


  248. GameVaultHQ - Verified Customer

    This has been a great product for my IDB. At first I was skeptical about how this would work. I did plenty of research into CBD oil and IBD. I decided to go ahead and purchase, and I was extremely happy with the support as there was an issue with my order which was resolved promptly. Upon receiving the product, I was happy with the packaging, no damage done to the bottles, no leakage or anything of the nature.

    I decided to experiment with this, so I took the syrup for a week, followed by a week without using the syrup. I found that my IDB was MUCH better when I was taking the syrup, and it helped me a lot in terms of pain relief, as well as everything else associated with IDB. Extremely happy with the purchase, and I already purchased more. Flavour was amazing by the way, I chose Grape and Watermelon, and Grape was outstanding.

    Customer Service: 10/10
    Flavour: 7/10
    Relief: 10/10

    Overall extremely happy with this! I would say I was too fond over the Watermelon flavour, but it’s always down to personal preference. Still did exactly what I needed it to, so no big issues there.

  249. Logan F. - Verified Customer

    I was halfway through my drink and already started feeling better!

  250. Michael I. - Verified Customer

    It tastes well and helped me relax easy

  251. Nathaniel V. - Verified Customer

    Watermelon is my favorite flavor, this stuff makes insomnia impossible

  252. Myles C. - Verified Customer

    Cloud9 wasn’t bad taste great keep em coming!!!!

  253. Josh J. - Verified Customer

    As a grower, budtender, and overall medible snob I was presently surprised by how relaxing cloud nine is. It’s a little sweet so I mix it with soda water & sun tea. Great option for people looking for a different way to medicate.

  254. Justin D. - Verified Customer

    Great product

  255. Brian C. - Verified Customer

    Works just as advertised

  256. Ricardo V. - Verified Customer

    Honestly felt like a baby once i went to bed , nothing woke me up. I was very relaxed and had nothing bother me and stress was an issue .

  257. Aaron G. - Verified Customer

    This stuff is awesome

  258. Jordan S. - Verified Customer

    Sometimes i felt it sometimes i didn’t. Mostly made me sleepy. says not to mix with THC but the one time i did it was great.

  259. Kentrel Y. - Verified Customer

    Good stuff will buy again

  260. Erick C. - Verified Customer

    The best thing I could ever tasted

  261. Jonathan A. - Verified Customer

    More of a body

  262. Tristan N. - Verified Customer

    I love this stuff and drink it nearly every day. I recommend this stuff to anybody with major back pain.

  263. April G. - Verified Customer

    Love the fast shipping. And love the favor.

  264. Daniel D. - Verified Customer

    this shit had me slumped doe, lmao po’d up the whole thang in a 2 liter n rolled me a fat backwood to smoke on while i sipped, def gonna buy this shit again

  265. Bethany W. - Verified Customer

    Great flavor. The Sprite and jolly rancher combo was even better. Definetely trying grape next time!

  266. Jack S. - Verified Customer

    good relaxed body high great with fanta

  267. Samantha T. - Verified Customer


  268. Patricia H. - Verified Customer

    I was worried about the taste being too artificial. NOPE! Delicious! Mixed it with raspberry lemonade and it was divine. It really helped me chill out and relax while not making me feel out of it. I got the best nights sleep I’ve had in a long LONG time with no grogginess in the morning, just felt rested for a change. I’m excited to try some of the other flavors and really looking forward to my next delivery. Super fast shipping, discreet packaging, great products, what’s not to love?

  269. Robert S. - Verified Customer

    this stuff is fantastic. after using for about 3 weeks i feel fantastic.

  270. Megan M. - Verified Customer

    I love this syrup so much because I have bad anxiety and my meds dont help much

  271. Raekwon H. - Verified Customer

    Great choice=great time :sign_horns::type_6:

  272. Antonio G. - Verified Customer


  273. Christopher M. - Verified Customer

    Great product mixes well with everything from water to tea.

  274. Dakota G. - Verified Customer

    It wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, don’t get me wrong it was a good feeling but way to pricey for only 2 uses out of it

  275. Skateboard pB - Verified Customer

    I used to wake up for work at 5am feeling exhausted like I got no sleep but after using the syrup I’m finally able to fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed. Great product, would and have already recommended.

