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What to Look for in CBD Products
What to Look for in CBD Products
September , 2019

By Nahtaly Vargas

  When you are beginning a CBD protocol or regimen, it is essential that you find the product and dosage that work best for you. You want to find a high-quality oil or edible or capsule to ensure you get the best results. Here are a few things you need to look for when deciding on your CBD products. THC Content To qualify as legal CBD products, what you purchase must not have more than 0.3% of THC in it. If this percentage is higher, you run the risk of failing drug tests or having the euphoria that comes with smoking marijuana. Double-check labels and ask your retailer to verify the THC content before purchasing your CBD product.   Third-Party Testing If your CBD retailer offers test results with their products, make sure that the testing was done by a third-party. Testing done by a manufacturer or retailer of the product cannot be considered credible as the parties doing the testing have a vested interest in providing positive results. There is simply too much room for contaminated results.   Sourcing Remember to ask your retailer where the hemp for the CBD products came from. It is well-known in the industry that hemp from countries overseas tends to be of lesser quality and can even be tainted with herbicides or other toxins. There are dozens if not hundreds of hemp farms in the United States that provide quality hemp for CBD extraction.   Manufacturing Methods During the manufacturing process, the purity and overall quality of the CBD can be maintained. The hemp plant is harvested carefully. The plants are then dried in special boxes designed to maintain the integrity of the CBD. The cleaner the refining facility, the higher quality the products, this also lowers the risk of contamination. Once dry, the hemp plant is ground prior to CBD extraction. The ground hemp plant is then dissolved, filtered, and distilled to ensure high quality and that the majority of the CBD oils are extracted. Before you purchase any CBD product, ask if the product comes with a brochure that describes the extraction and refining process. Also, check the package for a seal from the US Hemp Association that rates purity and quality.   Concentration Read labels very carefully. If you are uncertain of a product’s concentration of CBD, ask your retailer. If you are just starting out, it is always best to start with a lower dosage. If you are of normal or lesser weight, start small. If you are of a higher weight or overweight, you may need a slightly higher initial dose. Check with your retailer about where you should begin or go online and find a reputable dosage chart.   Company Credibility Research who you are buying from. Since CBD has become a legal hemp product in all 50 states (but the strains from marijuana are not legal in all 50 states), there has been an explosion of not only hemp growing operations but also CBD retailers. It is relatively easy to apply for and receive a license to sell hemp-derived CBD, so really anyone can sell it. If you are visiting an online retailer, read their about page, see if they offer articles educating you on CBD, and make sure you can contact them at a physical address. You should also look for a FAQ page and customer testimonials. Or, you can look for a brick and mortar retailer who sells other products besides CBD based tinctures, edibles, or capsules. Find either a health food or nutrition store that specializes in overall health and wellness.   Taste  Many people who have tried tinctures or oils complain about the taste. The first versions of CBD oils were mixed with carrier oils like extra virgin olive oil. Now, you can purchase oils, tinctures, and edibles flavored to your liking! If the taste is the reason you gave up on CBD oil, give it another shot. The flavors are fruity, sweet, and you can even get sour gummy bears if that’s your thing.   Price  There’s no way to deny that CBD products can be expensive. However, what price would you put on how you feel on a day to day basis? While the data and research are still ongoing, CBD can be worth trying. Most retailers do offer smaller packages or started bottles that won’t cost you significant amounts of money. Just make sure you get at least two weeks’ worth to try it out.   Conclusion  The debate over CBD may not be over, but the science does confirm that CBD products cannot harm you. Talk with your doctor, friends who use CBD, or family members who have had positive results. Maybe it’s time to test out an all-natural product that may bring you relief.
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