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Rappers and Cool Kids Are Shifting Gears and Sippin’ Cloud N9ne Syrup
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Rappers and Cool Kids Are Shifting Gears and Sippin’ Cloud N9ne Syrup
February , 2018

By Nahtaly Vargas

It’s hard to move up in life when you’re weighed down. Lean is the unhealthy trend that is killing the rap game, and it’s time to get real and address all of the health risks, along with alternatives that are out there. Rappers, gangsters on the streets and cool kids alike are all shifting gears and sippin' Cloud N9ne Syrup instead. “Lean” is the street name given to an addictive and intoxicating mixed beverage made with prescription cough syrup, typically containing promethazine and codeine as active ingredients. Through listening to the lyrics of hip hop releases from the last few years, you’ll certainly hear a lot about the substance - also going by names like sizzurp or drank. Several rappers have died, while others faced addiction and health problems or criminal consequences after getting caught using. Lil Wayne, after experiencing addiction and seizures, has been trying to quit for around the past decade, with little success. The National Institute on Drug Abuse began tracking the cough syrup trend seriously in 2013, though there is evidence of prescription syrup being diverted for illegal recreational use all the way back to the 1980s. The drug’s prevalence in rap music culture simply brought it into the headlines once again.

What’s the Impact?

Drugs have always been a part of music culture, especially in hip hop and rap. Why have so many artists turned to lean, instead of or in addition to traditional substances like alcohol and marijuana? It’s hard to say, though it likely has something to do with the strong, dissociative opioid side effects that these syrups give. For some, including teens, it’s much easier and cheaper to obtain cough syrup from a pharmacist than it is to locate and purchase harder, though very similar, drugs from a dealer. Plus, the consistency is regulated and reliable with prescription syrup - the same can’t be said for street drugs. Intended side effects are feeling of euphoria, dizziness, numbness and drowsiness, while some of the unintended ones include loss of body coordination, confusion and erratic behavior, addiction and harsh withdrawals, seizures, or even death. The medical risks from sipping lean are real, and we encourage anyone struggling with addiction to reach out to the SAMHSA National Helpline and seek healthy alternatives now.

The Earth’s Alternative

Now, in contrast: you’ve come to the Cloud N9ne website hoping to learn more about our herbal syrups. Our product is made with natural ingredients, and will fulfill your desire for great flavor and an elevated mood, without the use of harmful narcotics. The dreamy and uplifting effect our syrups provide is powered by a proprietary blend of pure hemp cannabidiol (CBD), and 9 different herb extracts among other ingredients shown to promote pain relief and relaxation of both body and mind. If it’s an enjoyable drinking experience that you’re looking for, there’s no need to drop a Jolly Rancher in your cup. Cloud N9ne already tastes great, and you can change it up with four flavors to choose from, including a special collaboration we did with AP.9 from the prevalent underground rap group Mob Figaz. Whether you pick grape, watermelon, blueberry, or cherry, you’ll feel like you’re on the clouds, not in a daze. Make the healthy choice for yourself. Lead by example and show the syrup sippers a new way to play and stay healthy. Click to order Cloud N9ne today.
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