  276. Peter C. - Verified Customer

    I use CBD a lot, so having the syrup at night helps level me out. I will be buying more soon enough, it really helps with my wife’s anxiety as well!

  277. Sharon A. - Verified Customer

    Perfect product for many reasons. Helps me sleep and get back pain under control as well as chilling me out the whole time. Perfect taste mixing with mostly anything. This is the truth, and I’ll be buying again. :sunglasses:

  278. Luis V. - Verified Customer

    It does what it says :fire::fire::fire:

  279. Gabby P. - Verified Customer

    Love this flavor

  280. Ethan R. - Verified Customer

    This product worked very well, kept me relaxed and help me type an essay that was due for college. It also got rid of my anxiety and helped me do a 20 minute presentation in class. Very satisfied with product and will definitely be getting another bottle soon.

  281. Douglas R. - Verified Customer

    Put me out way harder than any cbd or thc has ever done.

  282. Hardy W. - Verified Customer

    First batch I got cherry but wasn’t to found of it with sprite but after that Minute Made lemonaid and it was bomb watermelon is really good as well I sip normally a ounce every night an sometimes a bottle on the weekends love it, I haven’t been smoking bc Mary Jane not legal in Texas an this has helped tramendacly when I went cold turkey on smoking

  283. Hezekiah S. - Verified Customer

    Good drink

  284. Bryce G. - Verified Customer

    I recently ordered a bottle of the Watermelon flavor and absolutely loved it! I also received a free bottle of Horchata for being one of the first 100 orders on Cinco de Mayo!! I will most definitely continue to order from this website, thanks Legal Meds!!!

  285. Mariah B. - Verified Customer

    I absolutely love your products and I am 100% satisfied with the effects. It helps me relax and gives me more of an appetite which is been a huge problem for me Also I am drug tested so it being THC free is a huge Plus for me. Thank you Cloud 9.

  286. Alyssa H. - Verified Customer

    Delicious, easy to use, and I’m able to make a bottle stretch to way more than 4 servings

  287. Andy M. - Verified Customer

    First time trying Watermelon and it won’t be the last. I love it, it has a good taste without being overpowering and it has mixed well with whatever I have used.

  288. MaliceSkyy - Verified Customer

    I didn’t think this product was going to work, but I decided to tryy a bottle. I’m so glad that I did. It is the onlyy thing I’ve found that helps me with sleep issues. Reallyy amazing companyy and product. Their customer service is the best!!

  289. Amanda G. - Verified Customer

    I too was skeptical of this product but this grade A product! everything you heard is true! This product has helped me get some solid sleep past few days so def recommend! try it before you knock it off which I highly doubt.

  290. Liz H. - Verified Customer

    The syrup just wasn’t for me. But the effects were great and I love the other products

  291. Tyrone W. - Verified Customer

    Helps me sleep like a baby !!@@

  292. Tj K. - Verified Customer

    It tastes great, and is a great product. It’s been working well with my bad sleeping, ans migraines!

  293. James M. - Verified Customer

    Love it, when not on sale kinda pricey

  294. Lacrisa R. - Verified Customer

    First time customer but definitely not my last! Loved the order process and product!

  295. James j. - Verified Customer


  296. Lindsey M. - Verified Customer

    As someone who can get at least 12 uses out of each bottle, I’ve found that this product not only works, but it tastes lovely paired with tea or sprite. I can expect a good night’s rest without any residual effects – 10/10!

  297. Aisia S. - Verified Customer

    Taste great and really puts me to sleep! It really gives an overall calming sensation.

  298. Joshua B. - Verified Customer

    Amazing product!!!

  299. Anthony E. - Verified Customer

    The taste on the watermelon was phenomenal and I love how you guys been expirementing with different flavors keep the good work coming

  300. Carol Q. - Verified Customer

    Dope for the people who get drugged tested and wanna feel relaxed this is the way to go

  301. Kc L. - Verified Customer

    First time using this and it is clearly an effective product. The taste is great, a well-designed label that gives off the old fashioned apothecary vibe but with a modern twist. Having a listed percentage of the ingredients on the label would be nice but an off-brand bottle of acetaminophen doesn’t have one either. This product really helps with anxiety and the melatonin is sure to benefit anyone having issues with sleeping. Plan on being a repeat customer and I can’t wait to try the blueberry flavor. The price is a little steep for one bottle but if you’re not wasteful or just using it recreationally you get your money’s worth.

  302. Destiny S. - Verified Customer

    These products are awesome. They took away some pain and helped with my insomnia so much!

  303. Brantley H. - Verified Customer

    Taste good and great shipping. I would definitely recommend this if your interested

  304. Derrick H. - Verified Customer

    It was good but had too much of an artificial taste to me

  305. Donte H. - Verified Customer

    This product is great. Its a must try. The best cbd oil company their is in the business od helping people

  306. melissa - Verified Customer

    watermelon mixes v well w sprite. helps my anxiety, insomnia, and tummy issues. 10/10 recommend.

  307. Isa.guzman23 - Verified Customer

    It helps me with my sleep and also helps me stay happy. I can’t wait to buy more from you!

  308. Jorge P. - Verified Customer

    Greatest cbd product of all it great tasting g mixes well with your favorite drink and gets you nice and relaxed also great as a night time sleep aid I would recommend this product to all that suffer with insomnia or other sleeping problems

  309. Alex S. - Verified Customer

    Defiantly something I’ll be buying again. Loved it!

  310. Tamajanae F. - Verified Customer

    I decided to order and wait until I had a off day to try. And I’m glad I did, I needed the relaxation that I got from cloud nine. So I’m ordering again lol

  311. Adrian C. - Verified Customer

    Very tasty product mind blowing that its pure cbd and herbs

  312. Allison H. - Verified Customer

    Definitely did some good relaxing and sleeping with this

  313. Tabitha Q. - Verified Customer

    This was my miracle worker!!! I had just gotten in a car accident and have terrible back and neck pain and it helped soooo much! And it helps with my daily anxiety! Thanks so much 🙂

  314. Pablo N. - Verified Customer

    Good product, very relaxing

  315. Corey T. - Verified Customer

    Just wasn’t good and didn’t really have the effect as advertised but I guess everybody is different

  316. Aidan J. - Verified Customer

    It was nice but not as strong as I thought.

  317. Shawn B. - Verified Customer

    Definitely a product worth every penny, from someone with major back issues. Watermelon syrup + ginger ale = good combo! I highly recommend this to anyone. Will order more soon. ..

  318. Sharisse D. - Verified Customer

    As a nursing student I can’t partake in my favorite pastime anymore but this syrup does the trick. It helped with my insomnia and anxiety issues. My mom even enjoyed it and she’s a skeptic. Def plan on buying in the future

  319. Todd R. - Verified Customer

    My mom got to the mail before me and through it out.

  320. Michael W. - Verified Customer

    This stuff real is amazing if your stressed out or just need to relax and get a good night sleep then this is what you need and its actually good for you too what?! Cloud9 is top of line I highly recommend it

  321. Ryan T. - Verified Customer

    Great product wish it was a little stronger

  322. Nick h. - Verified Customer

    I love this product I suffer from severe nerve damage and severe anxiety and PTSD everyday and I hate taking prescription medication and I’ve tried this product and it works great it help me sleep calm down be able to work and do normal activities during the day with a great body high plus mixing the watermelon with Sprite and Jolly Ranchers is the best I wouldn’t want to percent recommend this

  323. stizzlepoo - Verified Customer

    Though not my favorite flavor, this syrup in any flavor has been life changing for me along with the several other products I’ve tried. These syrups can mix with literally everything! Ice cream sundae, snow cones, pancakes, soft drinks ( I prefer the watermelon in a lemonade) and anything else your imagination can come up with. I use my syrup in the evening just before bed and I get the best nights of sleep when I do. Wake up feeling completely refreshed and ready to take on whatever comes my way. Can’t really say enough about any of the products, or the company for that matter! Definitely a loyal customer here!

  324. Lesley Amigon - Verified Customer

    This was the first flavor I tried. Immediately loved it. It was back when they had the smaller sized bottles & I still slept like a baby. Love it!! I keep telling my family about it & sure enough they love it too!!

  325. Alexx aka Jerzzzzzy - Verified Customer

    This flavor here is my favorite. I’ve tried all the others and I must say this is my go to. The relief it gives me is insane. Like I’ve never had a product put me to sleep multiple times. It’s relaxed me to the point of closing my eyes and waking up hours later. I’m so thankful for this product and know it will help me to recover faster after this surgery. Keep up the good work Joe and company!